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Hello, I am visiting Malaysia again and I would like to know what are the best mobile sim that can give me a high speed 4G/5G data with 10-20GB hotspot included. Any suggestions please? I will be staying along Jalan Sultan and Jalan Petaling. I really need your advice as I need hotspot. Thank you!

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Anyone flying to Philippines soon? I want to buy a cap there and help me bring it to Malaysia lol. Checked dhl and the shipment cost more than the item. Thanks!

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I just got a PDRM saman on my auntie's car. She's allowed me to borrow the car while she's overseas. I don't want to let her know and I'd rather settle it on my own since it was my fault.

Can I settle in on my own without her help and where? Police station?

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Hi! I arrive at KLIA around 11.15am and have a flight out at 7.20pm. Curious if that’s enough time to exit the airport and visit KL (have a meal/coffee)? I know it’s about an hour out each way but I’m uncertain how long it takes to go through immigration and how hard to book rides.

I also need to leave luggage in the airport and check in later because I’m flying with different airlines.

Appreciate any insight/tips/watch outs.

Thanks in advance.

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A repost from Reddit as I wasn’t aware of the quick questions rule, apologies!

This is a bit of a long one, but I hope it is meaningful to you in some way and you can help me.

Me and my girlfriend (who is Malaysian) are moving to KL in Jan/Feb next year. She's an architecture graduate from a uni in the UK where we are now and wants to help local communities in Malaysia by creating spaces/buildings/structures that serve them in a meaningful way, but she wants to make sure that these projects use locally sourced materials and waste so they are as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, restoring abandoned buildings or re-purposing them is an area she wants to explore.

So far, most of the architecture firms she is seeing online are building the standard condos or office buildings which we are all accustomed to seeing in most bigger cities around the country. She is finding it hard to find firms who focus on smaller projects which re-use and recycle materials/structures and is getting disheartened that such architecture doesn't exist in Malaysia. I am certain this isn't the case so I wanted to ask if any of you is aware of such architecture firms or places where she can find and network with the right people.

Thank you in advance and wish you all a great day ahead!

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Not sure if this belongs here but… I had a bad experience using popbox. Ordered from Watsons, courier put in popbox, but haven’t received any code, so parcel stucked inside for almost one month, messaged popbox whatsapp and emailed them (no replies after 11 days). Made an account in popbox, but still can’t find my parcel no. to get the code. Even called them but the only thing I get is to leave a message in voice mailbox. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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As of now, I'm applying for UOW KDU Glenmarie however based on this site they claim that these institutions are top 10 best. Asked and scoured through and about, yet most are outdated information thus how reputable are they right now, and other general things such as college/uni life, lecturers, campus, students, staff, etc?

Here's a list from the site without the institutions that do not provide diplomas plus institutions from my UniEnrol results:

  • University of Wollongong Malaysia (UOWM) KDU (Utropolis Glenmarie)
  • Multimedia University (MMU) (Latest November)
  • UCSI College (September Intake)
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology (TARUMT) (Nearest however intake is in May)
  • SEGI Uni & Colleges
  • IACT College (August intake)
  • First City University College

I welcome all types of advice and output as soon as possible as I'm uncertain how Reddit works sometimes..

Used Cars (self.askmalaysians)
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Hi everyone, is there any XTrail T30 and CRV RD1 owners here? I would like to ask if these two models are worth it for years to come. I have always interested i these two from my childhood years and planning to pick one as my first car. Is it worth it? From the common issues, maintenance and worst possible scenario that can come with it. Thank you.

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I am a postgraduate student at Universiti Malaya and I am currently doing a research study titled "Purchase Intention of Generation Z on Residential Property in Klang Valley". I would like to invite you to participate in this study and the survey will only take less than 5 minutes to complete.

You are eligible for the study if you are: ✅ Malaysian ✅ aged between 18-27 years old ✅ have an intention to purchase or re-purchase a residential unit in Klang Valley

If you meet the criteria above, feel free to click into https://forms.gle/avRhy661yhyyupCr5

Rest assured that all responses will be strictly confidential and the data collected from this survey will be used solely for academic and research purposes.

Your cooperation and support will make a significant difference in the success of this research project.

Please feel free to share this study to your peers/siblings that you feel fit the inclusion criteria above.

Thank you!

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(I'm making this post on behalf of someone else. I won't disclose unimportant details like the exact amount for safety and privacy reasons.)

So my friend's ex-gf had my friend buy her a really expensive phone by signing a data line worth about RM300+/month. At first, the ex promised to pay back the amount every month, and she did not appear as the type to deceive throughout the relationship. But after their break-up, she stopped paying him, and my friend had to pay for her phone himself.

It's starting to take a toll on his financial situation, but when he tried to terminate the contract, the penalty was thousands of ringgit (<5000). Is there any way for him to get the money back from her without resorting to court, if possible?

Note he gave:

  • The contract did not have her name on it.
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Where can I hire hourly workers online in Malaysia to do light house work like taking curtains down, stripping the bed and bringing items to a dobi?


