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The least believable part of this card is it being valid for 20 years!

Saving login status (lemmy.world)
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Lemmy.world seems to have a super short lifetime on whatever cookie they're using to persist a user session. I feel like sometimes it logs me out after 24 hours. Could we make this default to something more reasonable, or is there maybe a reason behind the short lifetime?

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Many people have given great suggestions for the most destroying commands, but most result in an immediately borked system. While inconvenient, that doesn't have a lasting impact on users who have backups.

I propose writing a bash script set up to run daily in cron, which picks a random file in the user's home directory tree and randomizes just a few bytes of data in the file. The script doesn't immediately damage the basic OS functionality, and the data degradation is so slow that by the time the user realizes something fishy is going on a lot of their documents, media, and hopefully a few months worth of backups will have been corrupted.

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His ways... so mysterious.

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I guess this is me now.

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I always enjoyed subs, but wished I could understand the original Japanese, so I took Japanese classes in HS and college to learn the language. Now I can't help but listen to the Japanese AND try to read the subtitles at the same time. (ー_ー*)

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But if there were no commercials how would I discover new innovative products like "cheese-stuffed cheese"?

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r/buyitforlife is a treasure

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Bold choice to have your arrow keys all in a row. Did you consider VIM arrow order when choosing a layout?

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When a lemmy instance federates, does it connect to one big lemmy network, or can there be multiple disconnected, yet locally federated instances? What I'd like to know is, can I simply join any Lemmy server and choose "All" to view everything Lemmy has to offer, or is there still hidden content?

I understand that some servers are unfederated. I guess I'm curious about the reach of the "All" mode.

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If I happen to be the doctor and it's someone else going under I'd say "Okay, let's get this leg amputated!" when that is NOT the actual operation happening.

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I so hope that we are lucky enough for AI to turn out this way.

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I hate that I don't know for sure that the person did this to prove that it could be done.

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XFCE Debian is my perfect OS. Just does what I need and that's all. Why look anywhere else?

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It only takes a smidge of Oregon soil for plants to thrive here. This blackberry bush has been growing out of the concrete median for months. It finally made berries!

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