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Hey everyone,

I'm just gonna be straight with all of you.

While I've been trying to keep the weekly release schedule as regular as possible, doing this while working a busy job and keeping family affairs sorted out has had its wear on me and I am really starting to feel the burn out approaching. The semi turbulent nature of the last arc's chapter releases, as well as a few crazy errors (like that stretch of chapters where I kept switching tenses for no reason) are a result of that, and before it gets out of hand I start losing the passion I have for this series I think I need a period of time where I just need to take a step back and clear my head.

To that effect, Hedge Knight is going to be on a month long break starting tomorrow. The Patreon will be paused during this time and in full transparency I will probably be doing nothing for like a week after that break starts. The weeks following, however, I will be doing some rethinking on how I want to approach Hedge Knight's trajectory. The plot and story I want to tell will remain untouched, but things like release schedule, taking time to edit my many mistakes, audiobook recording, rewriting some of the early arcs to match the quality of the later ones, and expanding the story's reach will be focused on. I was going to release part of the next arc to the public, but after some thinking I think its more fair to take this break with Arc 4 complete and them coming back with a new arc rather than dangling a thread in front of you all.

While I am eternally grateful for the amount of people that like the story already, I would like a shot at making this story my full time passion. Not only so I can get it out faster, but also be able to enhance it with things like commissioning artwork of the characters and certain scenes, among other things. The audiobook, especially, needs to actually be worked on, and I need to figure out how I'm going to do that and catch up to the current chapters while making sure the plot is actively moving.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can expand this story's reach, please let me know. I'm well aware my style isn't meta friendly, but I would like some tips on how to adjust a few things to get more eyes on the project while keeping this story true to itself, because honestly when it comes to advertising and getting the word out I am a complete novice. However, there is enough written in the story now that I feel comfortable with trying to draw more eyes on it, and any pointers on how to do that would be greatly appreciated.

Though the story is not getting an update for a month, I will still be responding to comments as they come in, so please, give me feedback on anything you can think of. It can be concerning anything from the story itself to what I was mentioning above. There is a lot I can learn in many aspects and I'd like to hear what you all think.

I will see you all around! Hedge Knight will be back soon, I promise.

Soul of a human 37 (old.reddit.com)
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Royal Road_wiki

I´m finally able to write a bit ahead, reworking 22 chapters did a number on me.

After Orth had spoken his question, Amber ruffled his hair and said.

"I go ask. You need to rest up. Healers orders."

But now sleep was something that would not come to Orth anymore. He had first nodded off because of the exhaustion, and therefore, it was pleasantly dreamless, but now his memory showed him pictures of that bloody, crunched body again.

At Orth's fidgeting, Mor also awoke, looking around a bit confused.

"Did we fall asleep?" He asked, and Orth nodded.

°Yes. Exhaustion and shock got the better of you.° The human added.

"Amber is going to ask about the girls," Orth said, and Mor sat up a bit straighter.

"Aren't they here?" He asked, looking around.

"I don't know. I hope they are safe." Orth answered.

While the boys were getting more nervous by the second, Amber walked right to the headmaster and demanded to know where the two students were. The headmaster almost wanted to shout at her, but he thought better of it. Instead, he sent her to the teacher, who was keeping track and trying to regain a semblance of order in the huddle of students.

"Miss Amber, what can I do for you? I'm very busy right now, getting a sense of who's where." He greeted her.

"I need the status of two students, one Saphine and one Clare," she said calmly but sternly.

The teacher sighed.

"Just a moment, I need to look over my lists. Do you have the family names and years of those students?" He asked, and Amber shook her head.

"I don't. But they are probably first-year girls." She answered.

"That, at least, limits it a bit." He mumbled, looking through his lists.

"Let's see. We still have twenty-five first years missing, so let's look there first," he continued.

While the teacher was looking, the headmaster came closer, wanting to ask Amber about the hurt students.

"Miss Amber, how are we on injuries?" He asked her.