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EMR: Electronic Medical Records

So a bit of context here. I am a tech geek. And learning about the appalling state of EMR at Selayang hospital makes me sad. Its such a waste of resources. If they are not commited to keep it running better don't buy it in the first place.

Being a open source software fan, naturally the question of "why not adopt GNU Health?" comes to me. I mean, it's free of charge! So why not?

And I am thinking of maybe making some tutorial on GNU Health deployment.

Now bureaucracy bullshit aside, I think I will need to listen to people who will be actually using it first. Like:

  • Do you see EMR as a need? Or just a fancy tech toy?
  • How does it make your life better and/or worse?
  • Acceptance level by staff (do they want to use the system or they had to be forced into it)?
  • How much does it cost you to set up & keep running?
  • Service quality level by current provider?
  • Are you comfortable DIYing your own setup?
  • Nightmare fuel stories if any?

Also noticed that KKM had been working with MIMOS to roll out their own EMR system for quite some time now. How is it working so far?

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The reason I asked is, I just noticed that I have zero posts in my feed from lemmy.world. I'm sorting by top (last 12 hours). Lemmy.world posts should be filling up half my feed, but there's absolutely nothing. Switching over to other accounts on other instances shows me expected results, it's just my monyet.cc account that's wonky.

Edit: Also, is there a reason why c/meta can't be posted to? This is the sort of post that belongs exactly there.

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I am trying to take a week off from work overseas to fly back to Malaysia Jabatan to change my name on my passport and IC.

(The reason I want to use it is that my Chinese name has changed.)

May I know if one week is enough time for making this process and getting a new passport?

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Road seems to be closed off during weekend nights, even when not Merdeka season, but I don't know the exact schedule. Anyone knows the exact schedule and, preferably also, sauce from DBKL?

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Can u pls let me know

  1. How is/was ur experience studying
  2. What is it like working as an engineer
  3. How are/were you treated while studying and/or working

Feeling kinda hopeless about my dreams so pls let me know,, I’m scared I’m making a bad decision :’)

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Tomorrow is gonna be my first job, I'm 23 (m)/[24 in a few months] earning rm1800 for 3 months probation first then my employer will boost my income based on how I perform during the 3 months but he also told me this place mainly to learn gain experience and not to earn much money.

So I'm actually a finance graduate, but I'm doing accounting so I have no idea how I'm going to do this job but I do wanna excel at this. I will be using the ubs accounting software so I wanna master that but not sure how to start. So I hope some accountants can give me some tips.

I would also like some advice on how to prepare for my first day at the job and as well as know how do you guys manage time for gym, socializing, private alone time with a 9-6 job?

Question (self.askmalaysians)
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Just visited KL and can't help to ask what is the difference of Pusat Bandaraya and KLCC. Are they the same?

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I have a problem in Malaysia and I need some help please..

I have a case against a Malaysian company that has been going for years and we have paid a lot of money for a law firm over these years trying to retrieve our money back from them without success yet..

The story in short is that we sent a Malaysian company money in exchange to some equipment that they never shipped or manufactured.

We have agreed 3 times through the law firm with them on settlements and every time they only pay one payment out of 12 and then stopped paying.. The last settlement was after a seizure and sell proceeding in which the owner of the company have almost nothing on his name to seize and sell..

Every legal proceeding costs us around 1000 USD and we still didn't get anything from our money yet, and we don't know what to do anymore. And after reaching the law firm last time they are again saying there're two ways to proceed now:

  1.   Filing again Writ of Seizure & Sell and do not enter into a settlement if offered; or
  2.   Garnishee action

What can we do to force the owner to pay and stop him from keeping stalling please?

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In sports, being a team player would mean something like you don't play football as if its all a one man show. But at work isn't this kind of independence a desirable thing? Like salespeople who have to carry their own weight at all times? At this point, looking at all these job ads is giving me the impression that what it really means is "submissive and obedient".

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When I was a teenager I believe the government made efforts to reduce or totally abolish petrol attendants. But recently I see a lot of them standing around again. One petrol station I went to had about 5 attendants (normally foreigners) working. What changed?

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Hi guys, I failed my automatic driving test today and my parents told me to just bribe as they think im being failed for being white lol?? Is this actually a thing here?? What do I even say?? Who do I talk to?? I signed up to safety driving school who seem legit so would they even take it?? Someone plz help.

Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (self.askmalaysians)
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Hello! I am from the Philippines and will be visiting Malaysia few days from now and I want to ask you guys if it is mandatory to fill out the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card for us with PH passport holders? Based on what I see here that there are 10 countries eligible for autogates. Are they the only ones that will fill this form or even us are required? This is my first time visiting Malaysia and hoping someone can answer. Thank you.

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Which is the most popular Ultraman character/s in Malaysia?

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I’m looking for a bunch of people to add to my team, and we are a tech-advertising-social media-agency open door amused-to-be-a+startup kinda place. The last time I posted on Jobstreet I guess the candidates really do fit our kind of environment and mindset. Where’s a good place to post for a younger hungry more cosmopolitan crowd? Don’t mind paying premium but would rather not use headhunters.

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