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IPv6. Lack of IPv4 addresses it's a problem, specially in poorer countries. But still lots of servers and ISPs don't support it natively. And what is worse. Lots of sysadmins don't want to learn it.

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Yes. My apps are not static: one is a Django app (Python) using Postgres. I had to compile both Postgres and Python but that's because I wanted to use them in Docker but there were no images available (maybe there are now, things change fast in this world).

Other was a Rust app, also using Postgres. For this I had to wait until a cryptography library (ring) added support to RISC-V since they use some assembly to improve the performance. After that, it was fine.

I've been experimenting with more stuff, in general almost all important languages work, but beware that even if it works, they might not be as performant as in ARM or x86. Java for example, worked but the JVM didn't have a JIT so it was very slow (this is fixed now, but some distros still ship it without JIT AFAIK).

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Yes, I have a VisionFive 2 and I use it to host some websites. I have am Arch Linux image compiled by a user in a forum, but the userspace packages are from a RISC-V repository from a other people working in Arch in general.

I could run my websites but it wasn't easy at first, because, yes I have Docker but there are almost no images for riscv64, so I had to do some compiling and build images in a local registry. Bu now it works pretty well.

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I always found "find" very confusing. Currently, I'm using "fd", which I think has a more sensible UX

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Supercomputers are usually just a lot of smaller computers that happen to be connected with very efficient networking. Then you use something like MPI to simulate a big pool of shared memory.

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