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I guess this is because they download directly from YouTube instead of a proxy?

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Ah, ok I see, I'll try to find a different instance then, probably good to find one closer to South Korea where I am.

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OK, that seems to help, thanks a lot!


I switched from the YouTube app to LibreTube on my android phone, but it's buffering most of the videos so much that I can't use it. The same videos work just fine on the YouTube app. Any suggestions what I could do to improve it?

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Probably Hamas was hiding inside. /s

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Yeah, it really comes down to that.

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It's very seldom but I'm on Chinas side this time.

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When I was religious, young and stupid I thought if I had a kid and they would come out as gay, that would be the biggest catastrophe for me, even worse than them dying in a accident.

Now I think it would sometimes be inconvenient for them because of society, but they would even be able to have kids of their own and otherwise also have a fairly normal life. So not really as big of a deal as I thought.

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Yes, I thought it was obvious, but looking at the downvotes it seems not really.

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I didn't see any evidence of that Israel cares about what the living victims of the holocaust think.

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So is "das Mädchen" in German, it is a young female but it's neutrally gendered.

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OK I'm trying heliboard now, interesting. It puts my Polish, German, English and Swedish keyboard together into one. Let's see how it'll work in the long run.

I'm especially impressed that it offers a Korean keyboard too, which I missed in all the other free alternatives. That was the main reason I stuck with the Samsung keyboard.


(not a joke, they seized the domain name).


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We are visiting the inlaws and making dumplings.

No idea if that is a korean tradition or a chinese korean tradition.

Anyway, happy lunar new year everyone!

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Another chance for the Brits to get rid of this weird institution.

Which tea do you prefer? (jemmy.jeena.net)
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I'm born in Poland during the communist regimes reign. Back then there was only one tea available: Black Tea.

We mostly drank it with a slice of lemon and some sugar. To this day this is my favourite way of drinking tea.

But I also enjoy what I started calling "Queen Elisabeth Tea" when my daughter asked what it is, same black tea but with milk and sugar. She likes it a lot too.

Last but not least, I really enjoyed Japanese tea, we went to a special tea house and they showed us how to brew it and drink it. It was some special green tea, very delicious!

Every Family Dinner Now (jemmy.jeena.net)

Not sure if it is like that because I'm in Korea, but on my Samsung S9 Samsung is injecting ads for their new S24 in my notifications. I've had the phone for 5 years and this is the first time I see ads in my phone notifications, unbelievable.

GNOME Notes and CalDav (jemmy.jeena.net)

I'm looking into the possibility to move my personal notes from NextCloud to CalDav, it seems to have the possibility to store notes with and without dates and also todo lists. The todo lists can be used nicelly in HomeAssistant too.

But it seems that the GNOME Notes app doesn't sync to CalDav when you try to look it up on their website. Evolution does though, but it's so bulky.

Turns out gnome-notes does to some degree implement CalDav. In the perferences I can choose which is the primary storage location, and there the two calendars I have set up in Evolution show up.

And when I write a new note in the gnome-notes app, it even shows up in Evolution and on my phone! Great success! But for some reason when I create a note in Evolution it does not show up in gnome-notes.

Feeding time (jemmy.jeena.net)
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My dad feeding me the bottle and I'm feeding my son the bottle.

The Ubuntu Bros! (jemmy.jeena.net)
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