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[-] lemmydripzdotz123@lemmy.world 199 points 2 months ago

Jordan Sather, a prominent promoter of the QAnon conspiracy theory, suggested that Swift’s life had been orchestrated as part of a sinister plot to encourage her fans to vote.

There a few other people quoted in there but it's all the same sinister plan they are proposing: The psyop is encouraging people to vote.

Republicans see large voter turnout as a bad thing because they are less popular than they want you to think they are. This is not new, it's just a new target.

Swift’s life had been orchestrated as part of a sinister plot to encourage her fans to vote.

Reminds me of the time Republicans in some local election had sent out a mailer smearing the Dem candidate. There was a big box on one part of the card, in a large font against a dark background proclaiming that the Dem candidate wanted to "Educate and Transform you!"

Well, I thought, do your donors know you are campaigning for the Democrat?

[-] Deceptichum@kbin.social 25 points 2 months ago

I think that’s deliberate language designed to get voters to distrust truth and facts.

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[-] billiam0202@lemmy.world 181 points 2 months ago

Better headline:

The Right will believe literally anything except reality because they don't want to accept they're unpopular.

[-] Atom@lemmy.world 45 points 2 months ago

Reminds me of the time GOP Senator Mark-Wayne Mullin shouted "I don't want reality!" In a senate hearing

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[-] ShortFuse@lemmy.world 16 points 2 months ago

Republicans don't understand Republicanism.

[-] Son_of_dad@lemmy.world 122 points 2 months ago

The right is free to have kid Rock or whatever loser they have on their side, do the same things Taylor is doing, if they're so concerned. Except all she's doing is encouraging people to vote, which as we all know is bad for Republicans

[-] thann@lemmy.world 21 points 2 months ago

You're forgetting that if a woman does it its a psyop

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[-] thann@lemmy.world 102 points 2 months ago

Qanon? Not a psyop. Fake electors? Not a psyop. Fake evidence of election fraud? Not a psyop. Inciting insurrection at the capital? Not a psyop.

Popular woman wants right to healthcare? PSYOP!!!!

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[-] Ensign_Crab@lemmy.world 86 points 2 months ago

Oh thank god. Republicans are gonna piss off the Swifties.

[-] affiliate@lemmy.world 48 points 2 months ago

this may be the thing that topples the gop

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[-] NounsAndWords@lemmy.world 77 points 2 months ago

Lazy projection. The Trump campaign was already literally part of Russian PsyOps a decade ago.

[-] Candelestine@lemmy.world 19 points 2 months ago


C'mon now, we all know the primary thrust of their attacks/defenses is always "I know you are, but what am I?". By far the most common. It's used like half the time.

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[-] ZzyzxRoad@sh.itjust.works 70 points 2 months ago

The whole article could have just been this:

it remains unclear how encouraging people to vote can be construed as election interference.

But one of the weirdest things is how conservatives are totally obsessed with how many people she's dated. One of the tweets in the article says she "runs through men like water." Ok? Even if it were somehow unacceptable to date multiple people throughout the whole of your twenties, god forbid, exactly what in the fuck does it have to do with "election interference."

I love how every male conservative leader can be married 5 times while paying for abortions for their girlfriends, but regular dating is where they draw the line.

[-] Daft_ish@lemmy.world 25 points 2 months ago

Right wingers are deranged. We need to get them out of government with a bit more fucking urgency americans.

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[-] aniki@lemm.ee 67 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

It's because the GOP knows that more voters means they lose. Centrists don't exist. There's no middle ground between Ds and Rs anymore.

No one is 50/50 on Trump.


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[-] Hazzia@discuss.tchncs.de 53 points 2 months ago

Weren't right wing men weirdly obsessed with Taylor Swift a while ago? Specifically in a creepy misogynistic "it's a shame she's not having kids, what a wasted opportunity" kinda way? I remember reading about that somewhere.

If so, good for Taylor for now becoming an enemy to the creeps as opposed to an object of desire.

[-] superduperenigma@lemmy.world 31 points 2 months ago

Years back before she had made any definitive statements about politics I think a lot of Republicans just assumed that as a rich, white, country-ish musician she was a right winger who could one day be their ideal Aryan Christofascist princess.

[-] drislands@lemmy.world 16 points 2 months ago

I don't know if it was that group in general, but Stefan Molyneux in particular certainly was.

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[-] thesprongler@lemmy.world 46 points 2 months ago

The only Swift conspiracy I believe is that she and the NFL fabricated her relationship with Travis Kelce to cross-pollinate the fan bases.

[-] 7u5k3n@lemmy.world 26 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

The NFL fabricating stories for views / clicks / likes?!?!


Cuts to Taylor at a football game

Cuts to demar Hamlin - tho he did die

Cuts to Josh Dobbs and his degree

Cuts to Jackson mahomes


I firmly believe that the NFL absolutely drives a narrative, creates drama, has the referees keep games close for views and latches on to anything that makes news and drives viewers.

