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WTF went on at the MRT this morning. Out of service train is one thing, but suddenly closing the doors while passengers are getting out?!

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In Pathfinder 2.5E (aka D&D 3.9375E), drow never existed and were made up by a gaslighting Pathfinder.

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Poor monks don't even count as children...

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The Buyer of Plagues stood on the bedar's deck, a merchant's slate in one hand and a piece of chalk in the other. The pirate captain lying on the deck was bound at hand and foot, the cable that tied his ankles snaking over the ship's starboard side. The Buyer smiled at the sobbing man, and spoke. "My sister's navigator, Indah."

The six men on the port side hauled on the cable, and the pirate went over the starboard side with a shriek. The men on that side paid out the rope until its prisoner was somewhere under the bedar's keel, and then they began to sing. Port and starboard heaved in rhythm, the old Kasirutan shanty singing of home and gold and foreign girls, sweating backs heaving to and fro as the pirate was sawed against the ship's keep and the broken shells of the barnacles beneath. They sang for twenty verses and had started a second time when they finally sawed through.

The port-side men had the bigger piece left when they pulled in the line. The Buyer stepped forward to kick it into a human shape again, and the first breath of the resurrected pirate chief was a scream. The Buyer waved the crew toward a fresh coil of rope and chalked another mark on the tablet.

"My sister's bosun, Rakti…"

The grace of the Lifegiver is inexorable, even when the subject would much rather not be revived. Unless a gift explicitly allows a subject to resist it, it takes inevitable effect.

Godbound, Sine Nomine Publishing

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IMO the drawbacks far outweigh any benefit you'd get from hosting NSFW communities here. The admins would have more work monitoring explicit content to determine whether they're valid (i.e. not porn or disguised ads).

Since this community is small, the rate of new posts being made is also pretty slow. You'd run into the risk of having "thirst-posts" become the majority of new content (let's face it, the Internet is horny). Nothing against sex, but I don't think that would be great for a country-focused instance.

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RAW, the 5e tarrasque is helpless against flying creatures like the aarakocra.

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Though fighters were worse compared to casters in 3.5e or PF1e, at least you got to customize them with your crazy number of feats.

Meanwhile 5e makes you choose between improving your stat scores or taking a feat. Hooray?

5e fighters be like (i.postimg.cc)
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That's interesting. I play TTRPGs via play-by-post too, and the norm for me involves declaring your actions before the roll. I can see why you might encounter friction with failed rolls from your example, but usually the action is framed more as " launches themself off the floor". That leaves space for the GM to narrate the result, succeed or fail.

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Perhaps it's my lack of experience with such systems, but I still see those as the same thing except whether you "zoom in" or "zoom out" of the scene. The closest analogy I can think of is Ironsworn, where you can use multiple Clash, Secure an Advantage etc. moves to simulate combat, or settle it in a single Battle roll. In the latter case, I'd still call it "Go then Roll" because deciding to fight at all is the choice being made.

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I'm having trouble seeing the distinction. In your "Roll then Go" example, the PC already chose the course of action before engaging the ogre. 'I deal with the ogre offensively' is just more vaguely worded than 'I attack the ogre', isn't it?

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Goodbye rif... It was a good ten years using you.

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Ironsworn is a fantastic fiction-first RPG set in the Iron Age with options for solo or group play. This supplement provides additional mechanics for dungeon crawling and exploration.

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NGL the thread structure is a bit hard to follow here with how close the lines going down are. Maybe it'll get easier over time.

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