There's this meemaw who always spends her mornings walking around a local park. She'll pick up cigarette butts and fish hooks, trim bushes, just whatever needs doing. Apparently an 11 year tradition for her.

Today she stopped me to chat for the first time as I was picking up some fishing line. We had a nice little conversation about how important it is to protect birds and how poorly the city does so. I was just about to describe how much I also care about the local wildlife and how important stewardship is.

Within two minutes she's pointing at a bike lane and asks me if I support that. I say "Yeah, I commute on it and it's a lot safer than it used to be". She launches into a rant about how one bike can cause a 4 mile traffic jam and she wishes they'd tear out all of the bike lanes. We have a visible air pollution layer from car exhaust being trapped by the local topography, making the air so dangerous that her demographic is specifically warned against going outside for most of the summer. Okay.

Next came climate change. When she was a kid in the 40s they taught civics. Now kids are just told what to think. The climate changes cyclically and we've found fish fossils in Wyoming. People are so afraid of a perfectly natural cycle. She doesn't care if they're liberal, conservative, whatever. They're taught social studies instead of civics and it makes them believe in stuff like this.

Then vaccines. She was a nurse and couldn't work in medicine these days with that COVID vaccine shit they're forcing on young people like me. It doesn't even work and they fire nurses if they don't get it. She wishes she could get all the nurses together and collectively bargain because they can't fire everyone for refusing to get the vaccine. She's 84.

Sometimes I see a nice old person doing something good for their community and for a brief second I think "that's probably not a rabid reactionary who wants to spend their last years salting the earth". Then they speak and I remember that this is the Burger Reich. Death to America.

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[-] ButtBidet@hexbear.net 48 points 1 month ago

I know enough nice old ladies with terrible politics. It's tragic. Sometimes I just try to change the subject, it's too damn hard to tell them that they're Nazis.

[-] T34_69@hexbear.net 4 points 1 month ago

Sometimes they need to hear it though (often, actually (always))

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