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I tatau since I only pakai Petronas for the cashback. Anyway anyone rajin to tolong beli for Chris Pirillo? He's asking: https://mastodon.social/@ChrisPirillo/111188913424445478

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More Singaporean side but I think the general findings applicable here. Got it from @penangkia@monyet.cc fedi post! https://hachyderm.io/@liztai/111028272906205950

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So here's a thing.

Organised by the International Society for BTS Studies (ISBS) and Universiti Malaya (UM), the upcoming fourth edition conference in 2023 to be hosted by Malaysia is scheduled to be held for the first time in Southeast Asia from 16-17 Aug.

In an interview with Bernama recently, UM's Department of East Asian Studies of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Associate Professor Dr Jimmyn Parc said as this year marks the 40th anniversary of South Korea's inclusion in the Look East Policy (LEP), the conference is dubbed as a vital component of the "New LEP".

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Six months have since passed and the patient is now living a healthy life. The transplant has thus been hailed as a resounding success.

To learn more about the operation, FMT Lifestyle spoke to three representatives from the medical team behind it. These were Dr Lim Soo Kun, a nephrologist and UMMC’s renal division head; Dr Shanggar Kuppusamy, a urologist; and Dr Raja Iskandar Shah Raja Azwa, an infectious disease expert.

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Idk why suddenly our skyline is a source of inspo. As I was about to post this, I got hit by this advertorial lol: https://tudungpeople.com/pages/pertubuhan-akitek-malaysia-pam?ad_id=23857298704890425&campaign_id=23857298592610425#collection

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Yes, as a boring person this is what's catching my interest on merdeka day. Open access too.


The abrupt separation of Singapore and Malaysia in 1965 set these two states on separate political trajectories, but the economic ties proved more difficult to untangle. This article explores the nine years of transition required to complete the separation of the monetary systems of the two territories based on new archival evidence. It argues that, while socio-political hostility raged between the two partners, common economic interests prolonged an intimate monetary relationship that extended the interdependence of the two states for many years beyond their formal separation.

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Has anyone tried this btw?

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From article:

Following a police report issued by a Selangor based contractor named Haizal bin Hanif last week, Sarawak Report has been passed an extensive dossier containing what appears to be significant new evidence relating to a scandal that broke in July 2019 over alleged multi-million ringgit kickbacks paid in return for a major ‘direct nego’ development project, supposedly in a joint venture with the state government.

The courts have concluded the so-called Salak Tinggi housing project, involving 100 acres and projected to be worth RM600 million, was a fraudulent scheme that had not in fact been authorised by the state government as believed by the developer.

However, the evidence, if true, indicates that many senior political figures, including the former MB Azmin Ali, were seeking to push through the project from as early as 2016 in return for purported political donations.

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(since article have no details provided, I slot under news je la)

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In general expenditure for space exploration (or big ticket stuff) is usually a red herring in conversations about poverty eradication. In part because there's the 1:1 fallacy in administration (tau tau a significant part is state authorities and their taxation revenue) but also in terms of dividends down the line. For sure you can critique the priorities on a matter of principle but it's not like USA was evenly and uniformly rich during their space race years (racial segregation pun was still ongoing apatah lagi how native Americans were actively experiencing cultural genocide).

What is interesting is the long-term impact to their ICT and technical R&D industries. Like it or not, one of their demographical time bomb was having a highly educated middle class and coming with no real pathway to a career outside the service sector and/or migration. Will this be enough of a pull factor? NASA is still operating in Florida because equatorial advantage despite the politics being so shit; many expats would still continue to work in China if they weren't being discouraged to do so. Speaking of China, having manufacturing hubs like Shenzen arguably contributed to improved economic conditions and India has an even younger and dynamic population who may take all the science and engineering they're learning formally and informally and do something. The fact that a lot of space-oriented tech has come back to earth such as it is, and entered civilian life in good ways can't be overstated (titanium and lighter metals = better designed tools and prosthesis for the old and the disabled; better water filtration; carbon dioxide filtration), so imagine what can happen if much of this can be done on a global south economic budget.

