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God I hate it when lecturers ask what your parents working as in the intro/ice breaking. What does it matter. Just treat everyone nicely and equally.

I know they do this so they'll know who's the kid with the rich powerful parents before they start with their bullshit.

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Yea I'm gonna ask him to replace it if he can't find it the next time we see each other

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Damn. I think I pass the exam.

Just got word that 42 people fail this one exam. That's half my class. And they'll send an email to people that have to resit.

Haven't gotten any email so far. Mann still couldn't believe I pass. Don't know what to feel. I must be that smart. Or the students here are fkin dumb

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It's been a very busy week. Tasks coming in one after another. And now today I have one exam to go through. Sigh. Mind is so occupied I forgot that I haven't jerk off in a while now.

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I got into oshi no ko recently. The anime that is. It reminds me of perfect blue by satoshi kon.

Actually I've known about this anime since last year and had read a few chapters back then. It didn't stick. I don't see the appeal. So I dropped it. idk why this time it works in anime form. Maybe it's the movement, music, and flashy colours that solidified for me the message they wanna tell.

When that director told the kid that it's not about making art. It's just business. That really hits

I was so engrossed in ep1 that I didn't notice my phone battery went out and so goes the hotspot and the anime starts buffering. The end got me a bit emotional and teary.

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For me, in terms of look. Just decent is a swipe.

My absolute no: blurry, heavily edited pictures

My relative no :

too many active sports photos. One gym photo. And then rock climbing photos and then hiking photos. Yeah no. I'm too tired for all that. I go to gym too but just one photo is enough?

Clubbing photos. Just not my kind of fun. Too loud. Not my kind of music. and I'm too shy to dance in public.

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Would be funny if this goes on every two years for the rest of our life.

And then one day. When it's time to buy another one.

Seen only. for a few weeks.

"Hello this is the seller's son. Sorry my father had passed away few weeks ago. My father mentioned of you. Your model is obsolete now but he ady stock up some just in case you come again. So the usual one?"

🥺 Yes please.

Then after I got my cable. I went to his funeral. I attached the cable one last time to earbuds and place them on his grave.

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My earphone finally broke today. Very sad day. Was about to start watching secret invasion.

Good thing I bought the KZ earphones which the earbuds are detachable from the cable. The cable is the faulty one

Funnily enough, this cable is a replacement cable. Had been broken once on July 2021

Now I'm buying my second replacement cable 😂. I found the shopee chat back when I bought the first replacement cable. Wondering if I should hit the same guy again and go

"Bro the cable broke. Give me another one can. I'll see you again in two years tho"



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I wanna share my latest poem I made 2 weeks ago

King of Dirt

I eat myself full of dirt

Of the Dirt I thought I conquered

The dirt I thought I won over but in truth

It was nothing but an obvious case of denial and an overinflated ego

It is dirt borne of half baked resolve and clown juice

When will I learn to take things seriously

When will this dirt be the true works of my labour

Here I lay, reigning over these piles of dirt I've convinced myself I have

My magnum opus, the greatest king of all

My king of dirt

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Have to bring and babysit my friend's cat to my place since he got attached to Sabah for 3 weeks

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I have a boomer-ish pet peeve.

I hate it when someone don't greet or introduce themselves when entering a new place

I get it you're an introvert. I don't expect you to interact with me everytime. I'm an introvert as well. But at least greet once when you're introducing yourself. And That's it. That's the minimum fkin requirements. I see this everytime whenever I have to enter a new department and some students don't do it. I get it. It's overwhelming. I did too in the past and it's why I make a point not to do it.

My brother's girlfriend came over yesterday and she's been in the room ever since. I never saw her once. Never introduce herself no greeting. God I hope she's not the type that locks herself up in the room until she need something only then she comes out.

I've had a few cousins like that.

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Few days ago, I watched this video on YouTube of people secretly learning their enthic language to suprise their parents. They would find tutors online. I'm thinking to myself. These people are lucky that their enthicity is common enough that there is a tutor online

I don't have that privilege. when I Google my enthic language. It's a fkin Wikipedia page and other pages of that nature. An archival piece

Not that I don't try. The few times I try with my parents. My mom is pretty receptive of it. My dad on the other hand...he made fun of me when I did it. I think he sees it like how a mexican guy speaks in perfect mexican but when it comes to certain words, they'll say it in perfect American accent. A Mishmash of perfect mexican with perfect American. That's how I sound like to him maybe. I hope that analogy make sense. Anyway, yeah that made me not wanting to learn it more and more.

Maybe it's like pandas, just let it die. Not worth saving just because they look cool. Too much hassle not enough utility.

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This is it huh. Lemmy. It's like going through a breakup. Now Lemmy is my rebound. Sigh

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