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Vanguard is unapologetically a vegan leftist band, and actively supports and promotes a host of critical social and political causes, both lyrically and through the direct action and activism of its members. The band is ideologically tied to the animal liberation movement, endorses socialist political theory, is vehemently anti-fascist, and believes and fights for the political, legal, educational, and economic equality of all people, regardless of race, gender, orientation, or class.

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A guy on my Steam friends list told me "I'm okay with eating chickens because they descended from dinosaurs, and dinosaurs would kill me if I were alive during their time period."

This is such an embarrassing excuse that it would actually be much more honorable for this guy to simply say shit like "I just don't give a shit about animals dying" or "Yeah, it's wrong to eat animals, but I'm a self-admitted hypocrite." Why do some people feel the need to go out of their way to justify carnism instead of... just being a carnist? It's not like I or anyone else can force this guy to stop eating chickens if he isn't to supply a justification for why he does it.

As far as the argument itself goes, for a simple deconstruction of such an absurd take: if you want to make the claim that the behavior of one's ancestors can dictate what is an ethical way to treat an individual as a descendant, by this logic, a good person who has a father that's a murderer would be ethical to kill for "self defense." Obviously, this bozo wouldn't believe that, but his absurd take here isn't supposed to be logical; it's just another pathetic grasping at straws that's a part of this unfortunate, never-ending cycle in which carnists say whatever they want to say to pretend that they're not a part of the problem. That's it.

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Animal abusers deserve to see their career destroyed

No I'm not complaining about HBomberGuy

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I've mentioned a few "vegan" Zionists I've encountered in other posts, but it just doesn't stop. A vegan account I follow on Instagram made a pride post yesterday, and some queerphobic vegans in the comments stated that they are unfollowing because they disagreed with the "LGBT agenda" being supported by the account or some shit like that.

Of course, there were also some people who said they were unfollowing simply because the post was "unrelated" to veganism, but I'm convinced that this just serves as an excuse to make their homophobia look far less homophobic instead of being as genuinely apathetic to the matter as they're framing themselves to be.

This is all too confusing for me. How do you get conscious to a point of saying "Oppression towards non-human animals is fucked up," but still keep a disturbing tendency to support oppression of certain humans simply on the basis of who they are?

I'm very much disturbed by how I can encounter some vegans that seem highly principled in supporting animal liberation, but then they turn around and endorse capitalism, racism, imperialism, queerphobia, and many other kinds of reactionary bullshit in the process.

I'm beginning to be done with my efforts to try to understand anyone like this, but do any of you have any idea as to where the hell this type of thinking stems from?

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I don't want to be convinced that Zoos are bad or something, I want the points that might make them bad and the general thought you have on other things like that, I asked here because I want it from a point of view from people who also see human exploitation as a bad thing yk.

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This is a part 2 of this post I made. [CW: Very Fucking Depressing! Images of Palestinians Suffering; Animal Cruelty Too]

I'm not gonna talk about the whole follow-up post this user did here, but this slide in particular is why I just want to talk a bit more about this bozo and his sleazy, bad-faith tactics.

Funnily enough, I actually found out about this post through an anti-Zionist vegan account I follow and DM with on Instagram that fell for this bait, not knowing that this man is using this to deflect criticism he got for supporting genocide. Once I clarified this with her, she seemed to be quite shocked. It's amazing how tight people like @carnism_debunked can put on a mask.

For a quick refresher, the last post was him being mad at an anti-Zionist vegan criticizing an Israeli animal rights group for placing Palestinian children that are a 3 hour drive from them below the animals they'd rather advocate for instead.

This horrible "vegan" Zionist influencer on Instagram, named George Martin and under the handle of @carnism_debunked, is trying to have his cake and eat it too. On one hand, he's trying to seem like his concerns with so-called "intersectional vegans" is simply them "taking away from the focus on animal liberation." On the other hand, although he's trying to give off the energy of seeming "moderate" and having an apathetic outlook on Zionism itself, he is trying to "sneak in" his own pro-Zionist commentary in the post instead of solely centering the post around the supposed diversion tactics that he accuses intersectional vegans of committing.

This is why his first post has (not so) subtle jabs at anti-Zionism, such as a Zionist's favorite: accusing anti-Zionists of being anti-Semitic. He is having a cognitive dissonance moment in the exact same way a carnist has a cognitive dissonance moment about eating pork in every meal but getting upset when a single dog gets mistreated. But he can't sit comfortably with that! After all, he is "carnism_debunked," so him thinking like a carnist would make him his own enemy, right?

And his fanbase, which, of course, consisted of a lot of fellow "vegan" Zionists ate this shit up and took him to be a noble man because of it. According to this slide, he opposes "racism" and "genocide," but... is still a Zionist?

This is just peak libshit virtue signaling, done in a libshit's favorite way to virtue signal: use words that sound good but not actually understand or live up to the meaning of them.

