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As Johnson signed the articles Monday in preparation for sending them across the Capitol, he said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer should convene a trial to “hold those who engineered this crisis to full account

For once I agree with Jericho Johnson: the Republicans responsible for engineering the manufactured crisis and wasting probably dozens of millions worth of government time and resources on kangaroo court "hearings" to scare up the votes of easily duped xenophobes SHOULD be held to full account.

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I don't know.. Are you SURE that my vehicle will be safe with you? 🤔

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1: Israel attack Iranian embassy, committing a war crime that kills people and could reasonably be considered state terrorism.

2: Iran launch a very limited retaliatory strike at only military targets, killing nobody and breaking no international rules or norms.

3: Israel and Western media pretend that Iran's strike was a monstrous and completely unprovoked atrocity.

4: The world military industrial complex and the politicians they own laugh all the way to the bank.

Fuck this dystopian bullshit.

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unhoused people allege poor treatment

You mean BESIDES the sweeps themselves being a grotesque inversion of any government's duty to help those who need it most?

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Well in their defense, you WERE making the noises.. 🤷

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does she take another private jet back

The answer to that is always yes, regardless of any other context.

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All of them would be worn on the face, though. Come to think of it, "face mask" is just "foot shoe" at a higher elevation 🤔

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I get that, but please don't stand so close to me

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Possibly an American canine, at that


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Defeated CEOs are now conceding hybrid working is here to stay


I know it's .ml where such things happen but ffs! This guy needs to fucking chill 🤦


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AMC Exec: We Wouldn't Have Made the Dune Popcorn Bucket if We Knew You'd Be Sickos About It

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Source: S07 E20 "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo"


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‘I really wasn’t worried’: US man was getting vasectomy as earthquake struck

If one has to consider one of the most chaotic places to be during an earthquake, the operating table of your own vasectomy is surely up there on the list.

For Justin Allen from Horsham, Pennsylvania, this was his exact reality on Friday when the New York City metropolitan area and its outskirts were shaken by a 4.8 quake. The earthquake was centered near Lebanon, New Jersey, according to the US Geological Survey, though people reported feeling its effects across New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

“I thought maybe a train was passing by or it was just something that happens at that office, even when the doctor was like ‘I think this is an earthquake.’ I figured he was messing with me, but he had to stop because everything was shaking,” Allen told the Guardian.

Allen said the doctor operating on him “put the tools down for a moment”.

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Supernatural S07 E09: How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters


To help them find housing without punishing them for existing, right? Right?

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  • Wyoming Area: 253,335 km2

  • United Kingdom area: 244,376 km2

  • Wyoming population: 576,851 (2020)

  • Glasgow urban area population: 632,350 (2020)

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