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I think it would officially be lobbying, or, in laymans terms, bribery.

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I can get a full, wellmade calzone and drink for 8.15 at a nearby pizza place. I got two small cheeseburges and a small fry for 10.00 at McDonald's. Ridiculous

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Hi, i am having a problem with my internet speeds. I should be getting 100mbps, but am only getting 50ish. I have a dual boot machine, Windows 10 on my ssd and MX Linux on my m.2

In Windows 10, my internet speed is a lot faster, but going to Linux, it just drops off. I use the same device, TP-Link Archer T3U Plus. Can anyone help me?

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Hey! The Soviet version of these were in MGS3! No idea that they had a historical basis.

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My husband recently upgraded to an AM4 platform. His issue is that there is no display. The gpu fans look like they are trying to start, but cannot. Additionally, there is no POST sound and the power button, while able to turn on the pc, will not turn it off. The lights on the motherboard work, as do the cpu fans and case fans.

I told him i think its a short, but he says the case has preinstalled standoffs. My other suspicion is a bad PCI-E port. It is a used motherboard.

Specs: Processor: Ryzen 1700 Motherboard: B350M Gaming Pro MSI RAM: DDR4 XPG Adata GPU: GTX 1060 6gb Also tried: Radeon R7 250

Thanks in advanced!

Edit: Oh wow so many posts! I'll try various solutions and keep you all updated on what work.

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Gen Z here. I have a house, (its small, i wouldn't want a bigger one, because there is no need for it,) a decent car, am married, dont have any debt other than a mortgage, and i can comfortably pay everything i need to now and save a bit for the future. Why would I want to work harder for a better car? I don't have a desire to show off or anything. Instead of working hard for someone else, I want to create things. Stories, games, art, I want to be creative, i dont want to work my ass of for someone else, doing menial labor.

Simcity 2000 feels. (pawb.social)
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I have been playing a lot of the DOS version of Simcity 2000 recently. I grew up with it on my windows 98 pc, so revisiting it was nice. There were a few thing I picked up on that I never realized when I was young.

1: The game, especially the soundtrack, reminds me of Blade Runner. It has the synthy jazz instrumentals that are melancholic, but also has that classic simcity cheer.

2: The game kind of has a dystopian feel to it, at least visually. The ground is brown, with only sparse trees filling the world, buildings are fairly realistic, with not many colors, outside of the luxury homes and the Arcos are very intimidating structures, like something out of Judge Dredd or, again, Blade Runner.

3: Omg, water sucks in this game xD.

Why does this game feel so moody, at least to me? It's also intensly funny, and I will never not laugh when 1700 llamas die in a plane crash.

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I have like 6 pages of stats for space ships, stations, weapons, factions and races for a game I play in my head while at work. It's like X4 but with Elite Dangerous' scale and ship customization.

I have another 15 pages of lore information for a world inhabited by furries that goes into the cultures of each race, (Melkin, Avastin, Scala, Exiranni and Drai,) how they interact with one another, interracial tensions, a timeline of major events, the story of one of my main characters during the Electromedeival period and the otherworldly horrors that they face. It also has a more futuristic-modern era, with futuristic cyberware mixed with 2000s architecture, where a group of investigators part of the government organization Advanced Research and Investigation Agency (ARIA) search and dispose of anomolous entities and secure anomolous areas. I've been working on it for years tbh, and idk why lol.

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Its not about money. It's about power and control. Corpos only care about one thing, and thats power. What good is money if you can't use it to lord over someone?

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Sir, a second sex video has been found.

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Wages are such fucking bullshit. There is a dairy manager who I work with whose been here for 20+ years. And she makes the same as me whose been here for 3 years in january. Im about to quit as soon as I find a place to go.

And out poor cleaning lady has been here for 25 years and makes 9 fucking dollars an hour. This company should be sued.

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At least he cared about his fellow Americans.

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I dont even mind ads when its like one minute for 20 minutes of footage. Pluto TV is free to use and has commercial breaks but they never really bother me because they aren't that annoying and i get a lot of MST3K before I watch them. Youtube ad are cancer in comparison.

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Fear and Hunger man... that game is like a playable version of Berserk as a random person, rather than Guts.

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This is what Putin should fear. His army can never compete with the tactical uwus and rawrs of our special foworces.

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