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I think that the fake Danny Devito death is a funny joke and I'll explain why.

Hexbear has a culture. Hexbear has it's own memes and references and stuff like that. The fakenews comm uses references and memes from Hexbear culture to create a story, an alternative world.

One meme on Hexbear that I've seen is like the idolization of Italian people or the Italian mafia. I believe this meme stems from Chris Cuomo in 2019 saying that "fredo" was a slur for Italians equivalent to the n-word. This is like obviously an absurd thing for Cuomo to say and chapo made fun of him for it. Then a meme sort of developed that "Italians are the most oppressed race" meme, making fun of Cuomo and other white people. Hextube started watching a lot of mafia movies and hextube made a bunch of mafia emotes exclusive to hextube. Danny Devito is partly of Italian descent and he has acted in more than one Mafia movie.

Another element is that Danny Devito is perceived as a left-leaning guy. Danny Devito campaigned for Bernie Sanders in 2016 and in 2020. Danny Devito is a beloved figure in general. Reddit loves Danny Devito. Chapos love Danny Devito. You probably love Danny Devito, which is why you are upset about a fake story.

The third element is Melina. Melina also loves Danny Devito. Danny Devito plays Frank on Always Sunny. Melina is a super fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, even watches their podcast as well as the show.

In my opinion, humor is a subversion of expectations. You expect one thing to happen, but then something else happens, and the surprise that you experience causes you to laugh. I've established that Danny Devito is a beloved figure and that Melina loves Danny Devito. The expectation for me is that Melina would create a fakenews post which idolizes Danny Devito. The real outcome is that Melina creates a fakenews post which kills Danny Devito. Melina kills their own hero in fantasy. I think that is funny.

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In 2023, at least 7 states have passed laws which require porn websites to verify the identity of each person who visits the website before viewing content: Louisiana, Arkansas, Montana, Mississippi, Utah, Virginia and Texas. Louisiana has some weird system were you take a picture of your ID. Pornhub blocked all access in Utah, Mississippi, and Viriginia.


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"The return of Ultimatum" - at the end of the short trailer

short trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP7yRXdHAT0
30m trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE2D4bgTeIQ

patchnotes https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3451455

Path of Exile 2 is now listed on Steam (store.steampowered.com)
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Greetings to Palestinian FM

Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- DPRK Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui sent a message of greeting to Riad Al Malki, minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of the State of Palestine, on November 29 on the occasion of the Day of World's Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

The message wished the Palestinian people success in their just struggle to found an independent state with Eastern Kuds as its capital, strongly censuring thrice-cursed unethical and anti-humanitarian atrocities of Israel, which is indiscriminately killing innocent Palestinian people despite the unanimous protest and denunciation of the peace-loving people of the world, and the one-sided policy toward Israel of the U.S. which patronizes its atrocities. -0-

www.kcna.kp (Juche112.11.30.)


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Here is the text of the bill so you can read it for yourself.

H. Res. 888 - In the House of Representatives, U. S.,

November 28, 2023.

Whereas the Jewish people are native to the Land of Israel;

Whereas throughout history and across the reign of multiple kingdoms, the Jewish people were persecuted and expelled from the Land of Israel, forced to live as minority diaspora communities in other lands;

Whereas Jewish diaspora communities were historically violently persecuted in, and in some cases expelled from, other countries throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia due to their religion;

Whereas the Nazis attempted to annihilate the entire Jewish population of Europe during the Holocaust, murdering 6,000,000 Jews during this time;

Whereas this genocide provided new urgency to re-establish a Jewish homeland for the Jewish people following the Holocaust, where they would not be a vulnerable minority, where they could freely practice their faith, and where something like the Holocaust could never happen again;

Whereas the modern State of Israel was established on May 14, 1948;

Whereas even after the establishment of the State of Israel, other countries and terrorist entities continued to attack Israel, reject its right to exist, and call for its destruction; and

Whereas Israel is the only Jewish State, and therefore, despite persistent external threats, the existence of Israel provides Jews a place to live free from persecution and discrimination: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives—

(1) reaffirms the State of Israel’s right to exist;

(2) recognizes that denying Israel’s right to exist is a form of antisemitism;

(3) rejects calls for Israel’s destruction and the elimination of the only Jewish State; and

(4) condemns the Hamas-led terrorist attack on Israel.