"Everyone here is through the worst. We only healed the most serious wounds for now to save our energy for emergencies. We will still get to every student, but it will take a while. Two of my adepts are seeing to that right now. They are in a rotation of healing and regaining energy." She reported, and the headmaster nodded.

"So, no losses here?" He wanted to confirm.

"Yes. We could get to everyone in time. Now it's only nonfatal injuries." Amber confirmed.

"Found them!" The teacher said suddenly.

"Miss Saphine Sapphire and Clare Celestyne! They are... still missing..." He added and flinched as the headmaster rounded on him.

"HOW ARE THEY STILL MISSING? HOW MANY ARE?" The headmaster shouted.

"Were they missing twenty-five? Of the first years, a hundred overall?" the teacher mumbled, cowed.

"But. We already have three teachers on that, who are tasked with getting the students out of the collapsed tower," he added defensively.

"How long are those gone?" The headmaster asked, skeptical.

"Just about half an hour now! They are a bit late, but if the teleport runes are destroyed, it might take longer than expected." The teacher explained, and the headmaster took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

"Who did you send?" He asked in a forced calm.

"We sent... Ah here!... Miss Amenist, Mister Pietersiten, and Mister Kunzy. All of them solid mages." The teacher answered, and Amber nodded.

"I know Pietersiten. He has a good talent for healing magic. Good choice." She agreed, but the headmaster looked over where the two boys sat when the last name was mentioned.

He didn't look at them but at the two figures next to them and cursed.

"How are you such a pencil pusher?! You know we have a hysterical Miss Kunzy sitting over there, and you never! Not even once! Thought that this might have something to do with her soul-partner?" The headmaster really wanted to scream and punch this administrative idiot.

The teacher looked confused and said, "I don't understand," but Amber caught up much faster.

"Hysterical, and her soul-partner is overdue?" She asked.

"Seems like it?" the teacher answered, and instantly, the headmaster and Amber were rounding on him.

"HOW DID YOU NOT CONNECT THIS?!" They shouted at the teacher, who only wanted to escape this situation.

The headmaster let out a pained sigh, draining his aggression away.

"We need to assume that all three teachers are dead. Whatever destroyed the tower may still be up there threatening the cut-off students. Get our most combat-capable teachers together. We need to get up there!" the headmaster ordered, and finally, the administrative teacher reacted.

Quickly, a team of mages was assembled, including the headmaster himself and an adept of Amber's retinue.

"We have some missing students, and some may be alive. In addition, whatever is responsible for this atrocity may still be in that tower. We will go up there and get everyone out, but remember, we probably can't teleport back out. Keep alert. We don't know what destroyed the tower. It might be a monstrosity. That means we will go in as four teams with two members each." The headmaster ordered.

"Now for team composition, Miss Amtis will go with me. Miss Prehn and Miss Spinel, you are a team. Miss Sugilty and Mister Malachy, you will build the next. And finally, you are the final team, Mister Magnesitor and Miss Hematon. Priority is getting everyone out! Destroying whatever is rampaging is secondary. And stay safe!" He continued to a gaggle of nodding teachers.

With a bunch of "pops", the eight of them were gone, reappearing with a "whump" back on the top of the destroyed tower.

"Fan out, find everyone you can." The headmaster ordered, and all of them scattered.


Clare was breathing heavily, her energy was almost drained, and the headaches were brutal. Still, she couldn't give up now! Saphine depended on her healing power. Clare's desperate attempts were suddenly interrupted by a voice calling out.

"I found some! Are you alright?" It called.

Clare looked up, tears in her eyes, finally noticing the woman looking over the broken edge of the staircase. Clare wanted to stay calm and answer, but her emotions got the better of her, and a crying voice answered.

"Saphine... I'm not powerful enough." Clare howled.

Miss Sugilty recognized the precarious situation.

"Mal, get over here and help me!" She called back.

She dropped down to the two girls, and the other teacher was close on her heels.

"We need to get the stones away," Malachy said, and without waiting, he turned them all to dust.

