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I scrolled down just a little before I looked at the picture and I was worried for a few seconds I hadn't yet heard about some new major hell that had broken loose

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I definitely feel that location dependent thing.

Glad you have fun

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Are you normally pent up or generally nervous?

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Oh thank goodness.

As long as the children learn that bullets aren't dangerous, things should be fine.

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I doubt exclusively, but yes.

They're sold in the US.

I know other countries have regulations against toy guns, especially marketed towards children, but I don't have any specific sales numbers for the US.

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Sure wouldn't hurt.

John Wick 4: pool noodles

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So that,'s a bummer.

Fidget spinners I knew about. Fidget guns I did not.

hashtag babies need guns too.

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That's correct

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This insane. I had to check if those were real.

They are.

What the fuck.

That's definitely the how's it going...in fact....

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And the stockades?

Any word on the stockades?

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And that's after he grew his beard:

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Steer clear, aka "stop making so many..."

Back in 2020, they found over 200000 bigoted comments or slanders against Harris alone.

They're ramping up now, of course: "Diversity hire", "escort", "slept her way to the top", doctored images of her and Epstein, etc:


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I haven't met anyone yet who does and I haven't read any good endorsements about foldable phones but I keep seeing advertisement for foldable phones.


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Apparently the Egyptians used to do this.

The mourning period is over after your eyebrows grow back

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Update! Newpipe is working again after an uninstall and reinstall just now!


I've been using newpipe for 3 years and it's never failed completely like this.

It's been a few days now that zero videos work and newpipe hasn't released an update or anything on their blog.

Cleared cache. Uninstalled reinstalled, reset phone, no difference.

Is new pipe still working for other people? I have an uninstalled reinstalled

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TLDR: I loved Borderlands two and I'm going to start a replay with a different character, which i almost never do.

I had fun with Borderlands 1, but was basically pushing through by the end trying not to fall asleep.

B2, on the other hand, I was very engaged in the entire ride through, although it seemed well balanced and the game ended when it should, even including the side quests.

Improvements -

The writing! I think I heard a reference to Anthony Burch writing in Borderlands 2 from hey ass. Whatcha playing episode, and he got some award?

Experience tiers, which I didn't initially like because it wasn't explained, but basically the quests are more important than farming enemies for experience, so you get much more engaged with the stories because you're following quests instead of trying to kill enough boring enemies in the same way to get high enough of a level to destroy future enemies.

In any case, the writing that I did like in Borderlands 1, was perfect in 2. Not too long, always funny, always engaging, every character very well defined, which brings me to my next point:

The voice acting was hilarious and perfect, again, very well defined and idiosyncratic for every character, just so much fun to listen to. Every time handsome Jack pops up. It's fun to listen to him be an a******.

The quests were so much more satisfying. At the end of the first game, I was basically just following marker to marker without caring what anybody said or what was written down just tapping through to the next wavepoint until the quest was finished.

In Borderlands 2, Even if I accidentally clicked through the introduction to the quest, I would go back and make sure to read because I know that the paragraph introducing and explaining the quest is funny and that the quest is going to be rescuing lab experiments and I have to find a particular valve or putting together a treasure map with a weird lure, rather than just find the bigger bad guy punch him to death.

Driving was huge - I was not into driving in Borderlands 1 and got really bored and irritated every time I had to drive. I felt like the aiming system was complete dog s***, and it was just not very fun to drive around in general, like the handling was terrible.

I loved driving around the Borderlands too and was actively bummed out whenever. I didn't get a car, but it made perfect sense and they used the car just enough so that the game wasn't too easy. But you could still boost and race around however you wanted, or chase down a beer van. So much fun driving, such a huge improvement from the first game.

Larger levels with more interesting landscapes in them, each level felt much more unique than the entire The first game to me, like each area had its own style to a degree I hadn't seen before.

I can't remember a single place from the first game, but I'm going to remember the different style of the underground bug. Bunker and the dust and all these other places that had an impact on the personality of the game.

Lastly, art is more efficient, not as many bold lines emphasizing the comic book quality, which is carried through more by the personality of the game instead of by the specific art.

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TLDR: there are no qualifying limitations on presidential immunity

Not only does any US president now have complete immunity from "official" actions(with zero qualifying restrictions or definitions), but if those actions are deemed "unofiicial", no jury is legally allowed to witness the evidence in any way since that would interfere with the now infinitely broad "official" presidential prerogatives.

Furthermore, if an unofficial atrocity is decided on during an official act, like the president during the daily presidential briefing ordering the army to execute the US transexual population, the subsequent ordered executions will be considered legally official presidential acts since the recorded decision occurred during a presidential duty.

There are probably other horrors I haven't considered yet.

Then again, absolute immunity is absolute immunity, so I don't know how much threat recognition matters here.

If the US president can order an action, that action can be legally and officially carried out.

Not constitutionally, since the Constitution specifically holds any elected politician subject to the law, but legally and officially according to the supreme court, who has assumed higher power then the US Constitution to unconstitutionally allege that the US President is absolutely immune from all legal restrictions and consequences.

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I have one from a band called Massie that says "you work hard, I'll be sexy".

Makes me laugh every time.

I also have a t-shirt with a purple teddy bear under a paragraph of text telling a nihilist horror story in broken english about that teddy bear as if he were a real person.

Both winners.


I feel like that game literally changed my life in the 2 hours or whatever it took me to play it.

That game is so beautiful. It made me a better person.

I was absolutely entranced.

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Thanks. it's fine if nobody knows the answer to this or has not seen the movie, it's not a very good movie.

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Thanks. it's fine if nobody knows the answer to this or has not seen the movie, it's not a very good movie.

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I'm having trouble seeing the points and I noticed that they're a dull gray and I believe tinier than they used to be.

Has anyone else having trouble reading the points in the smaller new font or is it update panic mode and I'm not acclimatized yet?

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