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This and samsara are great, definitely not for everyone though

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While the blackmail is terrible, if you don't send random dick pics while you're in a relationship, you probably won't feel like your life is ending when someone threatens to share them

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Let's hope no one gets wrecked

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Gotta get hit by the dab train

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I hope you work with the public, sounds like a weird organization

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Lmao what the hell kind of advice is this

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Couple hundred bucks for 8 gigs of ram?

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OpenSubtitles is hot garbage, a viable alternative needs to exist. Pray for Subscene

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Seeding issues (lemmy.ml)
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Ahoy mateys,

I've recently been trying to set up a win10 machine for seeding, but have been having weird network issues shortly after I lock the screen and stop interacting with it. My internet connection goes down entirely for this PC, but not the whole network. Restarting fixes the issue.

I have already ensured power saving is off for my network card - does anyone have any other suggestions that I could try?

Thank you!

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I already had a cyberghost sub, but decided to try to switch to something better for seeding.

I have tested ProtonVPN and PIA, but ended up refunding PIA as the port forwarding didn't work once. ProtonVPN has worked maybe 5% of the time, and will likely be refunded as well.

Is there such a thing as a VPN that can consistently forward ports? I'm considering trying AirVPN next, but am hoping someone could confirm whether it works or not first. I'm also open to any other recommendations.

Thank you!

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I'm actively lurking, I just have nothing of value to share 🌝

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It came as an update, and I installed it without thinking. I did see the size before launching thankfully and uninstalled - how screwed am I?

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I've seen a few other terminal emulators floating around different app stores - has anyone tried these, and found that they were actually better than Termux?

Would love to check out any recommendations!

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I generally use the following:

  • uBlock Origin
  • SponsorBlock
  • Honey
  • Wayback Machine
  • Netflix Watch List Manager
  • Shadertoy plugin
  • RES....

What does Lemmy use?

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