"Couldn't you wait with that?! What if this destabilized the staircase?" Sugilty chided the other teacher, who just shrugged.

"It couldn't. I controlled first. I'm not stupid," he countered, and Sugilty let out an exasperated sigh.

"And you didn't tell us?" She started but then waved it off, instead concentrating on Saphines injuries.

"We need to get her stable and then out of here. This is something only the adepts can cure." She said, letting her magic flow to at least stabilize the most grievous injuries. Malachy kneeled next to Clare and laid his arm around her.

"Good job. You saved her." He said soothingly, but Clare just threw herself against his body, crying.

"I got her!" Sugilty shouted. But we need to be quick now! I don't know how long my treatment will last."

Malachy nodded, got up, carefully picked up the hurt Saphine, and with a gigantic leap, he was gone.

"I really wish he would communicate a bit more." Sugilty sighed but embraced the stunned Clare and flew after her colleague.


There was a commotion in the gathering hall as all available healing adepts rushed to the entrance, and Mor and Orth got up to take a look. They finally reached the building entrance and the cluster of nosy students. There, they found a sidelined Clare.

"Clare!" both boys shouted, and she raised her head, tearing up and charging them. Orth got hit by her almost tackle, being the one further forward and, therefore, the first target. The force of Clare's impact threw them down to the floor. Mor just got on his knees to get down to them. After a few short moments, Mor got a hug himself.

"Clare! What's happened? Where's Saphine?" Orth asked, and Clare started to sob again.

"The adepts... I tried... But I couldn't." She sobbed, and both boys looked in concern at the wall of bodies.

"Calm down. Now that she's with the adepts, she will make it. Saphine is more tenacious than you think." Orth tried to calm Clare while she continued to cling to him.

"I go ask!" Mor decided and tried to force his way through the mass but couldn't make headway.

°Calm down. She will be fine. Remember, she isn't that malnourished girl anymore, even if they don't see that. Her body has now reserves,° the human said calmingly.

°But I need to know!° Mor complained.

°She's alive, or the adepts would have already stopped treatment. And that would be pretty obvious. Let them work, and calm down. Saphine will need support from all three of you.° The human chided, and finally, Mor nodded and returned to his friends in defeat.

Worlds apart (old.reddit.com)
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Whilst I was listening to seperate ways by journey, the idea for this story popped into my head. Followed by wishing I could stick to one story before popping to another. Pacing may be weird, as might the wording. It was written in several late night stints fueled by a refusal to sleep and pure loneliness :’( Might be corny, might be cute. Im past the point of being able to tell


Commander Zyla J’Tharos sat in her quarters, staring at the digital display’s clock. She waited, with an anticipatory energy building up over the course of the past half hour. Her whiskers twitched, ears titled, and her tail flicked back and forth. Quietly in the background, an old terran song was being played on repeat. It was from a playlist by the man she was waiting for a call from.

“Listen to these when you miss me, especially Separate Ways. Its a good song. You’ll like it.”

She did like it. Even if, when it concluded, it only made her miss him more. She glanced once more at the digital clock. 22:34. 16 more minutes until Alexanders shift would be concluded on The Spirit of Resilience and he would be able to call her.

The ship had recently returned to live communications range. They had regularly sent messages and she wanted to speak with him. His job was incredibly dangerous and taxing, even if he refused to admit it. A Sergeant Major of the Orion Coalition Naval Marine Corps. Boarding actions, counter boarding actions, and first wave planetary landings all had an uncomfortably high casualty rate, and just so happened to be the job of the man she loved.

Zyla would like nothing more than to pull some strings and have him stationed in core sectors, away from the pirates and border skirmishes with unfriendly neighbors. But no matter how hard she tried to convince him, he always refused.

“It’s not fair to those who aren’t deployed in the core systems. Besides, why should I get special treatment? When there are good men who lost more than me and will gladly do so again!”

