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Using violence to fight fascism is the name of the game, right?

There is a lot of anarchist rhetoric to justify violence against fascists, primarily because challenging the state's monopoly on violence is so stigmatized by mainstream politics, but violence isn't and should never be the primary tool for fighting fascism. Characterizing it as such is gives credibility to the narrative of the right. The spectacle of violence may make it seem over-represented among the wide variety of tactics in use, but the 'name of the game' is 'diversity of tactics.'

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Black-bloc is a tactic, specifically a group tactic. If the assassin's motivation was to stop fascism, they're antifa through the tautological technicality. But the gunman was not black-bloc.

Maga will use any excuse to crack down on groups that organize under the antifascist banner, but this will definitely be one of them.

Edit: Someone has already made this point, sorry to duplicate it.

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That's outside my wheelhouse, but I've brought it to poVoq's attention. Thanks for the ping.

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This is an argument for revolution, not for keeping Biden on the ticket.

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Yeah, it's Major. From Biden worries the Secret Service may be loyal to Trump, according to a new book:

According to a new book offering an inside look at President Joe Biden’s White House, Biden actively distrusts the Secret Service to the point that he does not speak freely in front of his agents and he believed that the agency lied about an incident where Biden’s German shepherd Major bit an agent.

In The Fight of His Life, out January 17, author Chris Whipple details how Biden was showing a friend around the White House and pointed to the spot where Major allegedly bit a member of Biden’s security team. “Look, the Secret Service are never up here. It didn’t happen,” said Biden.

Cops framing people, cops killing dogs. I'm surprised they're not part of the official screening process along with the "you must score under this IQ level to be good at this job" filter.

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Here's a quick summary of some of the more objectionable points you appear to be making in your comment. Let me know if I got any of this wrong.

  • Auzy is accusing me of lying and being a secret GOP supporter. This is not conspiracist thinking, because they're only accusing one person of lying, and a conspiracy involves multiple people.

  • Auzy is wrong in accusing me of being deceptive, but I am instead an emotional person who can't rationally comprehend the articles that I share, and am just not capable of preventing myself from being manipulated by deceptive journalists.

  • The article Since Feeding the Homeless Is Illegal, Activists Carry AR-15s to Give Out Food, Supplies is fundamentally an advertisement for guns, in part because it uses the term "AR-15s" in the title, which is a Colt product.

  • In order to make a post, one needs to personally endorse both the source and content, because by sharing the wrong articles that you found interesting that other people might like to discuss here on this forum, you may be promoting capitalism. Sharing unique reports from a small political fringe site like thefreethoughtproject.com that are unreported in other sources is a form of promoting capitalism, while in general sharing journalism from large news corporations like the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times does not promote capitalism.

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Worse. Wisconsin domain'd a bunch of people off their land and spent a billion dollars of state money, and Foxconn still nope'd the fuck out.

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I'll take that as an admission that you don't think my articles are 'deceptive'

Are you now saying that by accusing me of being 'pro GOP' that Auzy is not engaging in conspiracist thinking?

Mutual Aid Hub (www.mutualaidhub.org)
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They've updated the headline:

Government denies Ed Miliband ordered immediate ban on new drilling in North Sea

Not great.

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Three times as many people seem to disbelieve your intentions as believe them.

That's not how Lemmy voting works. "Shooting the messenger" is the phenomenon where people get information that contradicts their desired reality, and are more likely to not only reject it outright, but worse, punish the sources delivering the message. There may also be some in-group vs out-group bias going on here.

@Auzy is the only one who is claiming that the feed the homeless article was "pretending to be feel good news" - that's obviously not the case. Maybe you should elaborate on why you think a particular article is deceptive, and how you hold other Beeple's posts to the same standard.

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