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Someone forgot turning TCAS on.

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Not to rain on this parade, but the EU took forever to sanction even fucking russia, and even that never became a complete cut in trade.

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Between the housing crisis, economical hardships, ecological collapse and whatever else I'm forgetting about, it's a bit strange to be surprised at people's faith being shaken in democracy. Since none of those issues have been seriously addressed pretty much anywhere.

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I hate how much time I can waste finding that stupid spider in these comics.


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What's with Lemmy and reposting really old things?

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It's so weird to read these articles. I live in a shithole country, but even here fibre internet with 2.5gbps speeds is easily available... 5G ain't bad but against it never feels replacing that kind of connection for me.

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Found mine, great success

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Can't wait for this AI bubble to fizzle. It's the blockchain insanity all over again.

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Of all the things in that picture, what bothers me still is why only London written in cyrillic?

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Bad design. Drivers are coupled tightly with the kernel, and when component manufacturers stop releasing the binary blob for newer kernels, everyone is fucked. Google could've mandated requirements for releasing drivers longer or requiring open source drivers, but they did none of that... so here we are.

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This is the only effective way to protest reddit, though.

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