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Thank god... I've finally passed my kidney stone of a project. It's not totally done but all of the hard bits are done. Just writing things up and sending it out now.

Literally lost 3-4kg in stress and missed meals / sleep. But I think we have something that might be worth it. Having a very career defining kind of year.

What'd I miss??

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The N is for nut (monyet.cc)
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This is a long-lived post intended to serve as a general guide and coordination point, for people interested in building communities on monyet.cc! (Context)

We're posting this in order be linked on the sidebar. But very happy to discuss / take input and questions while it's on the frontpage!

Essentials / tl;dr

  • Create away!: You're welcome to build communities of all kinds here (small exceptions below). They don't have to be Malaysia-specific!
  • (Temporary) Please rate limit your posts: Please post at most 3-4 items per day on a single topic. This is a short-term measure; see below for full details.

Purpose and context

  • Our shared goals: Community mods and the admin team have the same goal: we want our communities to sustain and grow!
  • Our roles: The admin team's main role is to create opportunities for users to visit and give us a try. But we need communities' help to convince them to create an account and stick around!
  • Need for coordination: Users will only stick around if the whole experience is compelling: Sticky and unique content, good discussions, a rich default frontage. Achieving this requires coordination between our roles.

Community policies

Disallowed communities

  • Communities for sharing NSFW image content (text content is fine): Policy

Temporary posting limits

  • The problem: The Lemmy frontage algorithm is currently buggy: it is not good at blending content from different communities.
    • If you post multiple things at once, they appear as a solid block on the feed.
    • If you post a lot of content on one topic, this floods the frontage and drowns out our other content.
  • What this means: The above makes the frontage worse for everyone and hurts our site's growth.
    • Your posts will be downvoted: Users hate a frontage full of posts with zero comments + all on a single topic!
  • Temporary measures: Until this is fixed: Please try to limit activity to 3-4 posts per day on a single topic (and space these out across the day if possible).

    • This will be fixed soon: There's active work happening on this. Reddit's algo doesn't do this, so we're confident that this is solvable.
    • We will reach out and remove posts if needed to maintain the diversity of the overall frontage.
  • Sorry: This is definitely not ideal. We want you to be able to post as much as you want too! :(

Growth Protips

  • Keep an eye on metrics: You want users to participate in what you're building. Engagement drives growth, and growth drives more engagement. What kinds of posts receive the most comments and upvotes?
  • Start with fewer rules: In most cases, it's better to create rules as they prove necessary. Having fewer rules encourages more participation! And when you add them, your users will understand why.

Coming soon(tm)

  • Higher-quality metrics
  • Community Discord
  • Process for promoting a community on r/Malaysia
  • Expanded community-building guide
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Context: This is a test of looping the community into our decision-making process via smaller posts on !meta. No promises that this will be a regular thing; this was time-consuming to write up. And likewise do let us know if this feels spammy!

After some bouncing around with the team internally, here is what we've converged on for NSFW communities.

Key considerations

Arguments for

  • Sexuality is a huge part of the human experience, and so we should support this to some extent
  • Reddit proves that it’s possible to host this content without degenerating
  • This might be a kinda fun way of growing the userbase if done right!

Arguments against

  • Unlike reddit, we don't have infrastructure to shield mods and the admin team from dealing with unsavory and traumatising content
    • People will always push boundaries. So if we allow explicit content, there will be people who post CP and other illegal stuff, e.g. leaked, personal, and private
    • Some of this may create reporting obligations: even without legal obligations there are moral obligations
    • This is not the job our team signed up to do
  • If NSFW content starts becoming a big draw this might have unwanted effects on our userbase composition
  • Hosting NSFW content may risk attracting unwanted official attention, especially if we grow.
    • This puts the site and the admin team at risk.
    • Counterpoint: It's possible we're actually safe as we're semi-anonymous and not hosted locally. But we haven't got the spare capacity to work through the legality + exposure risk right now.

Draft decision

NSFW text content: Generally welcome

  • Gives us most of the benefits without most of the risks.
  • (There are erotic novels in every MPH in the city right now!)

NSFW image content: Mature content is fine, sexually explicit content is not

  • Lots of media seem to converge on two separate lines which divide the above (broadcasting, ESRB, YouTube, Pixiv, etc)
  • Basically, thirsty content is welcome, but pornography and explicit content meant to be sexually gratifying is not
  • For specifics, we'll probably refer out to the YouTube policy. It draws very clean and useful lines on this, and is obviously battle-tested. (We might archive a copy of this for easy reference)
  • We can always revisit this choice as we grow, but this only seems likely if (a) Lemmy starts providing safety infrastructure we can lean on, and (b) we get much more clarity on our legal and other exposure

General limits: Don't be a scumbag

  • Regardless of format, if you post CP, leak personal and private content, etc, you're going to get a ban (and possibly other consequences)
  • I don't feel we need to set out a full list of scumbaggery here at this stage. And we hopefully won't have to for some time yet

(Thanks @weecious and @cendawanita for contributing initial thinking on this!)

