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With the post auto-schedule feature now available on MonyetBot, we can schedule daily/weekly threads for our communities!

Please leave a comment or drop me a message on here/discord if you would like to request a daily/weekly thread for your community!

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Hey all, I will be taking the server down for about 10 to 15 minutes to add a new service which will be needed for the bot. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: Thanks for the patience! Site is up and running again now

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Monyet.cc is temporarily turned off community creation and signup to registration-required due to spam. I know this is a huge move away from the everyone is welcome policy, but i believe this is the best course of action to take in time like this so I took the initiative and nip it in the bud, and the temporary measure will be up until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'll have another post up ~~tomorrow~~ soon and we'll discuss it.

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Hello, @naomi_kho with help from our other tech guy took the initiative and add 2 new alternative UI for our user in monyet.cc!

First we have Alexandrite, a sleek UI made by Sheodox. Build as a desktop-first UI, it still work out fine in mobile.


Alexandrite Github: https://github.com/sheodox/alexandrite

Then we have mlmym, a familiar UI by Rystaf. Mainly for desktop as well, but still works okay for mobile.


mlmym Github:


Have fun ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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Monyet.cc is now v0.18.4! If you encounter any bugs and glitches, do report it at !meta@monyet.cc. Have a nice day!

Original Message: We'll be upgrading monyet.cc from v0.18.2 to v0.18.4 tonight at 11:30pm(GMT +8). Since we skipped v0.18.3, the database update will take some time to complete, so expect the downtime to be around 15 to 30 minute.

Check out the release note here

In the meantime, check out Captain Disillusion's new video!

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We've set up an external channel for this site so you can report issue, talk to mod of different community, request for posting schedule, or make suggestion! Join us in our Discord server here!

In the mean time, you can also use Meta to give us suggestion or ask for help.

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Edit: It's now done.

Original Message: Site will be down for a bit for some maintenance work, mainly for upgrading the resource allocated to the instance.

As for updating to 0.18.3, we'll announce it when we're ready to commit.

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Edit: Restart completed! Happy browsing Nyets

Hi all, we will be doing a quick restart on the monyet.cc instance to refresh the 'hot' sorting. The downtime won't be long :)

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Update: Federation and community creation are now back online!

Hey all, there's a hack floating around which spreads via federated comments and steals users' Lemmy auth tokens. Lemmy.world and other large instances have been hacked, so we're taking some precautions until this is fixed:

  • We're logging everyone out so that auth tokens reset
  • We're closing off federation and community creation until this is patched

FYI, there are no indications that anyone on our instance has been hacked. We did find ten comments with the code injection attack, which we've now scrubbed. But it's very unlikely that this will cause harm at this stage. There are several steps between this and hacking the entire instance. (Also FYI for nontechnical users, the hack affected Lemmy logins and nothing else. Web browsers run all websites in a kind of "jail")

Sorry for the inconvenience โ€“ growing pains. Updates to come as we learn more!

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And we'll be up in no time!

In the mean time, here's a video about AI by CGP Grey

Edit: aaaaaaand it's done! Thank you for your patient!

Guide: Switching to Lemmy (self.announcements)
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This post will store guides for users who are new to Lemmy! (There's no wiki pages yet.)

This is a work in progress: please questions or make suggestions below, and I'll use them to improve the guide over time.

Why use monyet.cc?

  • It's a lot like reddit: Your monyet.cc account gives you access to every other Lemmy community (aka subreddit) across every instance (aka server). There are already over a million posts across the Lemmyverse! Check out !gaming@beehaw.org !maliciouscompliance@lemmy.world, or !memes@lemmy.ml.

  • But created by our community and 100% ad-free: This project is a labor of love, and we don't have to answer to investors. Lemmy is very cheap to host. We believe that love is more sustainable than a company trying to turn communities into dollars!

  • We're building lots of new Malaysian communities: monyet.cc lets us offer an entire "reddit" just for Malaysia. Because you can now curate your subscriptions, we can host all kinds of communities that we couldn't before!

    • Your feed can be 24/7 memes, all politics, no politics, news or no news, in Chinese, Tamil, or Jawi, nothing but !malaysian_dating or cat pics... whatever works best for you!
    • Just subscribe to the communities you like, or block the ones you don't
    • It's still early days, so if you don't see a community you're looking for, do consider creating it!

Getting started

  • Creating an account: It's super easy โ€“ no email account needed! Just click Sign Up.

  • Which app to use: We recommend Memmy if you're on iOS, and Jerboa if you're on Android. There are lots of other choices too!

Improving your experience

  • Local vs All: Lemmy has two main views. Click Local to explore all the Malaysian stuff, and All to explore the Lemmyverse!

  • Discovering new communities: Lemmy has lots of active communities (subreddits) on other instances (servers). Many act just like default reddit subs! See below for a guide on how to subscribe to them.

  • Dark mode: Username - Settings - Themes - darkly

Minor differences vs Reddit

  • Upvotes are tied to your username: Like Twitter, on Lemmy people can see who is upvoting and downvoting posts and comments. (If that feels weird to you, you can use a throwaway!)


  1. Can I create a bunch of communities and just start posting random stuff? Yes please, we'd love that!!

  2. Do we have the CPU / bandwidth for X?: Yes! Lemmy is super lightweight. Please act as if we have infinite bandwidth and CPU.


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