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Being someone that had a brush with CKD, I would blame our diet and more generally our philosophy around food. I wasn't told that it's abnormal to finish every drop of soup/broth (I paid for it afterall??!) in a soupy meal (think ramen, Maggie sup, curry laksa, etc) until upon reflection during treatment. The killer in CKD isn't the sodium (though it certainly doesn't help) but the purines. The tastier and more umami the broth has, the more purine it has. Purines lead to elevated uric acid, which strains the kidney.

Uric acid is also one of those blood test indicators that don't get enough (or any, for that matter) attention. Rummaging thru my old records, I found out that my uric acid exceeded the high point basically since the first blood test I did in living memory (which is about secondary school time). And no doctor ever gave attention to it. Hari hari cholesterol saja nak sembang.

FWIW, I'm a skinny bugger, which makes it even more dangerous because nobody is warning us skinny buggers to "eat less" or "watch what I eat". And I do eat a lot and I eat everything.

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They aren't doing this for the school students.

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Yesterday kutuk why 5G, today stimmix with Hotlink 5G. Though annoyingly it keeps switching between 4G and 5G when I'm sitting still, and office smack on the center of KL.

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Hotlink 5G access pass

Hotlink/Maxis finally has 5G, but at RM5 per month. Whatever happened to 5G being cheaper than 4G or whatever propaganda it was before this? If cheaper, why need extra pass just to access the network...?

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More like sushi-shaped Malaysian treats.

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Bought the following two voter promo items, with findings:

  1. Dominoes buy one regular, buy 1 large at RM1. Caveat was need to buy regular pizza at ala carte price, which is RM35.90. Total is RM36.90. The other issue? 3 hour lead time. Order at 6pm, 9pm baru dapat lol.

  2. Tealive RM6 for selected drinks. No caveat. In fact got loophole. Buy using the app (I used TnG, and pickup), pick large, and can buy multiple. Regretted coz I bought regular, and only thought to check after the fact lol.

Didn't bothered to vote actually today. but gf keep annoying me about it. so first time go voting noon time. Literally no queue. would recommend next time go vote at noon time also instead of long queue in the morning.

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Re: Project Hail Mary, if you'd be willing to give it a second chance, I highly recommend switching to the audiobook version. The voice acting is just superb.

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Purposely went all the way down to Setia Alam to grab the deal. According to the PIC I talked to, apparently myTukar has a massive car paint workshop in USJ for a while now, but there were barely any customers. The price previously was even lower than the current promo price. Apparently the workshop has such a great capacity to do paint jobs, don't even need to set appointment, can just walk in.

Promo deal is valid for 3 months. RM500 deposit. FWIW the undercoat option is an additional RM800 that is to be added-on upon recommendation. Body panel repair is RM150 per panel.

As for the EVx expo... Ok ok la. Don't expect huge halls like KL Convec or MITEC. Parking was RM5. Got food trucks around. As expected the Tesla booth has the largest crowd. Not in a position to be changing cars yet so didn't really go gaga over the cars there. If I was in a more leisurely mood I'd have walked over to the Setia City Mall to jalan jalan.

Would've shared the above news in the transportation comm, but the 'what do we talk about here' thread put up quite a hostile attitude towards car topics, so malas lah nak share situ.

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Maybe a /c/MalaysiansGoneWild over at lemmynsfw.com is good enough.

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As much as I advocate for sensible, non-emotional investing via passive means, it's hard to ignore:

  1. the bear case where after a yield curve inversion, the stock market usually only crashes after the yield curve uninverts. This has yet to happen, which adds to the suspense, as it's currently very inverted.

  2. the bull case where CPI is noticeably heading back towards the Fed's target of 2% (latest report at 3% y/y). The Fed has already said the last Fed meeting decision was a "skip", implying that a hike is still on the cards for future meetings, however the market has been performing very positively over the past 2 months. Related to the bear case, the yield curve will uninvert once the Fed decides to cut rates instead of hiking. On the technical front, on a higher time frame, the monthly MACD had a bullish crossover for all broad-based equities indices. This could still be a FOMO rally, but so was the last 10 years (as the US market's return was primarily driven by higher PE ratios rather than dividend yields or book value, compared to rest of the world where PE ratios are still relatively tame). For all we know, the Fed might pull off this "soft landing" shenanigan.

Well, I lied. If I just ignored the noise, and emotionlessly and periodically added to my investment portfolio come rain or shine, I would've ended up much better. The odds are in my favour if I just stuck to the plan.

Of course, this only comes up when market is up. Even crypto is up after some extremely favourable news yesterday. When the market is down, "oh syukor tak all-in lagi".

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It's a no brainer for cohabitation to happen before even hatching the idea to get married. Aside from surfacing red flags, it can also help convince that the partner is the right one. The couple must experience and resolve a major conflict in a cohabitation environment, otherwise they will forever be beholden to sunk cost fallacy (where one side unwillingly concedes "because already married and don't want to break"). You must understand what you're getting into, and cohabitation is the only way.

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BFM is running a special 4-part biweekly series during their Evening Edition segment of Inside Story called Fix Your Finances.

The 28th June edition is titled Balancing your Budget Sheet. They provided a useful cash flow and net worth calculator sheet in Excel format, downloadable in the OP link (also found on BFM's Instagram profile page).

The special series' website is www.bfm.my/fixyourfinances

Interesting to note that according to this template, EPF account 1 & 2 are both considered to be part of one's net worth. This is a debatable line item as some people prefer for EPF to be a "forget about it" asset until nearer to retirement.

BNM maintains OPR at 3.0%. (www.malaymail.com)
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BNM maintains OPR at 3.0%. Especially notable as this is the first OPR decision with a new BNM Governor.

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What's the impact of me using monyet.cc as my home instance to browse other federated instances? I understand that hosting an instance requires quite a bit of resources, just not sure where that resource is being consumed from (home or destination instance).

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