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Being woke remains a good thing.

It means being aware of societal challenges that exist and the historical context in which we live.

The alternative is to bury ones head in the sand and say, "Everything is okay, question nothing."

I am thankful I am not simple enough to fall the new monthly conservative slur in attempt to supress social awareness and change. It's coming. The slurs are a silly game.

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Let me preface this by saying I'm wildly speculating to try to find underlying reason to their statement. But I've made the mistake before of applying logic to try to figure out an illogical being, it usually leads nowhere. That said, here we go.

I always suspect that the "too many humans" take is the closest opinion someone can express without coming out as a supporter of genocide. In my opinion, and since they won't elaborate, they are attempting to be edgy.

Thus why they never elaborate, they're just trying to guide us to the "logical solution" of genocide? It does seem dumb but the internet is full of enough stupid racists for this not to be unexpected.

In regards to a solution, populations drop voluntarily when a certain standard of living is reached. I doubt the people expressing this would advocate taking care of the poor to speed up the process of natural population decline.

Wild speculation concluded.

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I'm glad to hear it, i think I may try it out on my spare laptop and see for myself too.

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Haha, can we even imagine how big the codebase is? Must be nutty. That's a cool thought.

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Well, your anecdote is certainly more influential to me than listening to a core developer. Plus I want to believe you are right because it feels bad to believe otherwise, so you are obviously correct.

Hmm, guess it sounds silly when I say it that way. I'll work on it.

Joking, I don't use Windows, but I hope you are right.

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Yes. Like I said I agree with a lot of your points. My examples are intentionally oversimplified to avoid diluting the idea I want to demonstrate.

I hope you understand that I'm trying to help you communicate more effectively, because i think that what you are communicating is valid.

Not everything is an argument. It's important to understand when people are helping you, or you end up attacking allies. We are likely on the same side.

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I actually agree with parts of your underlying idea, but your tone is so awful that you're convincing people to disagree with you.

You could be like : "I believe in cats because of cat videos."

But instead you're like : "What are you? Some kinda ducking idiot? You never seen a cat video? You scared of cats bro?! Small minded population can't accept cats!"

Surely you understand tone? I hope you are only like this on the internet.

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I really really hope for your sake that you are a "confrontation bot" and not a real person arguing this, because if this isn't a bot, then you spend your limited time on this earth in a.. sad sad manner.

Anyway, everything you mention can all easily be automated. You're not on reddit. We're mostly tech people here. Your bullshit is transparent.

You're a good rage farmer though.


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Edit : Post left unedited below. Sorry i wrote this after waking up and misread. I still hope it helps. That "long time" is going to feel short before you know it. 60 years is a blink.

===== ===== ===== =====

If everything is equally boring, go lift weights. Not to get stronger, just for the experience of suffering. Suffering is novel, unique, different from boredom. You may grow to enjoy the suffering, many do. Because after the suffering, the world glows like a lightbulb because your body is so relieved the suffering is over. (Plus chemical brain stuff I won't get into.)

Another boring activity, mental health diagnosis and treatment.

May as well right? Since everything is boring, you would have no preference for one task over another.

Unless shitpost means "I want to complain don't help me," in which case I will have to avoid this community in the future.

You're young, try everything once. Sorry if I missed the joke, wish you the best.

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I have a feeling you're playing dumb for engagement, because truly no one can be as clueless as this. I suspect everyone else feels the same which is why your question is being ignored. Most of your post history is similarly unaware. There will be no further reply.

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The goal of everything isn't to be "objectively good", that would be a world of boring art. I feel like an English teacher now.

"So, what message do you think the artist is attempting to convey with the makeup style? Perhaps look to hints elsewhere in the photo.".

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Edit : I appreciate all the PoVs and I will reply to everyone. This is important to me. Just going to go rest a bit and I'll be back.

Edit : Leaving the self-insulting language in, but yeah.. Point taken, I should stop being so mean to myself. And to add another FYI, I've been on this codebase for about 3 months, which I probably should have mentioned.

I have no idea what is wrong with me. I get tasks, I work on them, they NEVER seem to close. Meanwhile everyone around me is left and right solving their issues. I reach out for a second opinion because I must just be stupid, and every time I reach out the person is never able to assist in any meaningful way.

It's like my tasks always have blockers that everyone around me seems perplexed by, I get a lot of, "Wow, that's crazy," or, "Yeah your job does seem to have a lot of unusual blockers."

I'm at the point where I'm in a daily meeting where I explain what I'm working on to a senior dev because obviously they noticed I'm a person on the team with sometimes zero points in a whole month. It's so discouraging to have to go to a daily meeting because apparently I'm stupid? The thing is, when I explain what I'm blocked by, every person has said, "Oh weird, this seems like a really confusing task." Or, "Damn I've never seen anything like that."

So obviously I look at other peoples' tasks.. what are they working on? And their tasks are SO simple and straightforward, yet I've NEVER had a task like that, all my tasks were opened years ago, remained open for months or years, then were assigned to me. And they're all fucky. Wth.

Tbh I'm running out of things to write because I don't want to justify it, because I feel like I should be doing better. What the hell is wrong with me?

I have wanted to change jobs for close to two years now.. but you've all interacted with recruiters.. they never help, and job search is impossible as a person with anxiety and possibly autism?

I love coding, I hate my coding environment.. Anyone else ever have this type of issue in programming?

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