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[-] 342345@feddit.de 33 points 2 weeks ago

It's called eau de fox.

Majestic indeed. :)

[-] DeathStrandicoot@lemm.ee 15 points 2 weeks ago

This guy fox.

[-] jaspersgroove@lemm.ee 11 points 2 weeks ago

Foxes smell bad enough all on their own, fox diarrhea has to be on a whole nother level

[-] Ghostalmedia@lemmy.world 7 points 2 weeks ago

Is this what the French mean by eau de “toilette?”

[-] 7of9@startrek.website 7 points 2 weeks ago

Majestically causing everyone to dry heave during the car ride home, even with all the windows rolled down .

[-] phoneymouse@lemmy.world 30 points 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago)

Dogs love to roll in gross shit.

Apparently, it’s some instinctual behavior. They roll in something smelly and gross to help mask their scent which gives them an advantage when hunting.

My dog prefers to roll in dead things. Dead birds are her favorite. Always a pleasant ride home after that.

[-] Toto@lemmy.world 27 points 2 weeks ago

Sorry for tagging a disgusting story to your post … but: Friend’s dog, off leash in the big city part found, rolled in and ate poo it found. Turns out it was a homeless man’s who was a drug addict. Dog started to OD. He carried to poo covered do to his car for a run to the vet but the dog vomited all over his back seat. Happy for his dog’s health but stuck cleaning homeless poo dog vomit out of his car. Again, really sorry!

[-] jballs@sh.itjust.works 9 points 2 weeks ago

Vomitted up homeless man drug-infested poop has gotta be some new sort of grossness record.

[-] Metacortechs@lemmy.world 8 points 2 weeks ago


I could totally see my idiot dog doing this.

[-] FellowEnt@sh.itjust.works 5 points 2 weeks ago

I think my face just made a brand new expression. Thanks for sharing!

[-] Alivrah@lemmy.world 3 points 2 weeks ago

Well you did apologize in advance and warn me so that's on me I guess.


[-] CaptFeather@lemm.ee 3 points 2 weeks ago

Think about the smell

[-] phoneymouse@lemmy.world 2 points 2 weeks ago

That’s a story

[-] agent_flounder@lemmy.world 8 points 2 weeks ago

What's it been, like 40,000 years of turning wolf into an empathetic, protective companion able to read our facial expressions, bond with us socially, work with us, love us, guard our babies... but we never managed to get rid of the "roll in shit" instinct. Darn fluffy goofballs.

[-] pingveno@kbin.social 7 points 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago)

Always a pheasant ride home after that.


[-] Maggoty@lemmy.world 6 points 2 weeks ago

My highly trained service dog loves to roll in horse/cow/donkey poop.

[-] ickplant@lemmy.world 20 points 2 weeks ago

She is beauty, she is grace, fox poop smeared across her face...

Very majestic. Something my dog would do.

[-] DamienGramatacus@lemmy.world 8 points 2 weeks ago

Beautiful stinky baby

[-] MonsiuerPatEBrown@reddthat.com 8 points 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago)

"I am become the trickster musk of a thousand generations of fox ... poo."

[-] kokesh@lemmy.world 6 points 2 weeks ago

We've all been there. And some of us even got the urge to "go" in the nature ourselves with our beloved dog running around....

[-] Restaldt@lemm.ee 5 points 2 weeks ago

I once tossed some really old eggs out into my backyard just to see what would happen to them.

Turns out its my dog rolling in it a couple of days later because stank

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