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I still see that old comic sketch in my head lmao

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This article seems to have a lot of facts mixed up and they appear to be unaware of things that to my mind are publicly available. What's going on with the spin?

The article states they have no idea what the shooter's motivations are, but there was a screenshot of Crook's X account that pretty clearly laid them out. https://www.reddit.com/media?url=https%3A%2F%2Fi.redd.it%2F3503dwt80gcd1.jpeg

The article goes on to state that he bought ammunition at Walmart, while other articles state he used an AR, and that Biden wants to ban them again in the wake of the shooting. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2024/07/17/biden-ban-ar-15-trump-assassination/74416454007/

Walmart does not sell .223/.556 ammo.

It's been 6 days since the shooting. What the hell is going on with investigative journalism?

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Most of hacking is done by mass effort with maybe a couple percent of people that aren't doing basic things to protect themselves being affected. That couple of percent is enough to keep the hackers flush. (So please, follow basic cybersecurity steps, people.)

The plain truth of the matter, though, is that if a hacker or group of hackers is targeting someone individually for reasons, that person is in real trouble.

This has been a PSA for everyone chasing fame and clout.

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I love how media is slowly moving away from "RTO is bullshit" to "It has some benefits but they're taking it too far". Next week it will be "What were we thinking? RTO is here to stay!"

As so many people have said, there's plenty of jobs where this isn't necessary at all. The conversation needs to stay focused on the flawed conceptions of corporate suits in an echo-chamber.

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I've seen this over and over in corporate environments.

Suit A has a terrible idea but enough fawning bootlickers to get the process moving.

Worker A, an employee, knows this is a terrible idea but doesn't say anything because they wanna keep their job.

Contractor B, obv a contractor, is there to make money and hopefully turn their stint into something more, so they speak up. And get canned.

What is it about Suits that they can't listen to literally anyone but their own echo chambers? Oh yeah, they're angling to jump into a bigger echo chamber. The 1%.

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That dude started to get a dad bod and said F that, I need to fit into this t-shirt all the way to my casket.

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AI said kill this guy right here

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Yeah, everyone should take a real good look at him. When the guillotines come out you wouldn't wanna grab the wrong guy.

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It's McCarthyism all over again. God forbid someone thinks Israel is fucking up and actually says so. This kind of shit was repugnant then and it will be repugnant in the history books.

Enjoy being on the wrong side, you intellectually stunted children.

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My sister and I were wee little ones who one week brought home scads of stuff given to us by our school from the American Cancer society. We went running up to our dad screaming "We don't want you to die daddy!" with all that childish exuberance, and he quit cold turkey the next day.

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I have to work SO HARD to see this the right way haha

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If any representative from Brother is reading this, hear me.

DON'T ENSHITTIFY! You see this? You can own the market if you just LEAVE IT ALONE.

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We've investigated ourselves and found proof that we're awesome!

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