[-] femtech@midwest.social 38 points 19 hours ago

100% felt the same way as you. Now my sister and l are going to volunteer.

[-] femtech@midwest.social 2 points 23 hours ago

I don't think anyone that will vote for trump will turn but I do think that there are people that won't vote that can be convinced to vote.

[-] femtech@midwest.social 6 points 1 day ago

Mine is either connected to a USBC dock at home or the office. I have only used it without when at a hotel.

[-] femtech@midwest.social 39 points 2 days ago

Might be time to hardwire my doorbell camera.

[-] femtech@midwest.social 1 points 2 days ago

Odd that it said Nazis and you said right wringer. I'm glad you see they are the same though.

[-] femtech@midwest.social 3 points 5 days ago

Hell I'm trans and I was worried as I never had sex with another penis till I started dating another trans woman. I wasn't great at it and actually love it after I had my surgery.

[-] femtech@midwest.social 6 points 6 days ago

They would be a trans man fyi.

[-] femtech@midwest.social 19 points 1 week ago

They think it's an insult as they use trans as one.

[-] femtech@midwest.social 101 points 3 weeks ago

Ahhh more "health" quacks, I wonder if they also believe the COVID vaccines have 5g chips in them.

The town felt the residents would be 'unsafe' due to radio frequencies and rejected the company's notion of building the tower on the land.

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Kavita is a fast, feature rich, cross platform reading server. Built with the goal of being a full solution for all your reading needs. Setup your own server and share your reading collection with your friends and family.

I do agree, if it's not in its own community a short explanation of what it is would be great.

[-] femtech@midwest.social 20 points 4 months ago

Wow, it's trans rights is at fault for the Republicans running into the arms of fascism instead of helping people?

[-] femtech@midwest.social 39 points 4 months ago

Ahh, the whole i used to not be a bigot until a minority was mean to me take. Such an immature thought.

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