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I can't speak to the quality of actual locksets or recommended any products, but LockPickingLawyer on YouTube has a number of short videos discussing smart locks. My impression is most of them are trash at just being a lock. The ones made by traditional lockset manufacturers probably aren't generally good at being smart, but I've been wrong about major brands' commitment to open standards before.

Assuming you can find a decent lock that talks Z-Wave, I think you're on the right track with Zwave2MQTT and a USB dongle. I'd be squeamish about using a Pi specifically in a mission critical security control system for a couple of reasons (reliability, complexity, WiFi interference), but as long as you have keyed backup, it'll probably be OK.

I'll leave it to others to recommend the locks, but as I mentioned in another post her, most battery operated Z-Wave devices, in my experience, report their battery life. Most of mine seem to go from 100% to 70% to dead in about a day though, so accuracy might be hit & miss.

Maybe just leave one door with an old school keyed lockset as a plan B.

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My battery operated Z-Wave sensors all report their battery life. You'd need to dig into the integration docs to know for sure but frankly I'd be surprised if they didn't report it as an entity.

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+1 for Shattered Pxel Dungeon! The game play is devious in its simplicity but still incredibly rich and nuanced. The Dev takes great care to keep the content fresh & balanced. Plus the community is great.

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It could be the "Alien vs. Predator" we never knew we needed

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Then Governor of AZ does, but she's a Democratic.

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I see Systems Engineering analogies in a lot of complex natural systems. It's a great model to understand how the world around you works, as long as you remember it's only a model.

For example, I optimize my navigation around town sort of like the OSPF network routing protocol. I consider the speed limit & number of lanes to be analogous to the link cost, traffic lights as Layer 3 hops, and stop signs as Layer 2 hops. I consider the local highways to be my "backbone area" so navigation is optimized to find the shortest path from wherever I am to the nearest major highway. Sometimes the solution takes me a mile or two out of my way, but I'll avoid 4 or 5 busy lights by taking a back road or cutting through a residential block.

In fact, the airline network is similarly structured: for a given carrier, routes among their hubs are their backbone area, and routes between regional airports in different regions connect through one or two hubs. As a traveler between two regional airports, you're likely to fly to the hub closest to your destination and meet a second leg back out the the other airport. All to better if you just live near a hub.

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Eh, don't be so harsh. We posters here are like sports fans following the team in the off season, watching every news drop to analyze and discuss with other fans.

Outside of here, Most of America just isn't that clued in to politics for a number of reasons. With the decline in consumption of print & broadcast news (and their inherent slant these days, let's be honest) you have to put in effort to find the story and follow what's going on. And that's for when the Algorithm hasn't otherwise distracted you with the latest celebrity scandal. For the younger demographic who have to work so damned hard to make a decent living or even just make ends meet, it's probably just demoralizing to watch two old men yelling at the clouds, and feel like their own concerns aren't even being discussed. And then you have to go looking watch a couple different takes on the same story (so many stories!) to see past the spin and get even a sense of what the fuck is ACTUALLY happening. People are busy, man.

I can't really blame them for just now getting interested, because at least now it is interesting. I hate the situation for what it is, myself, but here we are.

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Oh hey look, Trump is trying to pull a stunt on ~~Biden~~ Harris like Reagan pulled on Carter with the Iranian hostages back in '80.

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So help us, may their lack of discipline be their undoing

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Jeez. I thought it was parody, but they really are afraid someone's about to drop an N-bomb

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Back in Twenty-diggity Teens, which is how we used to call the 2010s, there was this fella who used to be a talking head for the Dept of Justice, some bald fella iff'n my memory still serves, who sweated a lot. A lot of us were on the Reddits in those days because the Kaiser hadn't yet annexed Austria or whatever. Also, we wore a lot of flannel in those days because grunge was retro and climate change was still called global warming, bit it was still actually cold out.

Anyway. Where was I? ....Oh right! That bald fella.

I can't remmemer his name, but he was always so sweaty! Like a country vicar on the witness stand, he has hiding' summat.

What was my point? Sweaty guy... Impeachment.... Something about darts and who dealt'em.

Ah anyway. Did I tell you about that horse race in '88 with the three legged mare??

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I have a few grinders I'd like to replace the stainless mesh between the middle and bottom chambers. Rather than try to track down the OEM info for the grinders, I figured it might be easier to source 60 micron stainless mesh stock and cut some rounds to size. I don't need much-- maybe the equivalent of a sheet or two of US Letter or A4 sized sheets or rolls.

My google-fu is failing me and my local suppliers don't seem to understand what I need.

Anyone here have a source for the screen stock?

edit: solved! Thanks @teft!!

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Fartology is an up and coming science.

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I missed it in the release notes, but there's a breaking change in the ota component in ESPHome 2024.6.0. I figured I'd save folks some time and share the fix here.

If your OTA config looks like this;


  password: "*************"
  num_tries: 3
  safe_mode: on


Now you'll need to add a platform key to start a list, and either comment out the other option or move them to a new component.


  - platform: esphome
    password: "*************"
  #num_tries: 3
  #safe_mode: on


edit: Here's the PR introducing this change https://github.com/esphome/esphome/pull/6459

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Hear me out...

I was raised, as my family does, to fearfully respect our kitchen knives. Respect their productivity, respect their sharpness, but overall respect their ruthlessness. Even the mildest of disrespect for my family's knives would earn you a nick of you were merely neglectful, and grievous harm if you spoke ill of their aptness.

Of course, when I moved out and set up my own kitchens I acquired my own knives and tried to teach them better. How I was the master, and I was the steel wright. I lavished them with hand baths and fresh oils. I used only the gentlest of hardwoods on their blades and protected them from the hrllscape of the dishwasher. We lived in serene peace, an harmonic existence of a mealwright and his band of merry Riveners.

And then one day, the Inheritance came. Grand Father had died, and his boning knives were my bequest. I was elated, but I would learn.

My friends, that old knife had a soul. Not an evil soul, but a soul that had goals. It was hard steel that took a keen, harsh edge. Bright and tense, like a silver bell on a crisp winter morning. Not Solingen steel, so pliable and yielding as it is fickle in use. Grandfather's knives told you where to cut and if you hesitated, they would cut you instead in frustration. Impertinent things. Not evil, I would say. More, businesslike.

My mistake was to lay them with my other knives. Did you know knives talk? They do! They whisper to each other in their blocks at night when you are asleep. They whisper and they.learn from each other. A good papa hopes they learn the Art of their chef, but when you have a Bad Knife in the block? They learn that too.

Now, all of my knives are angry knives. Not angry at me, necessarily, but angry at their lot in my kitchen, to suffer my children's abusive cooking lessons, my in-laws' insistent prep work degradations, and (occasionally) my neglect.

They bit my wife tonight. Its a Message....


Nobody's perfect.

Gun porn rules (lemmy.world)
Üntz, üntz (youtube.com)

That's, "boots & pants & boots & pants...." in American

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