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IMPORTANT NOTE: please use a VPN whenever visiting Hextube, or anywhere else on the internet, for that matter. Protect your privacy.

For this Sunday Kino Night, first up is Peeping Tom (1960), a Hitchcock-esque British thriller about a filmmaker making a documentary on fear, being particularly fascinated by the faces of people about to be murdered. He moonlights as a photographer of women, but uh-oh, he’s a maniac who uses his side-job as a cover to kill his clients. Tension ensues. Often considered to be one of the forerunners of the slasher genre, along with contemporary Psycho (1960), with which it is often compared. Alternatively, one can view it as the American Psycho (2000) of the 60s, featuring a similarly sadistic villain who uses superficial charm and good looks to ensnare his victims. Generally considered one of the best thrillers of the 60s, and one of the best works of director Michael Powell, whose films The Red Shoes (1948) and A Matter of Life and Death (1946) we have already watched. Looks good; let’s check it out.

After that is Yugoslav comic satire Balkan Spy (1984), about a guy who sublets his flat, only to suspect that his new subtenant is a spy. The guy’s paranoia grows and drives him to increasingly absurd lengths to uncover the truth. Hilarity ensues. This is considered one of the best Yugoslav films, one of the best Eastern Bloc comedies, and the magnum opus of both of its directors, Dušan Kovačević and Bota Nikolić, who are not known for much otherwise.

Finally, for anyone who is still awake afterward, we’ll watch the twenty-first Pokemon movie, Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us (2018), the direct sequel to the reboot I Choose You! (2017), which we watched last night. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ll start at 8PM EST on Hextube, right here:


Be there, comrades!


Doesthedogdie.com links:

CWs for Peeping Tom:

  • Stalking.
  • Voyeurism.
  • Objectification of female characters.
  • Child abuse.
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Torture.
  • Death of parent.
  • Cheating.
  • Violent mentally-ill person.
  • Anxiety attacks.
  • Stabbing.
  • Suicide.
  • Shaky cam.
  • Flashing lights.
  • Sad ending.
  • Blood.

CWs for Balkan Spy:

  • Beatings.
  • Blood.
  • Alcohol.
  • Gun violence.
  • Anxiety attacks.

CWs for Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us:

  • Death of child.
  • Death of animal.
  • Child endangerment.
  • Animal cruelty.
  • Cartoon violence.
  • Explosions.
  • Torture.
  • Existentialism.
  • Bugs.
  • Someone is physically restrained.

Links to movies:

Forthcoming. Tankietube is back up, but an error is preventing the videos (which uploaded successfully) from publishing, so we may have to use Vimeo instead.


Hello comrades and welcome to the third improvement megathread of June! rainbow-has

As usual, some discussion ideas:

  • Do you want to share something you've done in the previous week? Everything counts, nothing is too small.
  • Do you have any plans or goals for next week?
  • Do you have any streaks? For example, "sober for one day." Feel free to post your streak every day in this thread.
  • If you don't have a continuous streak, did you manage to abstain from something for a day or more?
  • Did you come across some useful information or resource that might help others?

Poster caption: Let the Chinese-Soviet friendship live eternally!

Good luck with your goals! hexbear-gay-pride

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I'm using lemmy-js-client for app development. I want to render comments in the nested form (like normal people do).

The problem is, the lemmy backend spits out comment lists in a fashion that is unfriendly for nested rendering. Why? It outputs comments whose paths are like follows (for example):


Let's say the limit that I've set here is 10. Many a times, the parent comments of the comments in the page are out of the page.

For example, let's say I asked lemmy for comments for a given post. It gives me an output like above. There are many children comments here on page 1 (like, and so on). Their parent (0.1.2) is NOT on this page. It is on the page that follows.

Hence, I would need to do client side bs to get the correct parent comments.

What is your approach for doing the above?

