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How's the smell though?

Anon has a question (lemmy.today)
Conspiracy! (lemmy.today)
Good news everyone (lemmy.today)
Cat burglar (lemmy.today)
Purrs like a kitten (lemmy.today)
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For LLMs, the already mentioned LM Studio does a good job as far as beginner friendliness goes.

For text-to-image, I like Fooocus, which is a custom Stable Diffusion setup with automatic prompt enhancement, which can comfortably compete with Midjourney.

Here’s a setup guide for first time users. There’s also an online version to try it out.

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You're welcome.

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A new challenger appears...

Kitty-man (lemmy.today)
Choose your fighter (lemmy.today)
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Enlightened: løbster

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Tired: låmp

Inspired: shræmp

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Nice. Subscribed.

California t-roll (lemmy.today)
Title (lemmy.today)
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In some of the other results, the stormtroopers were indeed so small (or Shrek so big) they might as well be snacks:

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You'd be surprised...

Döner Cake Pop (lemmy.today)
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Okay that one is pretty cool. Much better than the first one if you ask me.

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Now all you gotta do is learn how to attach your image directly to the post so it shows up in the feed without having to click on it first.

EDIT: also, did anyone notice yet that Betty has three legs?

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