The games exist to only serve us ads... :/

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[-] Catma@lemmy.world 45 points 2 months ago

This the only political statement I needed to support Swift

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[-] Rapidcreek@reddthat.com 43 points 2 months ago

Swift is a force of good, as much as any insanely rich person can be. She alone may end up responsible for tens of thousands of young women registering to vote between now and election day. One of her Instagram posts drove 35,000 voter registrations. Republicans have every reason to fear the Swiftie factor.

[-] Candelestine@lemmy.world 28 points 2 months ago

Yeah. She's measured with it too. One of the reasons her sway is so strong imo, is she just saved it up for a long time. So when she finally asks a fan "hey could you do this one little thing for me?" it almost feels like "uh, yeah, I've known you my whole life Taylor, of course."

Which the fan doesn't "know her" per se, but between a musician and a huge fan, it definitely feels like you do. It's a personal relationship, a little different from most other fandoms. Music is just odd that way.

[-] Rapidcreek@reddthat.com 17 points 2 months ago

I would say that Princess Diana would be a comparison.

Personally, I like Swift because she has legs for days. I'll vote for that reason alone.

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[-] SteefLem@lemmy.world 42 points 2 months ago

Sorry not a swift person but isnt she just saying to her fans, you should register to vote and vote because its importent? Wish psyops was that simple.

[-] SkyeStarfall@lemmy.blahaj.zone 35 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

Also they're speaking as if their celebrities don't tell people to go out and vote republican.

Also what happened to the "free speech" crowd lol

[-] Hazzia@discuss.tchncs.de 18 points 2 months ago

It's only freedom of speech when you're saying super heinous shit! All other speech isn't really free because that means you're not speaking your mind since, you know, everybody thinks these super heinous things deep down and not just racist, misogynistic, violent psychopaths that are really the minority of people. They're just the truly free people because they speak their mind truthfully!!

(really hope I don't need this but /s)

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[-] MonsiuerPatEBrown@reddthat.com 41 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

Are they upset how so many people could yield so much influence to one person ?

And they want a dictator.

I'm so sick of Absolutists. They create monarchies, wealth gaps, and Spanish Inquisitions.

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[-] CharlesDarwin@lemmy.world 40 points 2 months ago

So, Russian interference was a "hoax" (according to most of the radicalized right wing, the Enlightened Centrists and of course, a lot of the unhelpful left who seem to enjoy being useful idiots), but Taylor Swift is part of the Deep State or something?


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[-] Maggoty@lemmy.world 37 points 2 months ago

Lmao, even if it's true the actual complaint here is they're mad the Democrats did it too, only conservatives are allowed to run info ops during elections!

[-] elbucho@lemmy.world 36 points 2 months ago

Why the right thinks Taylor Swift is a government PsyOp designed to swing the 2024 election

Because they're stupid, conspiracy-theory believing fucks.

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[-] Nipplecreek@lemm.ee 34 points 2 months ago

Republicans brains go burrrrrrr

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[-] ZeroCool@feddit.ch 33 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

Just when I think conservatives can't get any dumber they always find a way. It's remarkable, really.

[-] givesomefucks@lemmy.world 21 points 2 months ago

It's because a lot of people want a confident leader.

They don't care if the confidence is because they know what they're doing. They just want the confidence.

So Republican politicians never admit they're wrong and make up ridiculous things because any answer works as long as their confident.

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[-] recapitated@lemmy.world 29 points 2 months ago

TIL opinions+ talent + marketing = psyop.

Is every political campaign a psyop too?

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[-] gmtom@lemmy.world 28 points 2 months ago

The Democrat party can't even advertise when Biden does a good thing properly. You think they're smart and organised enough to run a sophisticated psyop like that?

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[-] Socsa@sh.itjust.works 28 points 2 months ago

Finally, my tax dollars are doing something useful.

[-] PrincessLeiasCat@sh.itjust.works 22 points 2 months ago

Conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer even claimed that Swift’s entire Eras Tour was nothing more than “a Democrat Party Voter Registration drive

Yes, because the voter registration drive would only 100% register democrats or people who they know will vote democratic. No republicans/GOP voters could possibly get registered.

Well now it’s obvious - the only option is for the GOP to buy all of the tickets to Taylor Swift concerts, thus preventing democrats from being able to register to vote.

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[-] notannpc@lemmy.world 22 points 2 months ago

The answer is simple, because reality and the truth almost never align with the goals of the right. So they invent these fantastical conspiracies to explain why the world is the way it is.

[-] youngGoku@lemmy.world 21 points 2 months ago

While I don't listen to her stuff intentionally, I do enjoy her tunes for the most part that I've heard. I also recognize her talent and influence.

I think it's really wonderful for her to encourage her fans to register to vote...

The more people who vote the harder it is to maintain minority rule.

[-] xerazal@lemmy.zip 20 points 2 months ago

Anything that hinders the GOP is a government PsyOp. Anything that helps the GOP is God's will.

Delusional fuckers.

[-] Tolookah@discuss.tchncs.de 19 points 2 months ago

Republicans are attacking Swift/Swifties? I need to buy more popcorn!

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[-] Nobody@lemmy.world 18 points 2 months ago

Fools! How can they not see that Taylor Swift's tour is a secret op to install 5G towers all over the world that will make our penises fall off? Wake up, sheeple!

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