Can we please explain why the vegan movement has a seemingly not-so-insignificant portion of people who place innocent civilians below animals? This isn't any better than the carnist tendency to place animals so below humans that they justify killing them, so why the fuck would a vegan condone the inverse?

I truly hope that all social justice movements, including veganism, LGBTQ+ activism, feminism, and racial justice can be cured of all the liberal bullshit that plagues it. Without intersectionality, you get people somehow condoning a genocide of Palestinian children while condemning extreme abuses of farm animals, two things that I'd rather both condemn and lend not a single bit of support to.

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Introducing to the Vegan Theory Club Lemmy!

This is a link sharing site for vegan things. We have open registration if you want to create an account and log in.

We host four communities which are like "subreddits"

  1. Vegan Home Cooks
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The communities are here to help share links and photos for vegans by vegans.

!homecooks@vegantheoryclub.org is a site for a discord server called Vegan Home Cooks Discord. This is a low-friction post-what-you-cooked community so we can share what we made today and talk about it, no recipes required. We want to provide motivation and encouragement for each other and show off what we made today.

!recipes@vegantheoryclub.org is focused on how to cook and links to recipe sites.

!gardening@vegantheoryclub.org is focused on our gardens, plants, hydroponics and learning how to do it. Some of us are pros and some are just learning and want to post what we're reading and what we're doing.

!vegan@vegantheoryclub.org is for general vegan news, I don't really know what to do with this one.

If these don't show up on your home instance please search for them on your instance to subscribe and federate the posts for everyone on your insance!

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The book in question is The Vegetarian Myth and it is full of arguments of a similar caliber

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Omni Consumer Products

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“I dabble, but not in the way that I used to before,” she said, adding the recent waves of anti-Israel encampments at Columbia and other universities prompted brief relapses.

caseomorphins: not even once

apologies if I missed a content warning or if this kind of article is inappropriate for the comm

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The iron absorption of lentils isn't great, though... but I'm trying to think of ways to increase my iron intake because mine is low.

The hardest thing is that you have to soak the lentils overnight. And you will need a blender or food processor. The best part is it's high in protein.

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Definitely giving @Sickos@hexbear.net's comment some credit here!

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This is a bit of a follow-up to this post. Someone responded to my analogy this way, and I'm just baffled that you can seriously say something like this to go so hard to defend babystepping.

no one will argue with you that 0 kids in the basement is better than 5 or 10, but it's still objectively better to have 5 than 10.

Imagine typing this and hitting send. Holy shit.

Also, I wasn't vegan from birth, but I sure as hell wish I fucking was. I regret every moment I supported the exploitation of animals. I also got convinced to go vegan by listening to ethical vegans who were really staunch in expressing just how fucking bad the way we treat other species is. If I got a bunch of apologists who told me "You can go vegan at whatever slow pace you like and it's totally fine and ethical!", then I would be so damn uneducated and blind to the truth.

To quote this genius who sent me this reply, "Exactly."

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One of the most common talking points that I hear from people who are advocates of leather, especially those who work within fashion, is that leather is simply a byproduct of the meat industry. The claim that it is simply a by-product of the animal agriculture industry is used as their justification to buy leather products because they think that they're just the waste of the meat industry and that they are up-cycling material that would otherwise be thrown away. What these proponents of leather never address though is that these so called "by-products" are just another way in which the meat industry profits and that leather would not exist in the first place if it weren't for the raising and butchering of animals! Like I am genuinely baffled that people believe that the meat industry doesn't proliferate its existence through the selling of things like animal skin and the other remains that aren't flesh. Of course this doesn't even touch on the environmental impact required to produce leather, which includes that of the meat industry that raises the animals (which has a horrific impact already) plus the additional awful production practices like chrome tanning that are extremely common in the leather making process.

Also, a thing that especially irritates me in the TikTok video that I linked is the creator equating faux leather with plastic leather or pleather, when faux leather encompasses more than just pleather and contains leather alternatives that aren't made from plastic! That seems like something you should know as someone whose job requires a large knowledge of textiles/materials but I guess he for whatever reason doesn't know that or at least doesn't mention it

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This is the comment verbatim:

"To everybody that disagrees with this: do you grow your own food at home to ensure not a single crop death? If not, you’re not a perfect vegan either."

This was on a post on a "vegan" meme account that promoted "reducetarianism." Mind you, this person says they're a vegan!

HOLY SHIT! I'm baffled as to how you can be a vegan yet regurgitate one of the most overdone, shitty, level 0 (if I'm being generous) carnist talking points.

What factory are these people created in? How the hell are we supposedly adhering to the same ethics on animal liberation but view the matter on entirely different premises?

When I criticized this person, by the way, he told me to "stop infighting" because I'm "on the same side" as him.

insert Gus Fring "We Are Not the Same" meme

sleepi Carnists make me sleepy so I go nap

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