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The Republican senator from Alabama spent 2023 turning himself into one of the most hated men in Washington—even by members of his own party.

Senator Tommy Tuberville’s nearly yearlong protest against the Department of Defense’s abortion policy brings to mind an old Chinese proverb that translates to, “He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.” It means that when you take on something risky—or in this case, downright stupid—it’s easier to keep going than to face the consequences of trying to stop.

For nine months, Tuberville single-handedly blocked more than 450 military promotions, throwing the entire U.S. military into disarray. According to the Alabama Republican, this was the best way to protest the department’s policy of reimbursing service members who have to travel out of their state of deployment for an abortion.

Tuberville partially relented on December 5, when he agreed to allow most of those promotions to go forward with the exception of four-star generals. He then dropped those remaining holds this week, and the Senate promptly confirmed 11 nominees to that position.

After all those months of protesting, Tuberville accomplished … nothing. The Defense Department’s abortion policy is still in place. The only difference is that now, all of the department leadership and pretty much every other senator is angry with him.

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[-] MicroWave@lemmy.world 114 points 5 months ago

And a liar:

He brought increased scrutiny on himself, resulting in multiple damaging revelations. Despite promising in 2020 to donate “every dime” he makes in Washington to veterans’ causes, Tuberville has yet to actually do so. He appears to have completely fabricated his father’s military record, and he has lived in Florida, not Alabama, for nearly two decades.

Military leaders called him out by name, accusing him of “aiding and abetting Communist and other autocratic regimes”—a devastating insult for any Republican but especially a far-right one.

[-] MotoAsh@lemmy.world 33 points 5 months ago

I mean, they're all liars, so I don't feel that one makes him stand out much.

[-] tygerprints@kbin.social 22 points 5 months ago

He's a liar, a cheat, a blackmailer, and a woman hater. Sounds like a perfect congressman, if you ask me.

[-] ares35@kbin.social 10 points 5 months ago

damn near qualified to be his party's candidate for president.

[-] stevehobbes@lemmy.world 3 points 5 months ago* (last edited 5 months ago)
[-] tygerprints@kbin.social 3 points 5 months ago

You're right I should amend that. He sounds like the perfect republican to me.

[-] Davel23@kbin.social 15 points 5 months ago

If anything, being a liar is almost a requirement to be a Republican these days.

[-] Blooper@lemmy.world 2 points 5 months ago
[-] Davel23@kbin.social 2 points 5 months ago

I actually debated editing that out of the comment several times, but I ultimately decided to leave it as-is.

[-] pelespirit@sh.itjust.works 11 points 5 months ago

and he has lived in Florida, not Alabama, for nearly two decades

Illegal, yeah?

[-] Drusas@kbin.social 3 points 5 months ago* (last edited 5 months ago)

If he's been living in Florida, doesn't that make him ineligible for the position he holds?

Edit: Apparently US Congress representatives only need to live in the state they represent at the time they are elected. Crazy.


[-] stolid_agnostic@lemmy.ml 2 points 5 months ago

It may be easy to forget that Hillary Clinton was a NY senator for a couple terms. She's from Alabama.

[-] fpslem@lemmy.world 2 points 5 months ago

And she moved to NY just before the election, IIRC.

[-] stolid_agnostic@lemmy.ml 1 points 5 months ago

It was a mini scandal that kinda nobody actually cared about in the end.

[-] ChunkMcHorkle@lemmy.world 63 points 5 months ago* (last edited 1 month ago)

deleted by creator

[-] MotoAsh@lemmy.world 40 points 5 months ago

I'd vote for, "most stubborn traitor". He's not just a moron saying stupid things. He's someone actively choosing to harm the country. He should not be given a pass for also being fucking stupid.

[-] AnneBonny@lemmy.dbzer0.com 7 points 5 months ago
[-] meco03211@lemmy.world 7 points 5 months ago

Should be treated like Trump. If there actually is a lot to manage due to complexity, it should be given an honest evaluation and possibly postponement. If it's just a shitty play to keep a guilty verdict from coming out until after the election (in this case a primary), fuck him.

[-] chakan2@lemmy.world 40 points 5 months ago

As Brynn Tannehill wrote for The New Republic in September, “This is a naked power play, whose end goal, I suspect, is to fill every senior military position simultaneously with Trump loyalists and sycophants if [Donald] Trump wins reelection in 2024.”

Jesus...that's a brilliant take and one I never considered. It worked for the Judicial branch, now they're going to try it on the Military.

[-] prole@sh.itjust.works 36 points 5 months ago

It's all part of Project 2025. People should be terrified of the Republican party.

[-] Telorand@reddthat.com 21 points 5 months ago

And the people footing their bills. Because they don't go away even if Republicans do.

[-] Zipitydew@sh.itjust.works 7 points 5 months ago

The Mercers, Kochs, Larry Ellison, Peter Thiel and others should be terrified to go out in public.

[-] Telorand@reddthat.com 4 points 5 months ago

They should, but they have bodyguards, private islands, and floating yacht-cities. I don't think they have to worry about ever even seeing a poor person.

[-] winterayars@sh.itjust.works 2 points 5 months ago

It worked for the courts.

