I would assume it's seeing white women with men of color?

[-] FearsomeJoeandmac@hexbear.net 2 points 18 hours ago

I'm back at using my Greatsword with Lions claw. Build just decimated shit in Elden ring.

Yeah it's pretty obvious Miyazaki has a soft spot for bonk builds tho

[-] FearsomeJoeandmac@hexbear.net 11 points 1 day ago* (last edited 1 day ago)

Yeah Matt was my favorite. Not listening to it until he comes back

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Seems like Will, Felix, and Virgil (Where is he?) all came from fairly privileged upbringings. Whereas Matt and especially Amber came from more lower middle/working class backgrounds.

At least that was my reading whenever they would discuss how they grew up.

I always related particularly with Matt, growing up "lower middle class" in the Midwest myself.


The scots were always better than the english


How do I curb these urges?

Fuck off I'll take on anyone.


Come at me

[-] FearsomeJoeandmac@hexbear.net 1 points 3 days ago

Starting shit on an obscure communist web forum is peak chad.

[-] FearsomeJoeandmac@hexbear.net -1 points 3 days ago* (last edited 3 days ago)

Are you the type the chapos talked about who hides upstairs whenever family or friends come over because you're so weird and insufferable?

Your posting history seems to indicate this is the case. All you do is try to rile shit up and act toxic.

I don't block people, but this is the last time I respond.

Go express your pathetic loneliness to someone else.

[-] FearsomeJoeandmac@hexbear.net -3 points 3 days ago* (last edited 3 days ago)

Alright weirdo. Like I said enjoy your slop meant for teenagers ๐Ÿ‘

[-] FearsomeJoeandmac@hexbear.net -2 points 3 days ago* (last edited 3 days ago)

Don't worry I won't make fun of you for watching a movie meant for teenage boys too hard

Ah I see you're just one of those guys who has no fuckin life and goes around starting shit here of all places.

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That's fine man I just hate marvel movies. I'll still read the comics, there's something about the films and the people who watch them that irritates me though.

I'm sure my obsession with dark fantasy and fromsoft games irritates someone out there somewhere. ๐Ÿ™„

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Yeah I just have a deep hatred for marvel and stat wars at this point. People can like what they like as you said even if is slop.

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Would you fight a kushala dora?




Honestly my favorite dystopian movie since "The Road". What did yall think of it?


I think bluepoint did an amazing job, but that's me


Back off I'll fuck you up. Headstrong I'll crack your red dead 2 disc.

You know that you are wrong, but rdr2 Is a boring slogggg


He was a proud neoliberal and he said something along the lines of "lol wagie is just mad some of us come from wealthy families"




I thought the big thing with these ninth gen consoles was that they were powerful enough upon release that's there's no need for a mid gen refresh this time.

sigh literally just got my PS5 like 8 months ago.

Why do gamerstm get excited about being exploited like this instead of getting mad about being ripped off?

Lol some slightly better frame rates and visuals at best.

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