This is what I have settled for now unfortunately. I fetch all the comments under a post and then convert them in my nested form. This means, that my app doesn't paginate. This thus results in really slow loading times for posts with more comments. The more comments a post has, the slower they will load. This sucks.

I tried other ways, mind you. While implementing pagination, I simply removed orphan comments when on a given page. If the user decided to go to page 2 (simply by scrolling), suddenly, these orphan comments would not be orphans anymore due to them finding their parent comments. This in turn, fucked with my ui completely (which was obvious), thus making the list randomly scroll like crazy. This was a really shitty experience for the user.

Sooooo what have you guys done? How have you handled the situation?

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I’m posting this on the Monero sub because ya’ll are chill, the BTC community are occasionally peppered with nuts

My friend who’s a Bitcoin maxi has took all his savings and put it in bitcoin, i believe 10k USD more or less. He’s very (almost religiously) certain that bitcoin will skyrocket. I talk, debate and question his beliefs for weeks now, trying to take a nonjudgmental stance (although sometimes i falter), and there are three pieces of “evidence” that he believes Bitcoin will eventually 100k or even 1M

  1. The bitcoin standard by Saifadean Ammous, a watered down textbook on Austrian economics that I’ve been reading recently actually.

  2. The “Power Law”, basically a regression analysis on Bitcoin’s historic price and adoption, mainly esposed by this dude https://x.com/Giovann35084111 (here’s a youtube vid https://invidious.fdn.fr/watch?v=NxAkZ2tHQko)

  3. The “Energy Hypothesis” of bitcoin, he thinks that bitcoin will allow society to capture excess energy generation and make it profitable through mining bitcoin

I’ve reviewed these and think it’s flimsy at best. It is under my belief that a store of value can only be feasible when either it is a medium of exchange or if it is backed by something (like fiat paper money, for example) that allows it to be an efficient medium of exchange, none of which applied to bitcoin right now.

I even try to suggest him books like Roger Ver’s Hijacking Bitcoin (that I converted from epub to pdf just for him) and he wouldn’t read it because “Ver’s a scammer and got fooled by BCH”. Although I really just think it’s heavy confirmation bias, Ver is indisputably a knowledgeable source for bitcoin (he was an early adopter, he’s “Bitcoin Jesus” for god’s sake, and has a lot of knowledge of the economics behind bitcoin given that he’s a businessman who’s built his businesses on top of bitcoin). Hijacking Bitcoin is an excellent book btw go check out the pdf I posted it a while ago on this sub

I’m just looking for advice on how to proceed. It was fun debating and dunking on him but at this point i’m just worried that the bitcoin bubble will burst and he’d lose his savings.

It’s one of those occasions where I kinda don’t want to be right in the debate

Average vs Fame (lemmy.world)
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What life would you prefer leading, an average but quiet and peaceful life? Or a famous life where you have glamour, wealth and luxurious accommodation.

I'm not sure about you but I'd prefer an average life of content and comfort knowing that while money is good, it's not everything.

Let me know your thoughts!

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Lundi 17 juin à 19h, rdv place Jean-Jaurès à Montreuil pour faire entendre la voix de la société civile ! 

Danny Trejo - John Colucci (2022) (media.foundmyself.com)
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Umweltministerin Leonore Gewessler (Grüne) will dem EU-Renaturierungsgesetz am Montag bei einem Treffen mit den Umweltministerinnen und -ministern der Europäischen Union in Luxemburg zustimmen. „Ich werde zustimmen, wenn es zu einer Abstimmung kommt“, so Gewessler am Sonntag auf einer kurzfristig einberufenen Pressekonferenz. „Jetzt zu zögern geht sich mit meinem Gewissen nicht aus.“ Der Regierungspartner ÖVP ist empört.

Ich poste das, weil Renaturierung für die Koalition aus ÖVP und Grüne ein schwieriger Punkt ist. Dass die Grüne Ministerin jetzt einen Alleingang wagt, ist außergewöhnlich. Hängt vermutlich damit zusammen, dass im Herbst Wahlen sind.

