In pavement cracks, roadside medians, and parking lots, there are incredible miniature civilizations booming within our concrete jungles: ants! We don’t often think of urban areas as having “ecologies” but Amy Savage, Ph.D. studies the amazing diversity of ants making their way in the city. Their combined efforts make our urban landscapes greener places to live, but their newfound love of carbs is also changing things for them...

Our host and museum curator, Jessica Ware, Ph.D. joins Amy in a search for some tiny neighbors. They're managing surprisingly well in New York and other cities by adapting to human food. But without the access to easy protein (e.g., other insects to prey on), they're doing things a bit differently in street medians than they would in a more rural setting.

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Naturally occuring comrades

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Lil' Guy JDPON vegan-liberation-rad

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Bugs are the proletarians of nature, carrying the ecosystem on their backs and yet largely unappreciated and seen as expendable.

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I found a YouTube link in your post. Here are links to the same video on alternative frontends that protect your privacy:

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