Apparently, the justifications of “you already lost an arm, I don’t want to lose more of you” and “because I love you” were not convincing enough, though the latter did cause him to deflate slightly, as she got as close as she ever got to convincing him.

Besides her, the speakers playing the song continued. The song had once again restarted with its synth intro and instruments played quietly

“Here we stand, worlds apart hearts broken in two, two, two”

She began to hum along to the music, well familiarized with its tune and lyrics.

“Sleepless nights, losing ground in reaching for you, you, you”

As the song continued for yet another time, she had lost count by this point, she looked around the room. Besides her, the shelves of her and Alex’s various awards, photos, and souvenirs. To her, the memories they made together were more important than any medal or award she earned.

She inspected each photo, a warm tight feeling enveloping her chest. There was a photo from when they first met, during the christening ceremonial dinner of The Spirit of Resilience. At that point she was but an Ensign and he a corporal.

Him and another marine, a centaurian named Niktus, had cleared an empty table for an ‘arm wrestling’ match right besides her and the other bridge officers, and he asked her to count them in. Bewildered and amused, she obliged.

There was much shit talking that day, as respective groups gathered around whoever they thought would win. To her, one of the greatest decisions she ever made was to call Alexander weak.

“You sure you're a marine? Thought earth was supposed to be a high grav deathworld. Thought you’d be stronger… I'm unimpressed…”

His companions hissed and ooh’d at the remark, but in short order it was disproven as the centaurians’ hand was violently slammed to the table with a loud crash. Niktus clenched his hand in pain as the supporters of Alexander cheered. He leaned over to Zyla, correcting her prior statement before shaking Niktus’ non slammed hand

“I'm not an earth born human, from the Gravitas Alta colony.”

Zyla smiled at the memory, one which had paved a road to many more. Heading to the gym with the marines, going on some unscheduled EVAs, getting teased by her peers as they quickly caught onto the fact her and Alex were getting close, to helping him when he lost his left arm, and consoling him when his team suffered casualties, along with him doing the same for her. All those memories, she cherished greatly.

Zyla waited for the video call as time trundled along painfully slow. A flurry of emotions swirling around her head, excitement, anxiety, longing. She had been sitting now for 49 minutes, waiting for when the screen would give her the long anticipated notification. Time seemed to slow to a crawl, defying its own definition just to prolong their separation.

“Sgt.Maj. Alexander Hartmann, video calling: Com. Zyla J’Tharos”

As soon as the notification popped up, she accepted the call. She had waited for almost an hour, and as she saw on the screen, the face of Alexander. His stubbled face, green eyes, light brown hair and tanned skin, she felt a good portion of her anxiety disappear, melting away into inconsequential nothingness.

“Alex! You have no idea how long Ive been waiting for a live video call!” She exclaimed, scooting slightly closer to the monitor, her whiskers twitching up slightly and she smiled

“Knowing you? Probably an hour. Good to see you too Zie” he replied, Zyla seeing his posture loosen. “How have you been? You liking the playlist? I can hear ‘Separate ways’ in the background”

“Me? Oh. Fine. Nothing new since my position change. Dad’s still nitpicking my choice of partner like usual, paperwork is boring as ever.” She responded, rolling her hands around to add emphasis to certain words. “And yes. Ive been sitting an hour in advance and listening to it the entire time” she continued, rotating her chair around 720° before gesturing back to the screen

“less about me, how are you? Are the guys alright? Haven’t lost any more limbs right?”

“Ehhhh few bullet wounds here and there. Mike’s leg got decompressed mid EVA so he and some others are getting dropped off to the rehab facility by our dock.” He responded, a mixture of emotions audible in his voice. Zyla knew Alex and Mike weren’t the greatest of friends, but he always cared for his team. Jackass or not.

“Lucky guy doesn’t have to wait out the trip back home, he’s going to Cryo. Won’t take more than a week or two” He continued, taking a more humorous tone.