What happens now: We'll let this sit for a week for public comment, and make updates if needed. And then we'll mark this as finalised and link to it from sitewide policy places.

Additional thoughts welcome if any!

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I've actually been wondering about this for a while. Realised this is a really good place to ask!

So when you're dating someone in Malaysia. How often do you like to check in with your partner? How much is too much or too little?

I'm a pretty independent nyet so once every couple days feels about right for me. And maybe share some funny link if it pops up. Any more and I start feeling this slightly smothering obligation hanging in the air. But I've heard a pretty wide range on what people think is normal / makes them insecure. Like some couples wish each other good morning and good night every single day kinda thing. (But also some couples wear 100% matching outfits when they go out. Pls just let me die instead)

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Update: Federation and community creation are now back online!

Hey all, there's a hack floating around which spreads via federated comments and steals users' Lemmy auth tokens. Lemmy.world and other large instances have been hacked, so we're taking some precautions until this is fixed:

  • We're logging everyone out so that auth tokens reset
  • We're closing off federation and community creation until this is patched

FYI, there are no indications that anyone on our instance has been hacked. We did find ten comments with the code injection attack, which we've now scrubbed. But it's very unlikely that this will cause harm at this stage. There are several steps between this and hacking the entire instance. (Also FYI for nontechnical users, the hack affected Lemmy logins and nothing else. Web browsers run all websites in a kind of "jail")

Sorry for the inconvenience – growing pains. Updates to come as we learn more!

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Hi all, just an update from this post, where we asked for input on site direction and growth. We took these on board, and did some research into what other country instances and forums are doing.

Here's what we propose – input welcome before we start making changes!

1. Theme weeks, aka bootstrapping and promoting communities to r/Malaysia

  • Malaysians have interests which don't get much airtime on r/my and r/mys, such as badminton, cars, dating, football, gaming, property, etc.
  • If we can bootstrap a community for a topic, we can promote that to the main sub and see if this brings users across.
  • This may be as simple as making sure the community has a dozen posts + a few dozen comments before promoting on r/my. So we might try some "theme weeks" to get things rolling!
  • How about !malaysian_dating as a fun and slightly clickbaity first test?

2. !Malaysia channel

  • We noticed that lemmy.ca, aussie.zone, and feddit.uk all have a !Country channel, and this is their largest community
  • We think this is like r/malaysia on reddit: the definitive way for Malaysian nyets on the lemmyverse to get Malaysian content on their feed
  • So we've set up !Malaysia. Perhaps we can treat this like r/Malaysia ~~and start crossposting country-level content there!~~ (Edit: Some complications, we're still figuring out the optimal pattern for this)

3. Upgrades and mobile apps

  • We're hearing a bunch of feedback that Lemmy is hard to get into, especially on mobile.
  • 0.18.1 finally dropped today with a bunch of quality-of-life fixes (it's a week late). ~~So we're taking the site down tonight to upgrade! Should be about 15 mins if nothing goes wrong.~~ Upgrade complete!
  • ~~Once we're up to date, we'll add recommendations for trusted iOS and Android apps to our switching guide!~~ Recommendations added!

4. Improving moderator coordination

  • The admin team's main role with growth is to create opportunities for r/Malaysia users to visit and give us a try. But once they get here, we need communities' help to convince them to create an account and stick around!
  • And this will only happen if the whole experience is compelling: Sticky and unique content, good discussions, an interesting default frontpage.
  • We feel this may need closer coordination with community mods. What works best? Should we start a Discord? Long-lived !meta post? Some other channel?
  • We're also working towards getting you community stats. Subscriber growth charts, comments per post, pageviews, uniques, etc.

Input and ideas of all kinds super welcome. Thanks for joining us on the journey of building this place up!!

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Can anyone remind me what is it that was offensive? Somehow the news article just didn't seem to provide any details.

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Guacamole on toast.

Ahh can feel the health points reentering my body. And surprisingly easy and tasty to slap together (onion, tomato, lime, olive oil). But there go my dreams of home ownership though

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Lunch: Microwaved ez bake chicken thighs, tofu with peanuts, broccoli, rice

So much broccoli. I never seem to get sick of it though, thank goodness

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Very comforting fish and veg with xo sauce lunch

So I've been trying to build a repertoire of super efficient + healthy meals for my WFH hobbit life. Rice and veg was bulk prepped on Sunday and microwaved. Salmon was defrosted from freezer and oven'ed, almost zero minutes active effort. Love to hear peoples' ez meal protips!

