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Potayto, potahto

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The listed sources are from the 19th century... I wonder if anybody ever did this, or it's just apocryphal.

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How quickly they forget their origins...

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I can’t imagine what a scammer would get out of selling this operation.

That's because you don't have skin in the game

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The earth sweeps up tons of space dust, including metal dust, on a daily basis. Why is there any reason to think satellites burning up behave any differently?

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Meteorites carry plenty of metals, including aluminium and other highly conductive materials. Also, aluminium does not get anywhere near superconductive in space temps, which the author claims happens. That alone should tell you how much credence to give the rest of their claims.

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This was thoroughly torn apart in another thread.

Some of the top results:

“Meteors only contain trace amounts of highly conductive metals” Solter-Hunt said. “Satellites, on the other hand, are basically entirely made of superconductive metals.” 7% of meteorites that strike Earth are either entirely metal or partially metal. Additionally, the metallic ones are usually larger than the stony ones. I’m sure a PHD knows this, so I’m guessing the author of the article didn’t include some context.

The link in that passage says that the newer, bigger Starlink satellites are only 800 kg in total mass. I’m not entirely sure how an 800kg object leaves 1300+ kg of “charged dust” upon re-entry.

“Satellites are mostly made of aluminum and aluminum is a superconductor,” Solter-Hunt said. "Superconductors are used for blocking, distorting or shielding of magnetic fields.

“Though 100 Kelvin is still pretty chilly – that’s about -280 degrees Fahrenheit – this is an enormous increase compared to bulk aluminum metal, which turns superconductive only near 1 Kelvin (-457 degrees Fahrenheit)”

It doesn’t get that cold in LEO or GEO, so I’m not sure why the author of the paper is bringing that up. This paper and its author are looking more suspect by the minute.

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I doubt you'd get anything useful out of it. The idea is that it messes with your time perception, making you feel as if you've spent a huge amount of time in whatever emotional state you're in. It's not going to actually overclock your brain to run at a thousand times its normal speed.

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Dude's a tankie / troll who belongs on lemmygrad. This is the system working as designed.

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How do games get rated, do they just submit an application? Or do they need to provide the product?

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If it goes over that usually in my experience it’s because people are fucking around and making it take longer than it should instead of focusing on the game

YMMV. In my experience 90% of game time estimates on the box are utter nonsense.

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If I hire an accountant to do my taxes, and the IRS comes after me for not having done them correctly, I would expect the accountant to be at fault.

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NASA is elevating its digital platforms for the benefit of all by revamping its flagship and science websites, adding its first on-demand streaming service, and upgrading the NASA app. With these changes, everyone will have access to a new world of content from the space agency.

NASA is elevating its digital platforms for the benefit of all by revamping its flagship and science websites, adding its first on-demand streaming service, and upgrading the NASA app. With these changes, everyone will have access to a new world of content from the space agency.

“Our vision is to inspire humanity through a unified, world-class NASA web experience,” said Jeff Seaton, chief information officer at the agency’s headquarters in Washington. “NASA’s legacy footprint presents an opportunity to dramatically improve the user experience for the public we serve. Modernizing our main websites from a technology standpoint and streamlining how the public engages with our content online are critical first steps in making our agency’s information more accessible, discoverable, and secure.”

This new web experience will serve as an ever-expanding yet consolidated homebase for information about the agency’s missions and research, climate data, Artemis updates, and more. The updated nasa.gov and science.nasa.gov websites will provide a connected, topic-driven experience, with a common search engine, integrated navigation, and optimized publishing capabilities in a modernized and secure set of web tools. NASA will continue to update and improve the beta site on a rolling-basis as it receives feedback from website visitors. Once fully launched, the online content from a selection of popular agency websites will be included within this new experience to ensure easier, integrated access to NASA information currently found across the agency’s many websites.

Later this year, NASA also will launch its new streaming platform, NASA+., and upgrade the NASA app. Through the ad-free, no cost, and family-friendly streaming service, users will gain access to the agency’s Emmy Award-winning live coverage and views into NASA’s missions through collections of original video series, including a handful of new series launching with the streaming service.

“We’re putting space on demand and at your fingertips with NASA’s new streaming platform,” said Marc Etkind, associate administrator, Office of Communications, NASA Headquarters. “Transforming our digital presence will help us better tell the stories of how NASA explores the unknown in air and space, inspires through discovery, and innovates for the benefit of humanity.”

NASA+ will be available on most major platforms via the NASA App on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices; streaming media players such as, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV; and on the web across desktop and mobile devices. Following the launch of all new digital platforms, NASA will continue to connect additional agency websites and multimedia libraries into this new experience to continually streamline all the information shared across its centers, missions, and programs. With an enhanced digital presence, NASA will share science, research, exploration, and innovation with the world through cohesive platforms.

“From exoplanet research to better understanding Earth’s climate and the influence of the Sun on our planet along with exploration of the solar system, our new science and flagship websites, as well as forthcoming NASA+ videos, showcases our discovery programs in an interdisciplinary and crosscutting way, ultimately building stronger connections with our visitors and viewers,” said Nicky Fox, associate administrator, Science Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters.

Strange Ox Act 1 Easter Egg (self.baldurs_gate_3)
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Still in Act 1, so no spoilers please.

I found out that if you have the Idol of Silvanus in your inventory and transfer it between characters while in sight of the Strange Ox, the entire herd aggros and attacks you. Cue the speculation!

Edit: Did some testing, apparently all the tieflings react the same way, so it's not some scripted event for the ox :(

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I've been hearing for years that artificial gems (diamonds, rubies, moissanite, etc) cost a 'fraction' of the real thing. Is this true? If so, where can I as a consumer buy a handful of this stuff?

Note that I don't want jewellery-grade gems, I realise that would cost a lot simply due to rejects and labour to cut / polish. I just want stuff I can mess around with for hobbies and crafts.

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It was a special day today. An important one filled with many things. Christmas?


A holiday that had wormed its way into another world like a parasite with a Santa hat. Today was Christmas, just as Erin Solstice had promised. Even if it had come earlier in other parts of the world, it was that special day in Liscor, at least. Everyone was ready.

Especially Erin.

Definitely Erin.

Lyonette was getting very concerned about Erin.

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Check https://pawb.social/post/2123853 which is a multi image post. Only the first image is shown in sync.

Also, rice!

Edit: This issue seems to be happening only in certain views. I can confirm this is happening in cards, and not in slides

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The reason I asked is, I just noticed that I have zero posts in my feed from lemmy.world. I'm sorting by top (last 12 hours). Lemmy.world posts should be filling up half my feed, but there's absolutely nothing. Switching over to other accounts on other instances shows me expected results, it's just my monyet.cc account that's wonky.

Edit: Also, is there a reason why c/meta can't be posted to? This is the sort of post that belongs exactly there.

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