“Lucky him indeed. Now.. How many of those bullet wounds belong to you?” Zyla inquired, both as a joke and a serious question. The face Alexander made in response answered her plenty. There were quite a few. But his response astounded her.

“..12” he mumbled like a kid getting caught with a game after bed.

“Alex…” she said, conviction growing in her voice “Please. Let me get your posting changed. I'm owed a lot of favors in naval HQ, I- I could get everyone transferred. You know how much I miss you, how much I worry for you, please”

She looked at Alex as he lowered his head, running his hand through his hair. She knew he did not enjoy these conversations. She knew he was conflicted, his love or his duty. It's part of the reason she loved him so much, his sheer loyalty. His kindness, his sense of right and wrong. She just wished it would falter enough, just this once, to let her bend the rules.

“I- I can’t Zie..” he responded, a slight stutter to his voice. “Did you read the latest report fully or just the timeline?”

“The timeline. Once I learned you were okay, I did not feel the need to continue..”

She knew the general events that took place. A pirate vessel got within intercept range of The Spirit of Resilience, and they took chase. The pirates attempted to board, failed, and the marine complement boarded them in return. The pirates were dispatched and captives were recovered, transferred to friendly ships, and sent home.

She watched as he took a breath, righting himself, preparing himself for the words to come.

“I took 12 rounds and saved a family. Several. I know everyone in that position would as well, but I survived. I always have. I'm stubborn, hard to kill. I.. helped.”

Zyla looked at the screen as Alex averted his gaze, the corners of his eyes glinting with some tears. She knew he had a rough childhood due to pirates, so the situation must be incredibly hard on him. But he wasn’t invincible, any one of those 12 rounds could’ve killed him.

Her shoulders sagged, and her ears drooped as she spoke in a near whisper “You’re not Invincible Alex, please. I don’t want to lose you.”

He sighed deeply, shaking his head. “Zie, I know you worry. But I can’t abandon my team. They need me out here.”

“But I need you too,” she whispered, her voice cracking. “I can’t lose you, Alex.”

For a few moments, they avoided each other's gaze, but eventually their eyes locked. Zyla saw the emotions force their way into Alex’s face. His love, frustrations, fears, and anxieties. He was just as worried as her, but he couldn’t let someone else bear his portion of weight. That's who she loved.

Slowly, and with shaky fingers, Zyla reached out and laid her hand on the screen. The eye contact continued as Alex repeated the gesture. Untold lightyears far, so many worlds apart, and she could almost feel his hand.

She watched as he took a breath, anticipating a flourish of words, only for it to ...

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I'm using lemmy-js-client for app development. I want to render comments in the nested form (like normal people do).

The problem is, the lemmy backend spits out comment lists in a fashion that is unfriendly for nested rendering. Why? It outputs comments whose paths are like follows (for example):


Let's say the limit that I've set here is 10. Many a times, the parent comments of the comments in the page are out of the page.

For example, let's say I asked lemmy for comments for a given post. It gives me an output like above. There are many children comments here on page 1 (like, and so on). Their parent (0.1.2) is NOT on this page. It is on the page that follows.

Hence, I would need to do client side bs to get the correct parent comments.

What is your approach for doing the above?

This is what I have settled for now unfortunately. I fetch all the comments under a post and then convert them in my nested form. This means, that my app doesn't paginate. This thus results in really slow loading times for posts with more comments. The more comments a post has, the slower they will load. This sucks.

I tried other ways, mind you. While implementing pagination, I simply removed orphan comments when on a given page. If the user decided to go to page 2 (simply by scrolling), suddenly, these orphan comments would not be orphans anymore due to them finding their parent comments. This in turn, fucked with my ui completely (which was obvious), thus making the list randomly scroll like crazy. This was a really shitty experience for the user.

Sooooo what have you guys done? How have you handled the situation?

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Foots (hexbear.net)
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Hell world (hexbear.net)
Scattered Boo-urns (lemmy.world)
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Artist: Justin Currie | deviantart | danbooru

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Today You, Tomorrow Me. (old.reddit.com)
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This is a [LF Friends, Will travel] stand-alone story, that assumes no knowledge of the setting.