Edit: Also is it just me, or after this last round of inflation, do you now totally get why older folks are always like "eating out is a scam" :< ffff

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Crunching hard to catch up on work today. Getting this place up and running put me in deficit. But I'm planning to post an update sticky to the main sub towards the end of the week. So if you have any input, please do put it in the site direction post before about Friday!

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Hey yall please welcome our monyet.cc admins @Naomikho and @Annoyed_Crabby! Naomi is already helping a ton with devops, figured we'd make it official here too! Crabby is Crabby. I hope you all agree he's the right crab for the job.

Also since the plan is to grow this place into an independent sister community, some of the r/my mod team will be stepping away from the admin role for a bit, to help give space to the new team. They may be back in the future though! Thank you @katabana @unhedged @conancat ❤️

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System rebooted after running tests and doing a backup, and yep, that solved both issues! Ahhh the frontpage looks so much better.

That was a tiny bit nerve-racking lol. I'm in tech but don't usually deal with production systems in my line of work.

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Also hmm back on retention –

  • I'm wondering what we can do to keep a candle burning over here when the main sub comes back online. Would love to hear ideas.
  • So far, the best idea I have is that there is content we can offer here which is hard to get on r/my
  • Chinese / Tamil / Jawi language support is definitely one thing. But I'm not sure what else at this stage.
  • Maybe we can point people here for specialised content which we're normally forced to remove, such as job boards, buying and selling, dating, promoting local arts and business...

Hmmmm. Perhaps we should start a discussion post for this meta / strategy stuff somewhere, and put it on the sidebar.

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I know what you mean on the former point. I am concerned about retention too. But I'd say we have achieved a minimum bar of success at this point! If there is a sudden scattering from reddit, we have proven that our community is absolutely capable of setting up shop here. Posters, readers, regulars, everyone.

So we have built the boat! Before reddit there were lots of cosy forums across the internet. In the worst case, we can be one of them. We won't lose the group we've created together.

Re: Direction: I don't have one clear answer yet, but here is my thinking so far:

  • There is very strong evidence that Malaysians want a national forum all to themselves – lowyat.net.
  • I have long felt r/my has limits which prevent it from fully serving in this role. Malaysia has such diverse languages, cultures, religions, activities, everything. It's hard to fit this into a single subreddit (e.g. we can't have Chinese discussion)
  • But while lowyat.net is very impressive, it's run on a structure / codebase / ideas which are 20 years old (phpbb). The community is shaped and limited by this fact, e.g. they can't have deeply threaded discussions.
  • Perhaps this is an opportunity to create a thing which serves a similar role to lowyat, but is much more thoughtful about its impact and role in the Malaysian online ecosystem?
  • The r/my team seems to have figured out how to create a warm and cosy community, that also serves as a force for good.
    • Like mediating racism and controversy instead of steering into it, and signal-boosting stuff that benefits the IRL Malaysian community.
    • E.g. if you do a quick Fermi estimate via our pageview counts, I suspect @a_HerculePoirot_fan@monyet.cc may literally be the most impactful teacher in Malaysia right now, via her SPM support. Consider the effect of slightly better career and university decisions across each student's entire lifespan. (And similarly, u/snel may be the most impactful counselor)

Sorry for the wall of text! This was a good exercise to get some thinking on paper. What do you think as well?

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After reading the Lemmy guide more carefully, I think we have way more users than I thought yesterday:

  • I think the 1.62k users are locally registered users, not federated users! This means we're actually growing steadily by about 20-30 local registrations a day. (Yesterday we were at 1.6k, day before at 1.57k, etc.)
  • The 67 users/week is the number of users who have posted or commented within the last week. There are way more users registered, but they're lurking.
  • This lines up with r/malaysia! Over there we have 360k subscribers and 6.4m views per month, but popular posts generally get 1k upvotes. So a huge proportion of the sub lurks and never even upvotes.
  • This gives me hope that we can build this into something that will survive the long haul. We've built a nice community together on r/my and it'd suck to lose it if reddit declined.
  • Hello lurkers! :)

Oh, tagging @Naomikho@monyet.cc and @Annoyed_Crabby@monyet.cc since we were talking about this yesterday.

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Yep all of the above. We don't have a .my domain name or host and it's cheap to keep running. I'm sponsoring this initial period but if this becomes an ongoing thing we'll probably figure out donations or something, so the community can properly own the server. It's real cheap though, honestly

And who says I'm hosting anything? Psh it's all @admin. He's a good dude. He lives in Svalborgia.

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I am seeing people starting to develop automod scripts. I hope to have one available to use soon!

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