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It has always been a fantasy of mine...

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I had this meme come through my discord and was going to post it but I didn't want to have to explain to 47 people that no, I am not saying hit the cop with it; the windshield is much more satisfying

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As I say elsewhere, this is probably just the starting point. Right now they are being fined for not monitoring and as a result are being made to see if there was an impact on water and fish. If those results come back as showing a negative impact on these receptors, the big fines will follow.

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They are being very lenient here, but these fines are probably the first of many. They may well lose their permit to operate, as it is within the Director's right to do so.

The 406 instances of not monitoring effluent sounds like they shut down their water monitoring program periodically (winter?). Not controlling mine effluent is a big no-no. A major mine company got fined 60 million for selenium issues. Also, you risk getting DFO involved, since their purview covers all fish-bearing water, and bad things happen pretty quickly once the feds are involved.

It will be interesting to see what happens. Cool article.

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I just get ultra kill (whatever that is) results and have no need to go further.

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What are the YT alternatives? I use it by default and I'm to exhausted to look for another landing place

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I have only watched the theatrical ones when they came out. I remember having to piss so bad during a slow scene in ROTK.

I've watched them again, with my kids as that seems to be the only ones available on streaming services. I'd like to watch the extend cuts at some point


puts down baconator

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There's some good advice below. I'm not a programmer (vastly different field), but the most important things you can do are to:

  • get to know your technical people; their skills, and their personalities

  • trust your technical people when they say something is difficult to do.

These two steps will help you get a lot of 'good will' from your team and make them feel like you've got their back.

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Don't make me get the spray

I'm just memeing here, IDGAF what you do in your bedroom

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Where is the dick hole in the pie?

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The orphan crushing machine continues its implacable work

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Then you have a kid and you spend the rest of your life

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