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A U.S. military aircraft carrying six people crashed into the sea in western Japan on Wednesday, killing at least one crew member with the condition of at least two hauled from waters unclear.

Japan's coast guard said it found what appeared to be wreckage from the tilt-rotor V-22 Osprey

The crash happened about 2:47 p.m. local time (0547 GMT) near the island's airport, with witnesses saying the aircraft's left engine appeared to be on fire as it descended

The deployment of the Osprey in Japan has been controversial, with critics saying the hybrid aircraft is prone to accidents. The U.S. military and Japan say it is safe.


updated the post after about 7 hours. article originally said 8 people were onboard during the crash. now says 6 were onboard with at least 1 confirmed death.

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The Chinese military on Saturday said it expelled U.S. guided-missile destroyer USS Hopper after it illegally trespassed into Chinese territorial waters off the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea.

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) Southern Theater Command has deployed its naval and air forces to "track, monitor and warn away" the vessel, said Senior Colonel Tian Junli, the spokesperson of the theater command, in a statement.

According to Tian, the U.S. has "severely jeopardized China's sovereignty and security," and the illegal entry serves as "ironclad evidence" of Washington's pursuit of "navigation hegemony" and "militarization of the South China Sea."

The spokesperson added that the theater command will maintain a high alert status and take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security, and the peace and stability of the region.

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I think that Israel is now targeting Haaretz because Haaretz recently published the article about Israeli Apache Helicopters killing concertgoers at the music festival.

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Israel's Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi submitted a proposal to take action against Haaretz by ending the publication of government notices in Haaretz.

Karhi, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party, said the newspaper was "sabotaging Israel in wartime" and was an "inflammatory mouthpiece for Israel’s enemies."

Haaretz publisher Amos Schocken responded to Karhi’s proposal by saying, “If the government wants to close Haaretz, that’s the time to read Haaretz.”

Karhi's proposal, which would forbid the publication of official government notices in Haaretz, and would cancel all state employee Haaretz subscriptions – including those held by members of the IDF, the police, the prison service, government ministries and government companies


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Reconnaissance satellite is what the DPRK is calling the satellite but western media is calling it "spy" satellite. I put quotes to emphasize the terminology used by the DPRK. I am not doubting or mocking the DPRK.

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Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- The National Aerospace Technology Administration (NATA) of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea successfully launched the new-type carrier rocket "Chollima-1" loaded with the reconnaissance satellite "Malligyong-1" at the Sohae Satellite Launching Ground in Cholsan County, North Phyongan Province, at 22:42:28 on November 21, Juche 112 (2023).

The carrier rocket "Chollima-1" flew normally along the preset flight track and accurately put the reconnaissance satellite "Malligyong-1" on its orbit at 22:54:13, 705s after the launch.

The launch of reconnaissance satellite is a legitimate right of the DPRK for strengthening its self-defensive capabilities and it will make a significant contribution to definitely ramping up the war preparedness of the armed forces of the Republic in conformity with the security environment created in and around the country owing to the enemies' dangerous military moves.

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the DPRK, oversaw the launch on the spot.

He was accompanied by Kim Jong Sik, vice department director of the WPK Central Committee, and Jang Chang Ha, general director of the DPRK General Missile Bureau.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un oversaw the launch and warmly congratulated all the cadres, scientists and technicians of the NATA and relevant institutions on having made a great contribution to enhancing the Republic's war deterrent and most correctly and excellently implementing the resolution of the Eighth Congress of the WPK.