[First] - [Prev] - [Next]

Kevin didn’t know it yet, but he was about to save the lives of twenty thousand people. He didn’t wake up that morning expecting to do such a thing, nothing more exciting planned in his day than picking up a burrito from a local food truck. Kevin would never know the impacts of his actions, he would never meet the people he saved. There would be no songs written about him or stories told of his greatness, and he wouldn’t even really remember what he did.

Every storm starts with the flap of a butterfly’s wings, every tidal wave emerging from a ripple, and every moment of empathy in the universe starts with a single act of kindness.

Date: 51 PST (Post Stasis Time).

Teresa was not having a good day.

Rain poured down from the heavens as she tried her best to get the vehicle running again, the torrent of water soaking her tiny body as she shivered against the harsh storm raging around her. Hooves, talons and every variety of shoe found in the galaxy thudded around the tiny Kalku, as she tried her best to start the vehicle up once again; puddles kicked up by the foot traffic splashing against Teresa’s tiny 6-inch body, leaving her normally sleek black and white striped fur heavy and sodden.

Tiny grasping hands pulled at various pieces of machinery, a little pointed snout with 6 small whiskers covered in grease as she tried to work out what exactly was wrong with her method of transport, using the propped open hood to try and avoid the worst of the storm. From Teresa’s position, she could see through the glass window to her five small children still sat inside her now broken transport, restlessly fidgeting and fighting with each other as they stayed safe inside the container while the marsupial outside tried her best to try and restart her vehicle.

In a world where the average species is over 5 feet tall, travelling anywhere as a Kalku with a height of perhaps six inches was a dangerous and harrowing experience; the masses of thundering feet and the great distances between locations made even crossing the street a deadly event. That was why most people of such a size travelled in highly armoured transport vehicles, able to withstand an accidental kick or stomp from practically anything the universe had to offer. This worked relatively well with such individuals…

Until the vehicle broke down in the middle of the street, leaving them stranded.

Teresa slumped over in desperation as the foot traffic continued around her, the vehicle refusing to start no matter what she did with it, both a useless hunk of metal and the only safety she had against the rain and getting trampled underfoot. It was supposed to have been a simple day out with her children, visiting the extensive shopping centres the City of New Angelos had to offer. Now she was stuck with nowhere to go, only a dangerous journey through the crowds of people. There was nobody to call on this planet, nobody who could help, the Kalku were hardly common outside of their home systems.

“Hey, you alright down there?”

Teresa glanced up at the mountain of primate that suddenly towered over her, a full 6 foot tall bipedal figure dressed in a brown leather jacket. They carried both a concerned look on their face and a bag full of burritos from a local food stand. It took her a few moments to remember what they were: A Terran, a giant apex predator that sent a small long forgotten part of Teresa’s tiny marsupial brain into an instinctive worry and fear, being pushed away by her more rational sapient thoughts.

“It’s my transport. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, if you know someone who could help, it’s too dangerous for my kids to walk…”

There was a moment as the Terran seemed to look inside the vehicle at the five little tiny Kalku pups, all of whom had stopped fidgeting and were now staring up at the giant now looming over them. The primate gave a large smile, giving a small wave at the children inside the vehicle before turning to stare directly at their mother.

“Well, I don’t know anyone in particular, but my car’s parked not too far from here. I can give you a lift to the embassy sector, someone there will totally know what to do.”

“If you could, that would be a lifesaver.”

The Terran needed no more prompting to spring into action, Teresa jumping back into her vehicle as the giant primate picked the entire thing up in one go, as if something containing her entire family was nothing more than a children’s toy. They were lifted high into the air, or at least high from the Kalku’s perspective, as the children inside giggled and shouted at this sudden new view, faces pressed against the glass.