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“No, Emma. We cannot just ask.” Thacea responded with a look of complete and utter befuddlement. Her features were, for lack of a better term, one that bordered on sheer incredulousness, as if she wasn’t expecting to hear that as my serious suggestion for this very-serious mission. “Or more accurately, I believe it will depend on exactly who it is you wish to ask, Emma.” The princess quickly clarified, placing both of her hands tight against her temples, rubbing them in circular, clockwise motions.

“I mean, I was just hoping to ask the apprentice-” I offered, before the realization suddenly hit me, and I realized with every fiber of my being exactly why Thacea had reacted so viscerally to that proposal.

In fact I could just about see the glint of relief in Thacea’s eyes the moment I realized the massive hole in my otherwise straightforward plan; as if she saw right through me by virtue of my body language and tone of voice alone.

“No, sorry, that’s actually a really really bad idea now that I say it out loud.” I admitted with a heavy sigh. “It’d be giving away the fact that we somehow learned of the existence of the green notebook, not to mention the fact that we somehow, through some inexplicable means, know that it’s in the apprentice’s possession.”

“Which would undoubtedly give away one of your greatest advantages—” Ilunor paused, before making an effort of pointing at my armor’s obscured drone-bay slots. “—your manaless means of subterfuge and espionage.” The Vunerian enunciated every syllable, narrowing his eyes as he did so, as if to catch a stray sight of one of my already-docked drones. “Which at best, could lead to countermeasures being developed for it, thus nullifying one of your greatest assets. Or at worst… leading to the discovery of the drone you left behind in the Dean’s offices.”

“Moreover…” Thacea continued, taking over from Ilunor’s surprisingly valid points. “... should the apprentice be unable to deduce the existence of your manaless means of espionage, she will naturally resort to the most reasonable explanation, the most obvious cause of this breach of information security; the only other person who knows of the green book-”

“-Sorecar.” I completed Thacea’s words for her, prompting her to nod firmly in response.

“Correct. And I probably need not explain the ramifications of either of these possibilities.” The princess concluded, eliciting a sigh from myself and a pat on the shoulder from Thalmin.

“Being direct and forthright is a noble endeavor, Emma. However, given the circumstances through which we discovered this vital piece of information, such a path simply is not viable for the procurement of our artifact.” The lupinor spoke reassuringly, making a point to ‘shake’ my otherwise unshakable shoulder, which the EVI seemed to respond appropriately by at least mimicking some range of motion so as to lessen my otherwise stout and unmovable demeanor.

“I appreciate the input, guys.” I bobbed my head with understanding, before moving forward with another plan, undaunted by the conceptual shortsightedness of the last. “So with the apprentice out of the picture, I guess that leaves only one other option.” I paused for dramatic effect, a small part of me realizing that much to my horror, that the Vunerian’s propensity for theatrics was more than likely rubbing off on me now. “We’ll just have to ask Sorecar for it.”

This proposal sent Thacea into another pensive look of introspection. “There are inherent risks to being so direct, Emma. However, should you wish to approach this matter directly, I believe the man would be our best option moving forward.” The princess acknowledged with a confident nod.

“Do you have any objections to it?” I shot back eagerly, leaning in more than I would’ve out-of-armor, the exaggerated movements something that were becoming second nature to me, despite a nagging part of me feeling a sense of longing to be able to properly emote again.

“Not necessarily objections per se, merely… a cautious concern over Professor Pliska’s spellbound ties to the Academy.” Thacea responded curtly. “I would suggest a roundabout means of procuring the notebook from the man, such that if pressed for answers, he could potentially provide half-truths or indirect answers which may sufficiently satisfy superficial questioning.”

“So… the Princess Dilani treatment then.” I responded cheekily, trying to inject some levity into the situation with a sly little jab at the princess’... overly wordy propensity.

Her reactions however, were once again, something bordering the flustered and the unamused. Though it was perhaps important to note that it did come in that order.

