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President of white American culture

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I've seen a few clips of this show in YouTube. It looks hilarious. But some of the scenes portray girls in very short skirts or with quite protruding chests. It's definitely not as bad as a lot of animes. It's just that I'm in my mid 40s, and I teach older girls, I just really can't find any of it pleasant.

I want to stress that I'm not bothered by anyone who enjoys the show. It's just me.

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Ya, as an adult, I just kick them off next to the door, as does my partner. Friends who visit just do this without having to be asked, so it seems normal.

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That was really really good.

As a middle aged man, I almost wish the girls were a little less sexually drawn, as I think I'd enjoy the anime for just the comedy.

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In my childhood, my white family took our shoes off and put them in the closet. We walked around in socks all day.

Having enough Asian and neat flat mates got me in the habit of going barefoot or having special in-house slippers (for cold days).

Helpful life tip (hexbear.net)

I follow this person on Twitter, and I'm sure she means this literally, and I'm OK with it.

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I know enough nice old ladies with terrible politics. It's tragic. Sometimes I just try to change the subject, it's too damn hard to tell them that they're Nazis.

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No insult intended to people with the disease, but I saw a friend of mine shoot his thigh with insulin enough times. Like everyone in my family over 40 has diabetes, and I'm just like "nope" to dealing with that.

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I know very very little about India, but it seems like the country is going the neoliberal route of Amerika, bringing some limited wealth, but a heap ton of poverty and stress/competition for those who do have a job. I admire India for their educational system, how hard working and responsibly their citizens are, and how much their country has grown since independence (a difficult feat).

I know that not every Indian is a BJP member, but that's gotta be ~~embarrassing~~ frustrating as MAGA is in the US. I've seen some center-right Indian friends go hard right these last few years. This seems to be everywhere now, though, not just India.

Don't at me, this is from a place of profound ignorance.

Edit: changed a word so I don't come off like a racist prick

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I'm so out of it. I thought that Nick Fuentes was the guy from cumtown.

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The anti MAGA made up for a more boring season IMHO. I don't love that the CIA are objectively the good guys now.

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God I hope that hell exists for these people.


“Intel has been aiding and abetting Israel’s apartheid for decades, feeding its war chest, and now it is directly feeding its war chest while it continues its unspeakable genocide against 2.3 million Palestinians in the occupied and besieged Gaza Strip. Intel is complicit in Israel’s genocide and its underlying system of apartheid. Intel’s M.O. seems to be, ‘Make Apartheid Great Again!’”

Please buy another chip. If possible, avoid positive coverage of Intel on social media, including Lemmy. Thank you.

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Animal abusers deserve to see their career destroyed

No I'm not complaining about HBomberGuy

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Ukraine is cutting off consular services for its male citizens who live outside the country. The measure aims to force men back home to serve in the military, but some doubt its efficacy — and legality.

"Good thing that I got my passport last year in Cologne and don't have to go back to the consulate," said Oleg from Kyiv, who didn't give his last name. Today, he lives with his wife and three children in Germany. That was his reaction to a statement from Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba announcing that male citizens of military age who currently live outside Ukraine will no longer have access to full consular services. The measure is primarily aimed at individuals who have not registered with the military.

"Living abroad does not relieve a citizen of his or her duties to their homeland," Kuleba wrote Tuesday on the social media platform X, formerly Twitter, adding that he called for the measures to guarantee, "fair treatment of men of mobilization age in Ukraine and abroad."

How the fuck do we defend something as a "just war" when the citizens are desperately trying not to die in it???

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Like everybody in France under 45 is fluent in English, and who the fuck wants to talk to an older European. Every single French colony without exception is phasing out or has phased out the use of French as France was such an awful colonial power. Did you know that Eclair is pronounced aey-clare? This does nothing for me. I guess some people want to read Les Miserables in the original Foot Mold Language, just like random people enjoy reading Ovid or Cicero in Catholic script.. And just like Latin, fuck that everything has genders and complicated conjugation.

I swear, the French teachers in school were trying to impart the vibe that if we know the French language, French women would have sex with us.

I refuse to defend any facts that I asserted in this essay.

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I fell down the rabbit hole with that last NY Times article. The scientists involved are all part of the wider anti-trans movement, and the methodology is pretty shit.

Some tidbits:

The final Cass Report has been out for less than a week, and already several groups such as Trans Actual[1], Trans Safety Network[2], and Transgender Action Bloc[3] have issued statements pointing out its worrying implications and shaky grounding. And now instead of talking about how the NHS has failed and is still failing trans children through long waiting lists and a lack of certainty, we have to talk about this review which failed to meaningfully address any of those issues.

Our aim here is not to outline the contents of the report in full. Others have produced summaries and highlighted major takeaways, such as in these articles by PinkNews[4] and the Guardian[5]. There has also been reporting on the flawed methodologies[6] underpinning the report’s supplementary research, and how the people involved[7] in conducting the research may have biassed its conclusions. Unfortunately this report has huge implications for what the NHS is going to do next, and what life will be like for trans people, especially children and young people, in the coming years.

We contend that the Cass Review is not fit for purpose. We suggest that it was not merely knocked off course by a flawed methodology. We believe the Cass Report is a deliberate part of a political project aiming to reduce the availability of trans healthcare, possibly eventually in its entirety. It is imperative that we understand this and act on it. The people who made it happen and are taking action based on it must be held accountable. For all these reasons, we believe the Cass Report must be thrown out entirely.

An ‘Independent Review’

The Cass Report has completely failed in its remit as an independent review. The research underpinning the review and its conclusions has fundamental flaws in its methodology which have led it to exclude a huge swathe of the relevant evidence and experience that exists in the field of trans healthcare. The review also has connections to prominent anti-trans figures and groups at a variety of levels, including conversion therapy advocates, who seem to have influenced the report from its rhetoric down to the design of its research.


I bought a vegan, coconut milk chocolate bar. It melted in the heat before I could finish it.


You know what? I'd listen to a lot more local bands if they had "death to Amerikkka" in their lyrics.

Here's the concert


I've been hearing the words that you've been saying. You've been mentioning for a while that you're upset at my actions. I do respect your opinion and your experience. That's why I'm here to say this.

That's why I want to say that I'm sorry that your feelings were hurt.

Phew, that was hard. But it's a bit of a relief for me to say it. I hope that it starts to bring the same feeling of closure for you.

I do really apologise that you got so upset. I didn't think beforehand about how sensitive you are. But now that it's happened, I absolutely regret not noticing how much of an easily aggrieved person you are.

It's fair to say that no one is perfect. I certainly can attest that this definitely applies to me. God is the only perfect being, and certainly I am no God.

My first mistake was not deliberating with my thoughts before interacting with such a melodramatic person. I'll have to be more careful about this going forward.

My parents were strict but loving people. They taught me right from wrong. And when I was wrong, there's no point in trying to deny it. As dad always said, "not admitting a mistake is the biggest mistake you can make."

And I'm here, my heart and mind open, admitting to you that I was wrong. I was wrong to forget what an total crybaby you are about things. I was wrong to imagine that you'd have any sort of adult response to normal things. And definitely I was dead wrong in thinking that you'd miss an opportunity to blow things out of proportion, yet again.

We good?

Like why tho? (hexbear.net)

don't care that I copied this from Tw*tter

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