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Went to bkt jalil Murni last Saturday and it was amazing. Their portion is really superb for the price. I also tried their mee utara at the ss2 branch a while ago and it tasted great.

My friends had no idea what to eat but I suddenly felt like going Murni and when I searched Waze there's one just 1.2km away 🤣

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[-] rakyat 2 points 10 months ago

Cc @cendawanita@monyet.cc here cuz murni.

Personally, I like their mee raja meletup.

[-] cendawanita 1 points 10 months ago
[-] cendawanita 1 points 10 months ago

Mee raja is definitely my choice + nuggets = settle my mealS for the day, seriously

[-] Annoyed_Crabby 1 points 10 months ago* (last edited 10 months ago)
[-] rakyat 1 points 10 months ago

Abang polis totally should lepak at murni & enjoy the food

[-] Annoyed_Crabby 2 points 10 months ago

Police Di Restaurant Murni

[-] truckdrifter2 1 points 10 months ago

Whoa, what's that in the pic? It's like chicken chop x mi goreng

[-] Naomikho 2 points 10 months ago* (last edited 10 months ago)

Chicken chop with indomie x2 haha. I ended up being able to eat most of it somehow. Must be because I didn't eat much for lunch.

The other plate is Mee raja and grilled salmon chop.

[-] dukeGR4 1 points 10 months ago

idk about double carbs lol, chips and noods together. give me a proper portion of either of those and give me some greens lol

i can make an exception for chips and burger however.

[-] Naomikho 1 points 10 months ago

Yeah that's a lot of carbs so I won't eat that too often lol and I'll def wanna share half with someone else next time.

I usually cut carb and calorie intake so I'm not too worried about my diet. I'm almost back to normal diet and I'm not turning fat back.

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