The NATA is to present to the 9th Plenary Meeting of the 8th WPK Central Committee a plan for continuing to secure the capability to reconnoiter the south Korean region and the region of operational interest of the DPRK armed forces by additionally launching several reconnaissance satellites in a short span of time. -0-

mirror https://kcnawatch.org/newstream/1700611622-680414227/dprk-natas-report-on-successful-launch-of-reconnaissance-satellite/

KCNA kp is a news site controlled by the DPRK government. You can see more photos if you click on the photo button in the top right corner.

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If I'm reading this article correctly, then it says that Genocide Joe argued with Qatar for Israel to have a shorter ceasefire.

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Israel's government voted on Wednesday to back a deal for Palestinian Hamas militants to free 50 women and children held as hostages in Gaza in exchange for a four-day pause in fighting

Officials from Qatar, which has been mediating negotiations, as well as the U.S., Israel and Hamas have for days been saying a deal was imminent.

Ahead of the announcement of the deal, Netanyahu said the intervention of U.S. President Joe Biden had helped to improve the tentative agreement so that it included more hostages and fewer concessions.

"We are at war and we will continue the war until we achieve all our goals. To destroy Hamas, return all our hostages and ensure that no entity in Gaza can threaten Israel," Netanyahu said in a recorded message at the start of the government meeting.

A U.S. official briefed on the discussions said ahead of the deal that it would include the exchange of 150 Palestinian prisoners.

The pause would also allow for humanitarian aid into Gaza.

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I was shooting heroin and reading “The Fountainhead” in the front seat of my privately owned police cruiser when a call came in. I put a quarter in the radio to activate it. It was the chief.

“Bad news, detective. We got a situation.”

“What? Is the mayor trying to ban trans fats again?”

“Worse. Somebody just stole four hundred and forty-seven million dollars’ worth of bitcoins.”

The heroin needle practically fell out of my arm. “What kind of monster would do something like that? Bitcoins are the ultimate currency: virtual, anonymous, stateless. They represent true economic freedom, not subject to arbitrary manipulation by any government. Do we have any leads?”

“Not yet. But mark my words: we’re going to figure out who did this and we’re going to take them down … provided someone pays us a fair market rate to do so.”

“Easy, chief,” I said. “Any rate the market offers is, by definition, fair.”

He laughed. “That’s why you’re the best I got, Lisowski. Now you get out there and find those bitcoins.”

“Don’t worry,” I said. “I’m on it.”

I put a quarter in the siren. Ten minutes later, I was on the scene. It was a normal office building, strangled on all sides by public sidewalks. I hopped over them and went inside.

“Home Depot™ Presents the Police!®” I said, flashing my badge and my gun and a small picture of Ron Paul. “Nobody move unless you want to!” They didn’t.

“Now, which one of you punks is going to pay me to investigate this crime?” No one spoke up.

“Come on,” I said. “Don’t you all understand that the protection of private property is the foundation of all personal liberty?”

It didn’t seem like they did.

“Seriously, guys. Without a strong economic motivator, I’m just going to stand here and not solve this case. Cash is fine, but I prefer being paid in gold bullion or autographed Penn Jillette posters.”

Nothing. These people were stonewalling me. It almost seemed like they didn’t care that a fortune in computer money invented to buy drugs was missing.

I figured I could wait them out. I lit several cigarettes indoors. A pregnant lady coughed, and I told her that secondhand smoke is a myth. Just then, a man in glasses made a break for it.

“Subway™ Eat Fresh and Freeze, Scumbag!®” I yelled.

Too late. He was already out the front door. I went after him.

“Stop right there!” I yelled as I ran. He was faster than me because I always try to avoid stepping on public sidewalks. Our country needs a private-sidewalk voucher system, but, thanks to the incestuous interplay between our corrupt federal government and the public-sidewalk lobby, it will never happen.

I was losing him. “Listen, I’ll pay you to stop!” I yelled. “What would you consider an appropriate price point for stopping? I’ll offer you a thirteenth of an ounce of gold and a gently worn ‘Bob Barr ‘08’ extra-large long-sleeved men’s T-shirt!”

