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I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here, surely that's worthy of an immediate perma ban?

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This is just sad at this point.

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I'm a mod of /c/conservative and we have a troublesome user who keeps making new accounts to evade our bans.

Please, IP ban him. I can give you the details.

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Get bent Todd

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DNF sucks ass, dont get me wrong. The pacing and some sections are horrible. But it oozes passion. Hell, even some of the gun play is better than SF. The characters in DNF actually feel like characters, stereotypes to be sure, but like actual characters. From the stern general, to the terrified and grateful civilians, it feels like someone actually had a vision and was allowed to make that vision.

Starfield has zero passion. Its sterile, like a top notch cleanup team came through and drowned it in bleach, and then removed every spec of dust left with precision. Everything is bland and sterile and boring.

I have 1292 hours in Skyrim, 1005 in Fo4, and 44.9 hours in SF, and I have no desire to play again.

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Take https://lemm.ee/c/moviesandtv for example. From lemmy.ml, lemmy.world, and sh.itjust.works, you can't see any posts or comments from lemm.ee users, and lemm.ee users can't see any posts from other instances.

I don't know what's broken, but something is badly broken.

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The first major issue is "How do I know it will work? How do I know the sacrifice won't be in vain?"

Even if I just up commit suicide, cutting my carbon emissions to zero, private planes will still fly, we'll still ship plastic trinkets across the pacific, still destroy habitat, etc.

Its defeatist, but unless we get the rich on board, shit sucks.

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None of the admins have done or said anything in two months. Admins, please say something!

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The astral lounge feels like it changed late in development, and you look at outer worlds, also made by microsoft, theres no libido either. The same sort of high collar, long sleeve outfits prevail there. And Fo4 features slinky sequin dresses, a superhero caveman outfit, and whatever Irma is wearing.

I dont think that particular shot was called by Todd.

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And thats why you sometimes find pentagons, its just squished circles.

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Well, remember the bookshelves in skyrim? They had the ability to randomize which books spawned on shelves, over a decade ago. Actual physics enabled books on physical shelves, that were randomly spawned. I never really noticed, but I was going back through Skyrim modding again and I noticed the level lists had that.

This isn't super complicated.

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Weirdos. Back in my day, we woild cut out a nude body from playboy and glue it on a picture of Kathleen Turner, and we did uphill both ways in the snow! Darn kids and their technology!

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I wonder if hes going through a mental breakdown. Im all for him going down, but the way hes talking is weird.

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Don't have to be communist to hate modern companies.

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4chan uses fun new tech to draw swastikas, more at 11.

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Ngl, its been downhill since that bloke pulled a rusty sword from that lake

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2 questions:

Can we eat non-carbon based life forms?

Can we fuck non-carbon based life forms?

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I would ask her directly, say that you want to know why you lose gen z workers.

Just remember that they're still early in their careers, changing jobs is about the only way to get a raise these days.

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Whatcha wanna bet there aren't any death threats? Seems to be a go to for "we're assholes, but look at these imaginary assholes instead!"

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Sapiosexual means you have a preference for smart people. Its not a sexuality.

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