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"Tuan Ibrahim was referring to a constitutional challenge filed by lawyer Nik Elin Zurina Nik Abdul Rashid and her daughter Tengku Yasmin Natasha Tengku Abdul Rahman in May to nullify and void 20 provisions in the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code (I) Enactment 2019.

The mother-daughter pair claimed the Kelantan legislative assembly has no powers to make criminal laws, and cited Article 4(4) of the Federal Constitution."

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How about Carbon-Cringe lifeform

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“We did a post-mortem and we found weaknesses and strengths...among the weaknesses were our failure to get voters who are not Muslims and insufficient number of seats,” he said.

“Thus for this year's muktamar PAS will continue with its trajectory and approach by giving its assurance to all Malaysians, both Muslims and non-Muslims that at both the national and states governed by PAS and PN our lawmakers will make it compulsory to fulfil our electoral win by implementing three important concepts — fair, empathy and welfare,”

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G16E-GTS lets go!

86 is rumoured to get de-stroked version of the G16E too, 1.4L

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i bought a set of TE37, i went 9.5 inch because i thought bigger is better and that's everyone's going with.

but that would limit your tyre choice, you have to go wide for it to not stretch. in my case i have to go 255/35/18 semi-slicks or 265/35/18 UHP tyres.

you're adding so much weight which hurts driving dynamics, comfort, efficiency. i think it's so counterintuitive - you buy a set of forged wheels to save a few kg of unsprung mass, but you add it all back in again with wider tyres.. I wished i had gone with a 9J lol...

remember kids:

  1. if you wanna get wheels go for the narrowest rims possible and achieve that fitment with offset.
  2. consider the size of the tyres you will put on before buying the wheels. popular sizes are cheaper and more competitively priced.
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Pretty sure we will destroy ourselves first with war or some other climate disasters first

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Eh drone is just cost effective version of CAS. I think most modern jets bomber/fighter could carry out precision strikes without you ever seeing or hearing them.

Or going in loud and proud A10 style also works, that shit is scarier lol

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I hope the sea wasn’t too choppy for him

when I rode through thunderstorm last time it kept hitting my balls.

Had to stand up lol.

Next day it felt like somebody gave me cock and ball torture or sth 🤣🤣

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That’s the top speed lol. I rented a jet ski once, 130bhp and it could do 70kmh. At that speed it’s super tiring lol

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I'm usually not a fan of American cars, or long videos but I watched the whole video.

My guy showcases the build, and upgrades he did overtime and drag raced progressively faster and faster cars to gauge how much faster his car is.

It's refreshing to see a no-bullshit, non-clickbait, entertaining car video tbh.

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interesting stats, thanks for the information

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"If you’re wondering what the first-generation Honda NSX record is, well it was also set this weekend with a 1995 Honda NSX Type-R going for $632,000 USD via Broad Arrow Auctions."

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their railway is arguably their government's best modern project, will literally pay dividends for decades to come. uplifted so many people from poverty and improving social mobility. say what you want about the lack of freedom there, gotta hand it to their government for getting shit done sometimes.

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In China, you usually have way more sustainable options, which we see reflected in their lower carbon emissions per capita.

True that, they are leading the EV game. Even Audi is forming a JV with state-owned SAIC. I believe Volkswagen is doing the same thing with another Chinese EV company.

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Chinese are obsessed with big cars just like the US. Many German marques have China exclusive models like “L” version for more popular models which not just longer but also heavier

Homemade Bossam (i.imgur.com)
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Bincangkan [10 markah]

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Phoebus Cartel, essentially the few oligopolistic light bulb companies got together and colluded and intentionally reduced the lifespan of light bulbs.

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Do you even speak Chinese yourself lol? Only an asshole would gatekeep simplified Chinese.

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