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The style makes me think of peanuts, but I don't think that's it.

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Yes, but that data doesn't include user IPs.

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I would hope a piracy instance is hosted somewhere that doesn't care about such things as American court orders.

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🌕🌗 (there's no half star emoji)

I have chronic depression, it's just a normal day.

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Slippers are a type of shoe.

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My feet are cold

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Burzum and skrewdriver? or is that going too far?

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Wasn't this person like 14?

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It was the original purpose of the bitcoin algorithm to limit spam.

If you have to do a lot of maths that takes your computer (for example) 30 seconds, that means it costs 30 seconds of compute to create an account. Nothing to an average user, for a spammer that wants thousands of accounts it gets expensive.

Several captcha[0] libraries already use this and it's great for accessibility (normal captchas are terrible for it)

[0] I know, it's not technically a captcha.

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You think he wouldn't buy lemmy.world?

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Capitalists suddenly stop loving the free market when it hurts their profits

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A faith school is censoring science and geography lessons on religious grounds, Ofsted has found.

In a report published this month, Ofsted said Beis Ruchel D'Satmar, an independent Orthodox Jewish school for girls in London, does not allow pupils to study "certain concepts, read content, or complete tasks" that are "not in line with the school's religious beliefs".

This includes science and geography, where Ofsted found "key content" is "removed and omitted".

Despite it being a legal duty, Ofsted said the school does not "actively promote and encourage respect for other people" in relation to the protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010.

Ofsted said the school also fails to teach "statutory content" in relationships and sex education (RSE), including concepts such as "sexual consent, sexual exploitation, grooming and abuse". This approach means pupils are left "unprepared for life in modern Britain", Ofsted said.

In 2021, a report from Jewish counter-extremism group Nahamu highlighted how a lack of RSE contributes to forced marriage in strictly-Orthodox Jewish communities.

During a previous inspection, school leaders told Ofsted that "no aspect" of sex education is taught in the school, not even "reproduction in the context of an academic subject like science".

The school has been rated "inadequate" since 2016.

During conversations between inspectors and pupils, Ofsted was prevented by school leaders from asking questions relating to "the protected characteristics, other faiths and beliefs or sex education". In some cases, the headteacher remained "close to the classroom door".

Despite being banned from admitting new pupils in 2019, and currently being in breach of its registration agreement due to exceeding the maximum number of pupils, Ofsted said the school "continues to admit pupils below and above the registered age range".


I saw a while ago Google was planning an airtag alternative, but it seems to have been delayed. Anyone know when it's finally coming out?


According to The Mail on Sunday, court documents reveal that a group of around 30 pupils intimidated other pupils who would not fast during Ramadan, pressured a girl into wearing a hijab, and coerced another girl into leaving the school choir by telling her it was forbidden in Islam.

The pupils also started holding prayer rituals in the playground, and put pressure on pupils who chose not pray.

The school said the prayer rituals created an "intimidatory and aggressive atmosphere" and "resulted in a division in the playground between the Muslim and the non-Muslim children which had never happened before".

Birbalsingh said the school's governing body decided to ban the prayer rituals after weighing up all other options because they had become a "catalyst for abuse and threats".

Email threatens: "you will be dealt with like the filthy dog that you are"

In March, TTT was suspended for two days after displaying "extreme rudeness" towards a teacher who objected to her bringing a prayer mat to the playground.

The suspension prompted "the most appalling abuse and threats" to teachers, including threatening phone calls and emails.

One email said: "If you carry on disrespecting our Muslim children you will be dealt with like the filthy dog that you are."

Another warned: "'We have planted several bombs in the building, many of which are hidden in toilets, hall rooms and classes on all floors. These are the consequences of your actions."

Individual staff members were also attacked. One teacher's home had a brick thrown through the window. A break-in was also attempted at a teacher's home. A black teacher was subjected to racist abuse, and other teachers received death threats.

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