[-] PM_Your_Nudes_Please@lemmy.world 36 points 5 months ago

The abortion thing was always a red herring. He’s been holding out so he could pack the military’s top brass with Trump loyalists. It’s part of Project 2025, since it will require cooperation from the military to actually be successful.

Just like how republicans stalled on a major SCOTUS appointment during Obama’s term, choosing to wait until Trump was in office. But then refused to wait for Biden to take office, and rammed another appointment through at the end of Trump’s term.

[-] greenskye@lemm.ee 10 points 5 months ago

So he failed at that too? Or am I missing something

[-] winterayars@sh.itjust.works 2 points 5 months ago

That part appears to have failed.

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[-] Red_October@lemmy.world 17 points 5 months ago

Can someone honestly explain how he isn't facing Espionage charges? I mean it seems like he's pretty blatantly sabotaging the function of the entire military. Would these exact same actions be allowed if it were discovered China had been encouraging him to continue instead of out of protest?

[-] TimeSquirrel@kbin.social 6 points 5 months ago* (last edited 5 months ago)

I assume (in theory) because his actions are not his own, but are the actions that his constituency wants him to take, so the responsibility lies with the mouth breathers that elected him. And you can't charge a group of citizens for voting a certain way.

Everything he is doing, he is doing within the legal framework of our system, as fucked as it is. It's just that the framework has never been tested and pushed like this. People used to be mature and reasonable, and that USED to be enough to keep things flowing. Now they're examining every loophole in the book to try to get their way any way they can.

[-] Fal@yiffit.net 2 points 5 months ago

Representatives are immune from legal consequences for actions of this type that they take on the congress floor, speech and debate clause.

[-] givesomefucks@lemmy.world 2 points 5 months ago

Republicans would never allow that precedent.

And moderate Dems don't like accountability either, so they're not vocal about it.

Like most issues, there just aren't enough progressives yet to fix it.

[-] stolid_agnostic@lemmy.ml 1 points 5 months ago

I've learned that people in the ML instance have a "both sides" view of both liberals and conservatives and hate them equally, which is why you got voted down.

[-] stolid_agnostic@lemmy.ml 1 points 5 months ago

Espionage will have a very specific definition that he most certainly doesn't fit. Maybe giving aid to an enemy could be an easier argument.

[-] Rivalarrival@lemmy.today 1 points 5 months ago

He's not doing anything that he isn't constitutionally permitted to do. The constitution requires the president to get the Senate's advice and consent on these appointments. He can't be charged for refusing to grant his consent.

What he is doing is just a form of filibuster. The rest of the Senate can stop him if they want. They just don't want to, because the minority would have to support a majority request to invoke cloture.

The minority party always plays these stupid games in the Senate, no matter which party that is.

[-] stolid_agnostic@lemmy.ml 1 points 5 months ago

The rest of the Senate can stop him if they want. They just don’t want to

The moment they do this, the filibuster goes away. Conservatives would rather burn the country than lose the only bargaining chip they own.

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[-] Boddhisatva@lemmy.world 15 points 5 months ago

Congratulations, Tommy! Man, he was up against some stiff competition!

[-] charonn0@startrek.website 11 points 5 months ago* (last edited 5 months ago)

I sincerely hope that the FBI is taking a very, very, very close look at this traitor's effort to render aid and comfort to America's enemies.

[-] tygerprints@kbin.social 9 points 5 months ago

Blocking military promotions just because his pink panties are in a twist about the military's stance on abortions is basically a kind of blackmail. And just another example of the hate-filled kind of idiotic excrementalism that makes up the bulk of the GOP today.

[-] pelespirit@sh.itjust.works 8 points 5 months ago

the military’s stance on abortions

That's a deflecting issue, he was trying to set it up so trump can put his own people in the military.

[-] TheDeepState@lemmy.world 7 points 5 months ago

Auburn sucks!

[-] DarkGamer@kbin.social 7 points 5 months ago

With a name like that he'd be better suited to be a potato farmer, somewhere remote where he can't fuck with servicemembers lives and leave America less safe.

[-] SinningStromgald@lemmy.world 7 points 5 months ago

Bottom of Mariana Trench seems like a good place for him.

[-] chaogomu@kbin.social 2 points 5 months ago

I'm against the dumping of garbage into the Mariana Trench, there are perfectly find landfills here in the US that he could live in.

I'm sure someone in Alabama will donate a lightly used meth trailer for him to live in.

[-] Jaysyn@kbin.social 2 points 5 months ago* (last edited 5 months ago)

Don't insult farmers like that. Farmers are useful. Tuberville has been a parasite his entire adult life.

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[-] ThePantser@lemmy.world 2 points 5 months ago

Mr. Potato Town

[-] YeetPics@mander.xyz 3 points 5 months ago

Can we do something useful with this sack of shit? Turn him into Elmer's glue or render his lard into soap to help wash up around DC.. something??

[-] semi_sentient@sh.itjust.works 3 points 5 months ago

What a miserable SOB

[-] frezik@midwest.social 1 points 5 months ago

He had a lot of competition and still managed to stand out.

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