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Image description: the yaer was Two Thousand and twenty-four. I took a puff of my Electronic-Cigarette, inhaling the vapours. my mobile terminal buzzed in my pocket, a flat slab of microchips and glossy touchscreen. I ignored it....... probably another Electronic-Mail

(Originally published on corteximplant.com: 2024-05-23) - Click the Fedi-Link to visit.

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J'ai l'impression que peu de citoyens connaissent le fonctionnement du parlement Européen. Je l'ai découvert moi-même avec la série "parlement".

J'ai lu ailleurs que les votes sont plutôt peu représentatifs du réel travail des euro-députés. Le plus gros travail consiste à rédiger des projets de lois ou amendements, au sein d'un groupe d'euro-députés. C'est indispensable pour avoir une influence. Les députés RN par exemple ont très peu d'influence car ils ne travaillent pas en groupe, donc tout ce qu'ils peuvent soumettre est rejeté. Ils ne sont là que pour récupérer un salaire et pourrir le système.

Un article intéressant pour comprendre ce qui est important : https://www.touteleurope.eu/institutions/fact-checking-les-eurodeputes-travaillent-ils-trop-peu/amp/ Ça parle notamment de l'importance de l'influence, des députés qui en ont, et que ça se travaille.

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Does anyone know an unfreezable stablecoin that is the least at risk of becomming another TerraLuna? I love Monero but its too volatile to keep 100% of my life savings in an unfreezable stablecoin is CRUCIAL. This is such horrible news. Fuck Rune Christiansen for this shit!!


So ddg is down, so I visit Google. It's been some years.

I just can't believe how poor it's results are, and how it's trying to suggest things it think I might also want (and failing miserably).

I just assumed ddg would be the lesser, but I use it for privacy. Turns out I'm wrong.

How long has Google been this bad?


Enlightened centrist choice: Flynn Taggart

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Hi everyone! A bit over a month ago I made a survey about Solarpunk and shared it here. Now, I finally present you the findings of the survey! I am adding a few pics here for a preview and if you are interested, go check the link where there is a full description of the findings!!

full findings: https://thesolarpunksurvey2024.carrd.co/

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Motherfuckers created a rule about how pointing out that overpopulation myths are ecofascistic lobbying is actually "bad faith" somehow so now every post, no matter what it is about, full of "this is why billions must die" bullshit.

There's 500k subscribers btw.

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After bemoaning the state of the 2024 box office, AMC Theatres chief Adam Aron finally has something to roar about.

Aron wrote on Wednesday that Ryan Reynolds-Hugh Jackman starrer Deadpool & Wolverine is off to a supersized start and set a new record for first-day advance ticket sales for the country’s largest movie circuits. Tickets went on sale Monday for the Marvel Studios sequel, which officially opens in North America on July 26 following previews on the evening of July 25.

“Some 200,000 movie fans have bought their AMC tickets already. This is more Day 1 ticket sales at AMC than for any other R-rated movie ever,” the colorful CEO wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Online ticketing service Fandango, which services a majority of movie circuits, also reported brisk first-day sales for Deadpool & Wolverine, saying they were the best of 2024 to date, as well as a franchise best and the best for an R-rated feature.

While neither Fandango nor AMC provided dollar figures, insiders tell The Hollywood Reporter that first-day sales are likely around $8 million to $9 million if extrapolating the 200,000 stat cited by Aron.

None of the parties involved are officially commenting, but all signs indicate that Deadpool & Wolverine will cross $100 million in its debut, a feat no 2024 title has yet achieved as domestic box office revenue slips 20 percent behind 2023 due in large part to production delays tied to the strikes (the industry mantra has become “survive to 25,” and one used frequently by Aron when addressing anxious investors).

2016’s Deadpool and 2018’s Deadpool 2 topped the list of biggest R-rated openers at $132.4 million and $125 million, respectively, not adjusted for inflation.

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In case you've never seen him lmao.


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  • NTSync coming in Kernel 6.11 for better Wine/Proton game performance and porting.
  • Wine-Wayland last 4/5 parts left to be merged before end of 2024
  • Wayland HDR/Game color protocol will be finished before end of 2024
  • Nvidia 555/560 will be out for a perfect no stutter Nvidia performance
  • KDE/Gnome reaching stability and usability with NO FKN ADS
  • VR being usable
  • More Wine development and more Games being ported
  • Better LibreOffice/Word compatibility
  • Windows 10 coming to EOL
  • Improved Linux simplicity and support
  • Web-native apps (Including Msft Office and Adobe)
  • .Net cross platform (in VSCode or Jetbrains Rider)

What else am I missing?

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