I'm on the case (lemmy.world)
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Lots of reports of massive funding by Russia in influence campaigns.

I'm an empath (lemmy.world)
Eating your veggies (lemmy.world)
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Now you know why.

Dog person (lemmy.world)
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The impact of an engorged Russia would unfurl over decades, touching every corner of the earth, and wreaking havoc on the global economy

Hit one for me (lemmy.world)
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I demand perfect real world accuracy in my comics and nothing less! He should have listed the pros and cons of being a frog including statistics about time running from predators, a full list of predators, life span, climate issues, etc. With citations of course.

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Trying to find a new man?

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That's when they send the mind control sound. If you don't destroy all the speakers by then, you will be under their control.

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That's because the USA subsidizes bigger trucks as "work vehicles". This practice needs to stop and they need to be taxed more than smaller vehicles.

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Yeah but then I'd have to stop throwing stones, and that's one of my favorite pastimes.

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Uncovering these rings, publicizing them, and shutting them down needs to be a top priority. I think a lot, if not most, of the bad decisions made by voters stem from these kind of bad actors. We've let it go on for long enough.

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Until governments get serious about trust busting, it will keep happening. Companies that don't have to compete enshittify.

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Stay the fuck in Russia Tucker.

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Upvoted for the cat

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Listen, for the last 2-3 months, I've only visited Reddit to participate in /r/RedditAlternatives. I've moved everything here. I want to make that happen for others too. I'm happy here.

I don't even subscribe to this subreddit or any of the ones about other social media sites. I tend to downvote anything I do see about Reddit or Twitter, because I just don't need to hear about them any more.

I'm driving very little traffic Reddit's way, and the only time I do so is to hasten it's demise. The most people that we ever had on the chat planning this banner was around 10 that I saw.

This is getting tons of press. I'm quite certain we drove more people here than we drove traffic there. It's worth it IMO.

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