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Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?


I know medical questions aren’t allowed on this subreddit, but this one was so mundane and yet so oddly specific that I figured this was the best place to ask.

My left middle finger keeps getting an annoying, itchy rash that is covered in tiny pimples. It’s worst on the sides of the finger. I know eczema is a thing, but I’ve never heard of it being specific to one finger.

The closest thing I could find is maybe dyshidrosis, which can give you itchy in the side of your finger. but I think those bumps have fluid in them like blisters, and I don’t think my bumps have fluid.

If it helps, I usually wear rings on my middle fingers, but I haven’t worn any in a while, and my right middle finger is totally fine. I’ve been having problems with this specific finger getting insanely itchy rashes for over a year or two.

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…if students at terrorist encampments were chanting slogans calling for the death of black or gays they would be swiftly stamped out. And that professors who did so would never work again.

And if my grandmother had wheels and could lift up to 5000 pounds, she’d be a Toyota 3-Wheel Electric Forklift.

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idk man, seems pretty straightforward to me

Lennon "was the soul of the Beatles, Harrison was the spirit." Martin said. "Paul was the heart, and Ringo was the drummer." Ringo: he was the drummer

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number 10 is Ringo

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Readers added context they thought people might want to know:

Either these couches are really tiny, or room in this image is really big. It looks like the room is like six times the size of my college dorm. If the rest of the house is similarly sized, it’s probably also insanely fucking expensive. middle school gymnasium ass room

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Here’s what OP assumed you knew they meant to say:


just in case it wasn’t fucking clear

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I know leftist memes can get wordy but damn

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steve jobs was going to add this feature right before he died of ligma

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This is misleading. They made each of the different denominations of Christianity a separate group, but atheists, agnostics, and people who believe in a higher power but don't belong to any specific religion are all lumped together.

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sharks are smooth. my uncle is a shark and he said so

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You’re right, Microsoft. I should get Firefox instead

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My fediverse instance removed downvotes 😔

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