He turned. In his hand was a revolver that the Constitution said he had every right to own. He fired at me and missed. I pulled my own gun, put a quarter in it, and fired back. The bullet lodged in a U.S.P.S. mailbox less than a foot from his head. I shot the mailbox again, on purpose.

“All right, all right!” the man yelled, throwing down his weapon. “I give up, cop! I confess: I took the bitcoins.”

“Why’d you do it?” I asked, as I slapped a pair of Oikos™ Greek Yogurt Presents Handcuffs® on the guy.

“Because I was afraid.”


“Afraid of an economic future free from the pernicious meddling of central bankers,” he said. “I’m a central banker.”

I wanted to coldcock the guy. Years ago, a central banker killed my partner. Instead, I shook my head.

“Let this be a message to all your central-banker friends out on the street,” I said. “No matter how many bitcoins you steal, you’ll never take away the dream of an open society based on the principles of personal and economic freedom.”

He nodded, because he knew I was right. Then he swiped his credit card to pay me for arresting him.

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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in China. Xi is passionate about sports. They are in San Francisco for this meeting, it's a San Francisco NBA team jersey, the jersey is for the local NBA team. Gavin Newsom is the governor of California. To me, the gesture of the gift is meant to symbolize to Xi, "you are on our team". It is common for sports fans to wear team jerseys when they watch a sport, to support the team.

In the video, upon receiving the gift, Xi jokes "Would I be great if I wear this?" Gavin jokes that Xi would be the MVP (Most Valuable Player). It seems like a very thoughtful gift, in my opinion, and Xi looks genuinely happy to receive it. I think it's a great photo. The dudes are rocking.


Xi says Ball is Life (hexbear.net)

Gavin Newsom gifted Xi Jinping a custom Golden State Warriors jersey. Xi is printed on the back.


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"We have information that confirms that Hamas is using that particular hospital for a command and control mode" and probably to store weapons, national security spokesperson John Kirby told reporters aboard Air Force One.

He said the United States had information that Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad were using some hospitals in the Gaza Strip, including Al Shifa, to conceal or support their military operations and to hold hostages.

A Hamas official in Beirut said 25 of Gaza's 35 hospitals were out of use because of Israel's assault. The fate of Al Shifa in particular has become a focus of international alarm, including from Israel's closest ally, the United States.

Israel denies the hospital is under siege and says its forces allow exit routes for those inside. Medics and officials inside the hospital deny this and say those trying to leave come under fire. Reuters could not verify the situation.

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I think Keffals has been v*ush-like for a while now, but if you look at her twitter feed of the past 2 weeks, it's very bad. She befriended Destiny. She has a tweet that says like "I use to be a tankie and tankies support genocide. Israel is doing genocide now, but have you condemned tankies?" She's been harassing Second Thought about his comments against Israel to the extent that he blocked her. Now it appears that she is going after Hasan next, possibly trying to get him banned from twitch for his Palestine fundraiser.

A few months ago she had made like a 20-minute video on why she's allowed to say the r-slur. She's done more weird stuff before that too. Even when she was being harassed by k*f*, Hasan seemed very reluctant to mention Keffals on his stream. I think maybe Hasan knew Keffals was a fake leftist even back then.

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The UAW just finished negotiating a new contract with the "Big 3" auto manufacturers: Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis (fka Fiat Chrysler). The contract includes things such as a 25% wage increase for all UAW workers, return of Cost of Living Adjustment, removal of some of the wage tier systems, higher wages for temporary and new workers, bonuses to 401k and pension plans, and the right to strike over plant closures.

The new contract is going to expire on April 30, 2028. Shawn Fain is asking for other unions to prepare for a strike at the same time so that all unions involved will have greater collective bargaining power.

In the longer video Shawn Fain says:

We demanded a longer contract because one of our biggest goals coming out of this historic contract victory is to organize like we've never organized before. When we return to the bargaining table in 2028, it won't just be with the "Big 3" but instead with the "Big 5" or "Big 6".

I believe Shawn Fain is alluding that the UAW is attempting to unionize other car manufacturer companies in the next 5 years.

UAW posted key points of the speech in this twitter thread:

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