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THE DUALITY OF MAN, or something

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The Python one should have been an environment joke.

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The Birth of the Hivemind

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Citizen science done well yum yum

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That kid is already cooler than me. My old punk jacket is in the back of my closet. :(

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"Rockstar’s next game, Grand Theft Auto VI, will include a playable female protagonist,” Bloomberg adds, citing sources familiar with the game.

“The woman, who is Latina, will be one of a pair of leading characters in a story influenced by the bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde, the people said.


Bonnie Elizabeth Parker (October 1, 1910 – May 23, 1934) and Clyde Chestnut (Champion) Barrow (March 24, 1909 – May 23, 1934) were American criminals who traveled the Central United States with their gang during the Great Depression. The couple was known for their bank robberies, although they preferred to rob small stores or rural funeral homes. Their exploits captured the attention of the American press and its readership during what is occasionally referred to as the "public enemy era" between 1931 and 1934. They were ambushed by police and shot to death in Bienville Parish, Louisiana. They are believed to have murdered at least nine police officers and four civilians.


Now watch the trailer again after looking at this: https://www.ign.com/wikis/gta-6/Social_Media_in_GTA_6

A Bonnie and Clyde social media fueled rolling catastrophy in a place that is very much also a rolling catastrophy (FL), seems pretty on par for GTA. They often mimic classics, GTAV had some underpinnings in the Three Musketeers (think: all for one, one for all ending).


The consequences of media buzz IS the story of Bonnie and Clyde. It's unlikely they would have been chased by police like they were without the newspapers. They were petty criminals.

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It's Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie and Clyde were crappy criminals but they were quite famous for their media presence. I think this one will have the protagonists be social media star criminals, and it will come back and bite them. ~~Also, one dies, iirc.~~

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They bought No Pixel.

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Username checks out.

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I believe those are in game graphics!

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