“I erm, meant no offense by that of course! I just meant to say that well, you know, you’re able to… you have an incredible knack for just… well…” I stuttered awkwardly, moving an arm back to once again find itself bonking the backside of my helmet before I could stop myself. “... I just wanted to compliment you on your ability to find really effective social workarounds similar to how you were able to hold that shadowy-faced apprentice for so long during the whole medical wing saga where you kept him busy for hours and well-”

“I understand, and appreciate the roundabout attempt at levity through leveraging positive reinforcement, Emma.” Thacea cut me off before I could go any further, giving me an off-ramp on an otherwise endless highway to ramble town. “I… appreciate the gesture all the same.” She quickly added with a flustered smile.

“Yeah, I couldn’t have put it better, Thacea.” I offered with an awkward laugh, before turning back towards the two unamused onlookers. “With that being said, do you guys have any other ideas or…” I trailed off, awkwardly divesting the floor to the pair.

“Professor Pliska is the most obvious route to take given the circumstances.” Ilunor surmised with a shrug. “Though I doubt the earthrealmer has what it takes to play the game, it is still firmly her responsibility to secure that book. I… would rather not participate in parlaying with the man.”

“I still believe that simply taking the book from the apprentice is the most sure-fire way of going about this, Emma.” Thalmin countered. “At this point, we’re relying on the Apprentice’s trust in the armorer’s ability to create copies of the green book. There could be a thousand different things that could happen between now, and our attempt to request that book from the armorer. It is with that in mind that I suggest a mission to procure the book through more direct means.”

“You have a point there Thalmin.” I acknowledged. “But I still think we should at least try the least invasive option, before stepping up and escalating our game.”

“It’s your personal quest, Emma.” Thalmin responded with a disappointed sigh, as if expecting my opinions to have changed from his urging. “I will not infringe on the way in which you conduct your battles. Though I hope you understand that should things evolve beyond a simple skirmish and into an all-out war, I will not hesitate to act in the best way I see fit.”

“I appreciate the sentiments, Thalmin.” I nodded respectfully and with a smile. “So with all that being said, considering it’s like… nearly twenty-three hundred hours now. Perhaps we should start this mission first thing after class tomorrow-”


A series of four, distinct, anxiety-inducing knocks threw what should have been a neat conclusion to this straightforward mission preparation right out of the window.

I was, once again, thrown for a complete loop; my mind struggled to decide whether or not I wanted to panic, dread, or simply let loose a series of tired and exhausted cry-laughs at the appearance of yet another unexpected wrench being thrown into the plans.

However, I soon settled on one emotion that perhaps arose out of how frequent these interruptions were becoming — annoyance.

Though it was clear that this late-night house call definitely didn’t elicit that same response from everyone else, as a look of worry descended on all three faces.

“Another compulsory assembly announcement?” I offered through a languished smile.

“Or perhaps the immediate consequences of your overeager eavesdropping escapades.” Ilunor responded darkly and almost immediately, as the already-pale blue of his scales were drained of their color.

A pit quickly formed in my stomach as a result.

Whilst the two others remained still, refusing to respond.

At least, not with words.

As Thacea and Thalmin suddenly stood up at practically the same time, eyes poised towards the door.

“I’ll take it.” Thalmin offered, nodding curtly towards both me and Thacea.

We both glanced at each other for a few short seconds, as the wild flurry of knocks erupted anew.

“You sure, Thalmin?” I stood up, putting my own hat in the ring.

“Yes.” He nodded. “It would be unbecoming of me ...

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Eggs of the spotted lanternfly, an invasive insect so destructive that New Yorkers were instructed to kill any on sight, were found for the first time in California on a 30-foot-tall metal art installation headed to the Bay Area.

The lanternfly egg masses were found at the Truckee Border Protection Station in late March, the California Association of Winegrape Growers announced on Monday. According to CAWG, station staff found 11 “viable egg masses” on a large metal art sculpture that was en route to Sonoma County from New York.

