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[-] Computerchairgeneral@kbin.social 101 points 4 months ago

Well, that's not a good sign for Starfield's modding future. Honestly, it feels like post-Skyrim Bethesda just assumes their games will have a robust modding community. Except that for a game to garner that kind of community it has to be, you know, good. Maybe Bethesda hopes paid modding will be the carrot that brings modders to Starfield, but even if that becomes the standard I don't expect many people will want to make mods for a game they don't even enjoy playing.

[-] echodot@feddit.uk 21 points 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago)

I think somebody said something on those lines already but there's so much work to do to mod starfield into something good that the whole thing would be like 80% mods by the time you were finished. Unless there's an API it's just going to be mods interacting on top of other mods and the whole thing is going to be a nightmare.

I've looked into it and it's not exactly easy considering how clearly they need modding in order to make the game a success. You would think that it would be in their interest to make it simple but, nope.

They may just actually be that incompetent.

[-] Case@lemmynsfw.com 17 points 4 months ago

You're not necesarrily wrong, but modders currently have a more difficult time than with Skyrim.

As far as I'm aware, modding tools from Bethesda haven't been released yet, kinda limiting what people can do.

Not that it can't be done, its just more difficult and time consuming than using producer built tools. People were modding games before any one put out tools for that purpose. Notepad and a hex editor can get you a long way if you know what you're doing, at least back then.

I guess I should say this is from the perspective of a PC gamer, primarily. I've used consoles in the past, sure, but my last console was an Xbox 360 and before that a PS2.

[-] Yokozuna@lemmy.world 3 points 4 months ago

I never thought I would read that someone else had the same last consoles as me, feels good to not be alone there. I recently got a ps3 for the first time about a year ago solely to get the MGS collection and play through MGS4 since it wasn't available anywhere else. Also some gundam games but I haven't gotten around to getting those.

[-] Graphine@lemmy.world 6 points 4 months ago

Given that they’ve recently tried to bring back paid mods, I wouldn’t be surprised. I booted up Skyrim last night to see the new store and my god. They REALLY try to push credits on you.

[-] FordBeeblebrox@lemmy.world 9 points 4 months ago

This bullshit all started with horse armor in Oblivion and sure enough…fucking horse armor in the Skyrim store too. I love playing Fallout and Skyrim with mods but no way am I giving Bethesda more money for them

[-] BigBananaDealer@lemm.ee 1 points 4 months ago

well, starfield is good. i think the issue may be the toolkit has not been released yet

[-] lemmyvore@feddit.nl 24 points 4 months ago

I don't think it has to be good (to attract modders). I think it has to be inspiring. And that it most certainly isn't.

[-] greedytacothief@lemmy.world 9 points 4 months ago

Yeah, I didn't particularly enjoy base fallout 4, but I could see a lot of potential there. It felt like "if only I could change these things, then it will be good".

[-] Graphine@lemmy.world 7 points 4 months ago

This is why I can still play Fallout 4 heavily modded and have a lot of fun. Because the core gameplay is really good. It just needed more quest variety and RPG elements.

Starfield is wrong on a fundamental level. Exploration is a HUGE problem in Starfield and frankly with how they implemented it there’s not much you can do to fix it. However, land rovers would be a great step.

[-] Yokozuna@lemmy.world 6 points 4 months ago

Modding FO4 is a must, and honestly adding in lighting fixes and better bullet acoustics changes the game so much with those two things. It needs a lot more but I've always felt those mods are so needed to make it engaging on a vanilla level.

[-] BigBananaDealer@lemm.ee 2 points 4 months ago
[-] echodot@feddit.uk 6 points 4 months ago

You're still up against the limitations of the engine. There's no way for example to mod in interstellar flight because the engine just can't support environments like that.

[-] Rawdogg@lemm.ee 12 points 4 months ago

Starfield might have been interesting 15 years ago

[-] chitak166@lemmy.world -5 points 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago)

Eh, I think time will tell.

Even if Starfield isn't a hit right out of the gate, it's possible it will develop a small but dedicated community that will keep it alive. They could show us some cool stuff in a few years.

To be honest though, I've never really cared for modding.

[-] Blamemeta@lemm.ee -2 points 4 months ago

Well maybe? Theres a lot of games with tiny mod scenes, but Bethesda was probably hoping for more than what Monster Hunter World got.

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