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image descriptionPhotographs of the front and back of Apple's original Mac 128k. A finger is touching the power switch on the back, and a hand is inserting a floppy disk into the front. Text below reads: Insert the Macintosh System Disk into the disk drive, metal end first, label side up. Push the disk until it clicks into place. The soft hum is your Macintosh getting information from the disk. A message appears, welcoming you to Macintosh.

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shoutout to the person who reported this post with "Reason: Bot meme, you can't even read it. whoever replies is a bot too" 😂

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image descriptionStandard "they don't know" meme format, featuring line art of "That Feel Guy" wearing a party hat standing in a corner while other people are dancing. An image of an icosahedron formed by three mutually perpendicular golden ratio rectangles sits in front of That Feel Guy. The caption text says "They don't know that three mutually perpendicular golden ratio rectangles, with edges connecting their corners, form a regular icosahedron."


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-> latest commit hash as of march 3rd was 15e6e48bef0216480661444a8d8b348c1cca47bb

-> https://duckduckgo.com/?q=15e6e48bef0216480661444a8d8b348c1cca47bb (many copies of the repo exist)

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disappointed cricket fan meme with CDE logo

(before it was Kool, KDE was a reference to CDE, the Common Desktop Environment)

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Sure, fuck WhatsApp, but Telegram isn't even end-to-end encrypted most of the time. Their group chats never are, and their "secret chat" encryption for non-group chats must be explicitly enabled and hardly ever is because it disables some features. And when it is encrypted, it's with some dubious nonstandard cryptography.

It's also pseudo open source; they do publish source code once in a while but it never corresponds to the binaries that nearly everyone actually uses.

And the audacity to talk about metadata when Telegram accounts still require a phone number today (as they did five years ago when this post was written) is just... 🤯

State-sponsored exploits against WhatsApp might be more common than against Telegram, or at least we hear about them more, but it's not because the app is more vulnerable: it's because governments don't need to compromise the endpoint to read your Telegram messages: they can just add a new device to your account with an SMS and see everything.

(╯° °)╯︵ ┻━┻

Anything claiming to prioritize privacy yet asking for your phone number (Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal, ...) is a farce.

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0 ✊

1 👍

2 ☝️

3 👆

4 🖕

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the famous "This incident will be reported" error was briefly removed last year before being replaced with a less ominous version.

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I'm disappointed in arstechnica for only supporting their provocative headline (Judge in US v. Google trial didn’t know if Firefox is a browser or search engine) with this vagueness in the article:

While Cavanaugh delivered his opening statement, Mehta even appeared briefly confused by some of the references to today's tech, unable to keep straight if Mozilla was a browser or a search engine. He also appeared unclear about how SEM works and struggled to understand the options for Microsoft to promote Bing ads outside of Google's SEM tools.

What did he actually say?!

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