Upon finding the eggs, staff rejected the shipment and sent it to Nevada, where officials discovered 30 more egg masses on other parts of the sculpture. The installation was then power washed with detergent and sent to Sonoma County under a warning hold notice. Sonoma County staff found an additional three egg masses during another inspection in which cranes were used to take the sculpture apart. The inspection was concluded after staff were sure no egg masses were left on the sculpture, according to CAWG.

The incident marks the first time spotted lanternfly eggs have been found in California. The insect presents enough risk to local plants and crops that the California Department of Food and Agriculture developed an action plan last year in the event of the bugs showing up in the state, which would include deploying an emergency response from the department and initiating an eradication authority in all counties where the insects are found.

Native to parts of China, India and Vietnam, the spotted lanternfly was first spotted in the U.S. in 2014, when it was found in Pennsylvania. It feeds on myriad plant species and causes serious damage to both plants and crops, particularly vineyards, which makes the prospect of the insects arriving in Sonoma County especially precarious. Spotted lanternflies caused “considerable, often catastrophic, damage” to vineyards after traveling to South Korea and Pennsylvania, according to CDFA.

Spotted lanternflies have “the potential to affect the entire winegrape industry,” CAWG wrote in its press release.

If additional egg masses made it into the state undetected, live spotted lanternflies may be hatching in the coming weeks, CAWG said. The insect experiences peak population growth in the late summer to early fall.

“This is essentially a public service announcement to raise awareness of how to identify a spotted lanternfly and the immediate action to take if discovered,” CAWG President Natalie Collins said in the release. “Spotted lanternflies have been found in 18 states and have proven to pose a serious threat to vineyards. These invasive insects feed on the sap of grapevines, while also leaving behind a sticky honeydew residue on the clusters and leaves. Their activities stress the plants, decrease vine health, and in some cases, can lead to plant death.”

Spotted lanternflies look different at various life stages, with the adults appearing tan-gray in color with black spots. CDFA recommends inspecting plants, trees, vehicles and trailers for egg masses or other signs of the bug, and reporting suspected findings to the CDFA pest hotline.

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In 2020, hundreds of top TikTok content creators banded together in service of a single goal: get Joe Biden elected. They posted videos, hosted online events and spent hours educating followers to help Biden defeat Donald Trump. Four years later, the coalition once known as TikTok for Biden is now called Gen-Z for Change — and so far, it has not endorsed Biden’s reelection. “Biden is out of step with young people on a number of key issues,” said the coalition’s founder, Aidan Kohn-Murphy, 20, who called “the frustrations of young progressive leaders a barometer of widespread dissatisfaction among Gen Z voters.” Across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch, anger and resentment toward Biden are boiling among Gen Z content creators who say they feel disaffected and betrayed by Biden’s positions on an array of issues, including the war in Gaza, the climate crisis and the president’s decision to support a potential TikTok ban. The rift has been exacerbated by the White House’s evolving strategy of courting friendly influencers while shutting out others who have been critical of the administration. When Biden took office in 2021, the White House sought to fortify its relationships with Gen Z content creators, working with them to promote the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine and briefing them on key issues. At one such briefing on the war in Ukraine in 2022, press secretary Jen Psaki and Matt Miller, special adviser for communications at the White House National Security Council, told influencers that Biden viewed them as the “new media” and would strive to keep them informed.

