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Is it more a hindrance or a boon that that the “Borneo” brand has sold so well internationally? Join our host @catrionamaddocks, cultural researcher and artist, as she navigates this modern quandary (and more!) from old and new perspectives, alongside multidisciplinary artist @elroyramantan (Brunei) and textile artist @marcoslah (Sarawak; Netherlands) online* for one night only.

*Public welcomed—free entry—join at https://tinyurl.com/borneomarket.

Psst.. We're launching our website in conjunction with this talk. Join us to get a first look, and see our embedded 3D rendering of Altered Natives (with more to come). __ Elroy’s and Marcos’ artworks are currently on exhibit at THE PAST IS ORESENT IS FUTURE, now showing at HAUS KCH, City Square which closes this Saturday—come see!

The exhibition is an extension of the Seni Kita Weekend: Subcultures programme supported by @yayasan_hasanah for the 2023 cycle of the ArtsFAS grant.

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Make sure you stay hydrated!

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What y'all looking forward to this month? I'm just glad to clear off a bunch of work stuff and I got various craft and preloved markets to look forward to.

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I keep hearing about this fund but have yet to get around to looking it up. Maybe this will be useful to some fellow Sarawakian nyets.

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Yes. I am right now, one of the best versions of myself emotionally and psychologically. I would love to spend some time with someone who geeks about the same things, committed to learning and growth, and wouldn't have a problem with taking time away from each other to still be our own person.

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Wow, this is harder to answer than I thought.

Yes to relatively normal, well-taken photos showing the person in a range of activities/places/moods. They are only showing their personality and interests, after all.

No to:

  • only group photos
  • no photos of the person at all, just items or abstract pics
  • 3-5 of the same front camera, looking-down-at-phone photo
  • photos that seem outdated, especially if it's of an older man with one child (classic scammer)
  • holding a fish
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I'm a big fan of Indian Matchmaking, and have also recently finished watching Jewish Matchmaking. Here are a few takeaways:

  1. These shows focus on a very specific culture, where a key feature is not having to explain to a potential partner the complexities of their culture.

  2. Most people who engage a matchmaker are serious about getting married and having kids. A small percentage are in the "see what happens" demographic.

  3. I like how you present your list of requirements and expectations upfront.

  4. Even when most of your requirements are there, it could still lack chemistry and fail. A majority of the matches you see on screen don't appear to have lasted past the TV show.

Would you consider engaging a professional matchmaker? Have you done this? What are your thoughts or experiences?

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Stop wasting your time with this guy. If he's really into you and into developing a relationship, he'll make the effort. Sounds like you're not even on the list of priorities. Don't invest in someone who isn't investing in you.

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I'm older (F40+) and going through dating apps is a whole waste of time. It's mostly scammers looking for lonely older women to scam, and dudes who don't bother filling out their bios. Very hard to find anyone who would last more than a couple of days of "hi" and "how ru" back and forth.

The best match I ever had was in Singapore, while I was in the departure lounge at Changi. He started out strong, and the banter was great and we did exchange Telegram handles. But he stopped making effort to develop any conversations, and when I tried, he gave short answers that told me nothing about him. Now you'd think he wasn't interested but he was the one who initiates. Eventually I stopped replying to the uninspiring "hi".

My toxic trait is that if I'm busy, I ignore non-urgent or low-effort attempts to engage.

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Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, located on the island of Borneo, will once again host this exciting 3-day event where the best in the film industry gather to celebrate, honour and recognise excellence among their peers.

ASEAN directors, cinematographers, actors, actresses, celebrities, film students and fans will converge to be enthralled by the finest movies, entertained by first-rate artistes and educated by the most outstanding filmmakers in the region.

In line with Sarawak's high-tech evolution in this digital age, the focus of AIFFA 2023 will be ASEAN’s exponential development towards embracing technology in the film industry.

AIFFA will present a whole range of film activities from the ASEAN region leading to the highlight of the celebrations where the 2023 award winners will be announced. Do expect celebrities and great films that have gone beyond ASEAN to win international awards.

The Parking Ticket (podcasters.spotify.com)
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My offering to this community is going to be in the form of an 8-minute podcast episode about misplacing my parking ticket while being in a sus building.

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Privacy issues on Lemmy: https://raddle.me/f/lobby/155371/warning-lemmy-doesn-t-care-about-your-privacy-everything-is

I'm still reading up on it, but this is concerning if it's true.

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Went to BCM to see the moon. It was nice. Really good backdrop for photos when you pick the right spot.

Many venues for concerts in the state (www.newsarawaktribune.com.my)
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Can confirm that we'd be happy to host anything yang tak "PAS" over in WM. ;)

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Event is free but registration required.

MFF Workshops:

  • Creative Offline -Editing Process with Mr. Safwan Salleh
  • Fun with Watercolour with Mr. Sylvester Jussem
  • Improvisation and Arts of Storytelling with Mr. Rashid Salleh
  • A Producer’s Journey From Script to Screen with Mdm Nandita
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I love a car boot sale and there's one coming up that is now calling for vendors. Hit the link above for details or go here to sign up!

Disclaimer: I am not the organiser, but I signed up as a vendor.

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[ vibing - figuratively and literally - in my 40s ]

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Hello, I am auntie.

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c/Sarawak claimed!

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I don't know about everyone else, but I've left Reddit. It's an easy decision for me since I didn't become active until this year and didn't put down a lot of roots. I came over here immediately when I found out that r/Malaysia (and r/Malaysians) got their own place because it's the only subreddit that I missed in the blackout.

However, I agree that it's hard to just drop something that you spend years building. I have this exact problem with an FB Page.

I think the best way forward is to complement r/my by hosting things that don't fit over there. I love it that we can create specific communities here - I might pick up c/Sarawak if we plan to continue, and if unker needs a co-mod over at 'Dating, Relationship Advice, Personals', consider this me volunteering.

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I had kueh chap for brunch. Spoiler for tak halal.


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