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Back when I was still swiping, I seem to have more younger men swipe on me rather than older or even equal age. Is there a reason why? Boys who knows unker a little, do you think my personality may throw off older men?

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[-] rakyat 5 points 1 year ago

Smart guess: Maybe you look younger than your actual age?

Tak tahu mati punya guess: Maybe you give off sugar mama vibes? 🏃🏻

[-] hyattpotter 1 points 1 year ago
[-] rakyat 1 points 11 months ago

Cries over missing the window of opportunity to get a young-looking sugar mama

[-] hyattpotter 1 points 11 months ago
[-] rakyat 1 points 11 months ago

Im married sis, if I’m single then ill be queuing along with the rest of the dudes 🙈

[-] hyattpotter 1 points 11 months ago

what queue uhuk

[-] yong1996 5 points 1 year ago

Boys who knows unker a little, do you think my personality may throw off older men?

as long as u don't say

spoilerlanjiao lanjiao
so loudly in a public place should be fine

[-] weecious 3 points 1 year ago

I guess cibai is fine

[-] hyattpotter 1 points 1 year ago

is that what threw you off? HAHAHA

[-] imaginelizard 3 points 1 year ago

Well, for one I like someone who is clear about what they want from a relationship and is able to have mature conversation. While not necessarily intentionally looking at age, they tend to be slightly older than me.

There's fewer stigmatization against young men dating older woman these days, perhaps that's why you got more matches with them.

[-] hyattpotter 1 points 1 year ago

I wouldn't call it stigma per se.. it's more a personal thing rather than what other people thinks of it tbh.

[-] Gooching 3 points 1 year ago

I'm superficial as hell. I don't care if you're younger or older. If you look good in my eyes, I'd date you.

[-] hyattpotter 1 points 11 months ago

Do you look good in your eyes?

[-] 25thSkye 3 points 1 year ago

Honestly age doesn’t matter. As long as core values and personalities align, don’t have to be the identical but complementary at least. Also maturity, just because someone is older, doesn’t mean they’re more mature.

Ofc there are limits to youth as well lol. Like I see college/uni girls as literally children and wouldn’t be able to date one myself, but I’ve got colleagues who always creep whenever we have lunch at some food court near colleges.

[-] hyattpotter 1 points 1 year ago

See only mah, not the same as dating one xD

It depends on the experience also I guess. Maturity and wisdom, do they always come hand in hand? Agree with the age ≠ maturity bit though. God knows I know men in their 40s who made me ex look like the most sane guy around, haha.

[-] MarsApe 2 points 1 year ago* (last edited 1 year ago)

Weeee first comment in this forum. UI needs improvement though imo.

As a 36yo man, I prefer younger woman. Mainly due to realistic reason, women have high risk giving birth after certain age even with current medical technology. So, they might not want to have kids at my age or older. Still, it is hard to say. When you found the right person, you might just go for it.

Anyway, I am a (I think you call us) wizard myself. No problem living alone so might end up single forever. haha

[-] hyattpotter 2 points 11 months ago

Oof, you're not the first person who refers to the "wizard" but I hope it didn't come off offensive >.<

That what I thought too, tbh. Surely men want younger women, I mean it's all about pros and cons right realistically speaking, haha.

[-] MarsApe 1 points 11 months ago

No worries, I unker d never follow these kinds of "naming" stuff (and most abbr) so don't really care. Haha. A quick google tells me wizard refers to people who are really good at something. Doesn't sound match the context of relationship to me. lol. I assume it refers to people who lacks people skill? Or prefers spending most time themself.

Anyway, I think some older man with kids probably don't mind anymore as they might be just looking for a soulmate that can get old together. Unless they playboy lar.. xD

[-] hyattpotter 1 points 11 months ago

hor.. how you know so well they playboy unker.. unless... xD

[-] MarsApe 1 points 11 months ago

Dramas and movies always got rich old fag like to find young girl ma. xD

[-] Doge 2 points 1 year ago* (last edited 1 year ago)

During old days, older men woo younger because of looks. Those days women didn't work, only there for household, and family. Nowadays, younger men chase older or same. Older women too have own money. Supply and Demand. Household and family not only thing. COMPANIONSHIP key.

Imho. Younger women not as interesting, two-dimensional, lacking Life experience. A fly that lives for only 1 day.

Mind you. Beware the love scams at any rate 🕵🏼‍♀️

[-] hyattpotter 1 points 11 months ago

aiyo so sad for younger women. I don't think they are two dimensional, rather I think they are very idealistic about how they should be treated. It's very much "I want equality, but in a relationship I am your queen" sorta thing. If you are not their first priority, means you don't love them to the ends of the earth. I mean, yeah somewhat true; I do feel like your relationship shouldn't be the most important thing where you drop everything for them. It's one of your priorities, but not the only one. I think that's the difference between a mature relo and a young one.

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