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In Europe the US healthcare system is seen as a joke and medieval. Same for most social services I'm the US. Like somebody else said I stopped feeling sympathy a while ago.

Oh dodo understands. She frequently attempts to burn her whiskers because runny nose. Which got massibely better since we started infrared. And by now she also understands that it's pain relief. She seeks out warm spots a lot more since this started. ๐Ÿ’š

Its an infrared lamp. As a fellow chronically ill person I've found accupressure and binaural beats to help with some issues. Wish you as little pain as possible!

Oh intresting. Thanks!

Do you also shine the light on the wrong body part? Its the weirdest thing. She also gets chiropractic treatment but her insistence that the warmth has to go to her belly really flabbergasts me.

Darn. The jerboa app really is a pain to upload from.



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Healthcare, electoral college, how supreme court justices are elected, first past the post voting system.

Edit: and the self assurance to nitpick a foreigner over the details of how justices come into their job.


It got cold enough to restart her job as a sun worshipper again.

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They wanted to switch over to a subscription model. I assume many people like me who used to use infinity just bailed.

Edit: I actually dug up the source for this. It still worked for non subscribers until now. Apparently that will stop on august 30th. The headline is misleading. Starting in September it will be the aforementioned subscription model.

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It's too warm and we both do our best to cope.

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She later complained it was boring and to indoorsy too.

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Telling me I should forgive/contact my abusive exfamily. Especially after knowing me for less than 30 mins and them not at all.


I just love this video! Not sure if it counts as a meme tho. ๐Ÿ˜…

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You're a real woman and anyone who questions it is loosing touch with their humanity.

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I was born into an abusive "family". Fled into my head. Became the quiet brainy kid. Underfed and sleep deprived but did well in school and most people ignored the abuse.

Eventually studied at university, very high achieving, still hiding in my head. Super awkward with people. Autism didn't help. The awareness that I was autistic made several light bulbs go on in my head.

I stopped contact with all of the exfamily and after uni wanted to focus on healing the trauma. Picked up several chronic diseases, realized I was non binary, got adopted by a cat.

Currently fighting to be able to work, if I manage I'll not go for academics as I always thought I would but for helping animals. Trying to get out of head. Have emotions, talk to people.


Why do humans have ears but never listen? What is water? How is my bowl always empty!

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