Guide: Switching to Lemmy (self.announcements)
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This post will store guides for users who are new to Lemmy! (There's no wiki pages yet.)

This is a work in progress: please questions or make suggestions below, and I'll use them to improve the guide over time.

Why use monyet.cc?

  • It's a lot like reddit: Your monyet.cc account gives you access to every other Lemmy community (aka subreddit) across every instance (aka server). There are already over a million posts across the Lemmyverse! Check out !gaming@beehaw.org !maliciouscompliance@lemmy.world, or !memes@lemmy.ml.

  • But created by our community and 100% ad-free: This project is a labor of love, and we don't have to answer to investors. Lemmy is very cheap to host. We believe that love is more sustainable than a company trying to turn communities into dollars!

  • We're building lots of new Malaysian communities: monyet.cc lets us offer an entire "reddit" just for Malaysia. Because you can now curate your subscriptions, we can host all kinds of communities that we couldn't before!

    • Your feed can be 24/7 memes, all politics, no politics, news or no news, in Chinese, Tamil, or Jawi, nothing but !malaysian_dating or cat pics... whatever works best for you!
    • Just subscribe to the communities you like, or block the ones you don't
    • It's still early days, so if you don't see a community you're looking for, do consider creating it!

Getting started

  • Creating an account: It's super easy – no email account needed! Just click Sign Up.

  • Which app to use: We recommend Memmy if you're on iOS, and Jerboa if you're on Android. There are lots of other choices too!

Improving your experience

  • Local vs All: Lemmy has two main views. Click Local to explore all the Malaysian stuff, and All to explore the Lemmyverse!

  • Discovering new communities: Lemmy has lots of active communities (subreddits) on other instances (servers). Many act just like default reddit subs! See below for a guide on how to subscribe to them.

  • Dark mode: Username - Settings - Themes - darkly

Minor differences vs Reddit

  • Upvotes are tied to your username: Like Twitter, on Lemmy people can see who is upvoting and downvoting posts and comments. (If that feels weird to you, you can use a throwaway!)


  1. Can I create a bunch of communities and just start posting random stuff? Yes please, we'd love that!!

  2. Do we have the CPU / bandwidth for X?: Yes! Lemmy is super lightweight. Please act as if we have infinite bandwidth and CPU.

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[-] hyattpotter 3 points 1 year ago

I was wondering if making a glossary for what lemmy terms would look like as reddit terms would help people familiarise abit. Like, I have no clue what people mean when they say instances >.<

[-] IkanCelupTepung 1 points 1 year ago

Instances is actually servers, like monyet.cc. Bigger instances/server is like lemmy.world Why they called it instances instead of just servers? I am not smart enough to answer that.

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