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I've went through a few agents here and there and I notice some projects offer cashback. My understanding is that the cash is totally yours and you can do what you want with it - though it is most definitely smarter to use it to pay off the mortgage or put in something like ASB if you can handle the monthly payments. Or am I totally wrong about this?

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BFM is running a special 4-part biweekly series during their Evening Edition segment of Inside Story called Fix Your Finances.

The 28th June edition is titled Balancing your Budget Sheet. They provided a useful cash flow and net worth calculator sheet in Excel format, downloadable in the OP link (also found on BFM's Instagram profile page).

The special series' website is www.bfm.my/fixyourfinances

Interesting to note that according to this template, EPF account 1 & 2 are both considered to be part of one's net worth. This is a debatable line item as some people prefer for EPF to be a "forget about it" asset until nearer to retirement.

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For context:
Maybank 1-month FD board rate: 2.60%
US 1-month T-bill: 5.247%
SHV 30-day SEC yield: 5.04%

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Hello peeps!

I'm kinda new here but anyways i was looking for some advice on how i might be able to sell roombas vaccum robot? i have like more than 5 which i wanna sell all of them. tried facebook marketing place and mudah but that's taking too long in like 2 weeks only 1 got sold and i have 5 of them left. :/ im tryna find a buyer or wholesaler who can purchase these things on wholesale price.

i need guidance where should i look or who should i contact to see these items!

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I'm eligible for it as a uni student and I finally caved in and installed the TnG eWallet app to credit it. So far I've used it mostly for food. I really like the variety and value of the vouchers TnG gives (both as new user and with redeeming eBelia Rahmah). Also, there's no minimum reload if you use DuitNow and you can easily cash out the money after upgrading the eWallet. These two features were my largest gripes with eWallets when they first emerged in the country.

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