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It does, but the ui isn't really designed around that. I draw in krita and edit images in gimp. Doing it the other way would suck for both uses.

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Krita is more of a painting program.

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Here's a video that shows some of the tower internals:


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I try to reserve downvotes for bad faith commenters, though I downvoted some of the ai generated jeans spammers too when that started to get real old.

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Delicious carpet stains in front of the toilet.

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There are two interpretations.

It's either do the intended job, but nothing extra, which I think is just normal work, or don't even try to do the job properly, do as little as possible while staying unnoticed to avoid getting fired.

The name implies the latter, but that's not how all people use it.

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The meme artist here is not thinking in enough dimensions. These constraints result in a tetrahedron. So you just need to stand in a triangle formation and have the last guy go in the center and float less than the average human height above ground.

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It does suck, but I think the only thing Tim Epic can do is to fix his own store.

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These AI generated images for articles bother me a lot.

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I used to practice this art actively.


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I made a simple timer app for Android, desktop, and browser. I think it's ready for most part, and I'm starting to look into publishing it.

I decided to start with Android / Play Store, which immediately gives me a roadblock. Google Play Console says:

  • Have at least 20 testers opted-in to your closed test (1 tester currently opted-in)
  • Run your closed test with at least 20 testers, for at least 14 days

I want to look into F-Droid and Flathub once I have this sorted out. But before that, any opinions on the app, or volunteers for testing, as I don't have 20 friends to ask?



Edit: Let's try Play store again with this: https://groups.google.com/g/jyl-test-group

Edit 2: It works, at least someone besides me was able to join:

What a pain. I'll look into preparing an F-droid release as soon as I have time.


2 out of 10‽

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I was going to make a post about my toothbrush to this community, but apparently there isn't one anywhere. I could just find two dead ones at lemmy.ml with 1 and 3 subscribers.

Given how tech and privacy oriented lemmy userbase is, it's absence was a bit surprising.


Edit: Fixed links, thanks. Added pic.

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