Then, they were off. What would have been an hour of dangerous travel for Teresa, dodging the crowds of thundering giants, was completed in less than ten minutes, the Terran pushing through the streets while holding their entire vehicle like it was nothing: A torturous trek through a storm for a Kalku was a mere stroll through a slight covering of rain on a gloomy day for the ‘normal’ sized primate. 

It wasn’t long before the giant primate’s vehicle was in sight, Teresa’s broken form of transport placed entirely in the backseat. The Terran seemed to rummage around in the back for a moment, before handing her a giant towel to dry herself off with. She gratefully took it as the inferior of the car steamed up slightly, the 7 people taking refuge from the cold and rain outside.

“Thank you so much! I’m Teresa by the way.”

“I’m Kevin, and it’s no problem at all! Do you all want something to eat? I got an extra Burrito you can totally have, they always give me too much food!”

The cheers from the little tiny pups was all Kevin needed to hear as he placed the extra food in front of them, the 5 children needing no encouragement to dig into a burrito literally larger than they were. Teresa fished around inside her belongings before pulling out a credit chip.

“Let me pay you for the ride and food. I don’t have much, but I can give you something for this.”

The Terran just shook his head, holding out a hand to reject the offer as the car started to drive itself towards their destination, its basic self-driving routines taking them towards the district where the City’s many embassies stood, for the many different kinds of people who visited the City of New Angelos.

“Nah, it ain’t nothing. You looked like you were having a ringer of a day, everyone needs a little bit of help sometimes.”

Teresa held out the payment once more, more insistently, now fully dried and the sounds of her children happily eating their body weight in food coming from her side. 

“I can’t just leave you with nothing after you’ve been such a help!”

Kevin paused for a moment, before looking down at the little tiny Kalku.

“Save your money and pass it on. We Terrans, we believe in a Karma, that good deeds will eventually come around to you. Next time you see someone in trouble, give ‘em some aid if you can. There’s a saying around my parts. Today you, Tomorrow me.”


Date: 59 PST (Post Stasis Time).

Yulnthak was not having a good day.

“No, no no no no no no!”

The voice cried out with the telltale sound of desperation and despair. A deep voice, a powerful voice, one that emanated out from the mountain of a man that knelt on the ground in despair. The lltama were a herbivorous species, but anyone who knew their biology could tell you that some of the most dangerous beings in the universe ate nothing but plants and fruits. The short pitch black fur was their least intimidating trait. Almost every being had to look up at the massive figure, 9 feet tall if he stayed quadrupedal, four legs and two arms made entirely of dense muscle.  Hooves as hard as steel, pointedly deadly horns, all finalized with two deep, red eyes. A Terran might describe them as a bovine centaur made of nightmares and hate, the kind of herd animal that even a hippo would steer clear of.

This one was crying out in despair, kneeling in the gutter as they desperately tried to shove their stubby fingers through the grate, ignoring the mud and dirt soaking into Yulnthak’s finely tailored cream-coloured robes. He gave up on trying to reach their fingers through the metal filter, desperately picking up a random stick from the park path that ran besides him, trying to shove it through the gap as the lltama tried to fish out the item that he’d dropped into the drain.

“Come on, come on, I got you!”

Yulnthak could see it, an emerald green pendant sat at the bottom of the drain, glimmering in the dark and threatening to be washed away to wherever such debris ends up. The lltama desperately tried to angle the stick to hook it back towards the surface, but both the limited space for his tool to manoeuvre and his own lack of dexterity worked together to create an impossible task. Yulnthak couldn’t retrieve the item no matter how hard he tried.

But he couldn’t leave it behind either. that wasn’t an option. It wasn’t just a piece of jewellery shining in the dark, it was a Lurin: The lltama had a special ceremony for their dead, where the horns of a fallen lltama were removed, ground down, and cast within precious stones, forever to remain...

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Was willst du tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! Was willst du tuuuuuuuuuuuuun! Ich bin ein echter Gangster!

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The personal information of more than 200,000 people in Los Angeles County was potentially exposed after a hacker used a phishing email to steal login credentials.

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