In any case, if I want to be genuinely concerned I would think about the fueling needs of such a sector and the fact that both India and Pakistan are nuclear-owning countries 😌 but I remain always hopeful whenever any genie is out of the bottle when it comes to common folk having the access to improve themselves and change the overall condition.

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thanks for your feedback, considering all the context cues that this was a piece of malaysian article written by malaysians for malaysians posted on a malaysia instance, maybe cool it with accusing their (heavily edited) submission as being written by AI. or maybe just don't say anything at all.

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Former Malaysian PM Says Ungrateful Jews Reenacting Nazi Crimes in Palestine

Tbf I've seen Israelis and diaporic Jews bringing up the same exact point--

Responding to questions from the Jewish Chronicle, Mahathir Mohamad questioned the number of Jews who died during the Holocaust and claimed that Jews control much of the Western world

---record scratch nvm carry on, did not pass the vibe check -- antisemite in the house

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I can't believe my favourite fountain pen shop (in SS2) is more on the ball than our journos and news portal. They now have a fedi account: @pengallery@penfount.social

Hahahahahhaha imagine being in a job that's supposed to be on the pulse of society and you're slower than a shop selling a pretty old-fashioned tool.

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(that said, despite my issues with the series, for a lot of reasons, it's probably the best adaptation of a Pratchett story because on the other hand his characters don't seem to survive transition to visual media, e.g. the Discworld shows)

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The first season is based entirely on the book that's cowritten with Terry Pratchett. How you feel about the second season that'll be entirely from him and despite early assurances there won't be more, depends on how you think he is as a writer. I think he's matured, but certainly the book was a favourite that counted him as a writer because he had Pratchett to humanize and bring down the stakes to what I consider to be his storytelling tics to be clever and a bit grand.

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For me, the legal and modding burden is the main point of consideration - not only for the team here, but also let's face it, we live in a society with norms that's not at all pro-victim and laws that's not really practiced to protect spicy speech, without even thinking about the immorality of it.

I do agree if we proceed, to remove image embeds as a start.

That's all thinking of NSFW specifically in pornographic (and not at all the same but functionally in our society is, also non-heterosexual) material.

But what about NSFW in sharing typical slice of life consensual stuff (this will never include child pornography or bestiality)? I think this is where mod discretion guidance needs to be hashed out a bit more.

What about NSFW in terms of art? Typical edge case would be discussing a docu on a human trafficking ring vs starting a thread in the anime sub about a lolicon show. Once we can articulate the distinction, I think that's a good start.

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Those are good questions to have. Real talk though: I don't think you're actually into him. You're just used to him. That's... Not something to have a relationship over. Ok, maybe not being into his looks is shallow, but like, put the shoe on the other foot: you want someone simply layan you because you're there even tho physically you don't excite his senses? :/ Gotta be fair to him also, and to you. And your pattern of communications feel like a mismatch because tbh ok, sure, different habits, but you're not really into each other. That's why you both coming at this so berkira.

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At this point I've sworn off dating apps because guys want to be funny, and I love (LOVE) funny men... But I'm funnier.

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i did a post on my fedi microblog promoting this instance. if you have a fediverse account also, sila2 boost so more Malaysians/SEAsians know :)

LMAO eta: https://mefi.social/@cendawanita/110654304638688346

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I only ever kept this one hahhahaha

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BTW, come contribute to this regional SEA magazine that i set up on kbin.social: https://kbin.social/m/magASEAN

And just in case not aware, kbin has a microblog section because they basically slurp content from the fediverse microblogs. If you click on the kbin logo on the left, you can see this nav tab like in the screengrab. The mag tracks posts that put MakanApaToday and TootSEA up top so if you want to also add food and other Fedi posts pls do!

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