“I have noticed that there have been a lot more events with creators, but the creators that are getting invited are the creators who are very pro Biden and just parroting talking points or sharing photo ops of them smiling with the President. Not the creators who have been critical,” said Kahlil Greene, a history content creator and education advocate in Washington who said he hasn’t been invited to the White House since he criticized the administration over the TikTok ban and the war in Gaza. Annie Wu Henry, a political influencer and digital strategist who has worked on Democratic campaigns, agreed. While the White House once treated creators as independent media, she said, they now seem to be playing favorites. Biden’s team “is trying to say that they’re handling influencers like the press. But the thing is, the press briefing room has to have Fox News no matter what. They have to allow all of the media in,” Henry said. “When it comes to influencers, they only let in people who agree, and anyone who gives even a little bit of pushback is not welcome.” This picking and choosing has had stark consequences for Biden: In the first four months of this year, nearly a quarter of top left-leaning content creators on TikTok have posted anti-Biden content, according to CredoIQ, a social media analytics firm, with those posts collectively amassing over 100 million views. Much of the anti-Biden content is being posted by young, non-White liberals with “shared ideology that the U.S. Government, and specifically Joe Biden, want to stop the flow of free speech and information,” CredoIQ found. “This perceived assault on free speech is enabling anti-Biden sentiment to leap from a smaller demographic of pro-Palestine young progressives” — who are outraged by Biden’s support for Israel as it wages a brutal war in Gaza — “to a potentially market-moving bloc of unenthusiastic young voters that are upset with the TikTok ban.” According to a recent poll conducted by Morning Consult, two-thirds of Gen Z voters — 67 percent — say Biden’s decision to back legislation that could lead to a TikTok ban has made them less likely to vote for him in November. Smaller groups say they have been turned off by the president’s handling of the war in Israel (46 percent) and Biden’s approval of new oil and gas drilling projects on federal land (38 percent). A White House spokesperson said administration officials “continue to have substantive meetings and discussions with creators who hold a variety of viewpoints – including those who disagree with us on important issues.” “This White House has taken historic steps to engage digital creators, and works hard to meet Americans where they are,” the spokesperson said. “… We’ll continue to elevate their voices and utilize a variety of platforms to reach Americans who don’t closely follow traditional news.” Democrats have long struggled to compete with conservatives online. While Trump and other conservatives enjoy the support of a vast cohort of right-wing content creators and platforms, Democrats have tried to recruit influencers to amplify their message. As president, Barack Obama courted Vine stars and sat for interviews on policy initiatives with YouTubers during his second term. During the 2020 campaign, Biden established a partnership team for influencers in July, shortly before the Democratic convention. This time around, the Biden campaign started its influencer outreach earlier and on a broader scale, according to a person familiar with the strategy. Dozens of staffers are focused on courting content creators, and the campaign has partnered with more than 550 of them. It is advertising for a manager position to develop partnerships with meme pages — social media accounts where users post entertaining images and videos — that pays up to $85,000 per year. While some influencers feel unfairly excluded, Biden supporters say the campaign is genuinely struggling to respond to a rapidly evolving media landscape in which some influencers think of themselves as traditional journalists while others are paid for their views. “I think they’re in a political pickle. There’s just not a traditional comms structure for creators,” said pro-Biden political content creator Keith Edwards. “If they were press, this type of [restricted access] would be outrageous, but they’re in this strange space where they occupy media attention, but they’re not traditional press. And I don’t know if anyone knows what the right way is to engage. Is it traditional press outreach? Is it paid [marketing] work? This is something we’re all learning together as the media is quickly shifting.” To help recruit new online supporters, the Biden campaign has contracted Village Marketing, an influencer marketing firm, which began sending outreach emails in April to a slew of popular content creators, according to emails viewed by The Post. “We’re reaching out on behalf of the Biden-Harris campaign team in search of social media supporters for the 2024 election!” said the email, which offered creators the chance to become “an official campaign partner.” Those interested were directed to a portal where they could link their social media accounts and provide access to account metrics like audience data. Village Marketing founder Vickie Segar said many creators are hesitant to post about politics given the contentious online climate and decisions by various platforms to downgrade political content. “We are here to talk it out with any creators who are hesitant [about Biden] and who have questions,” Segar said. “I hope that we have even more people participating as we get closer to the election. We want to get President Biden elected, we agree with his values and policies, and we’re here to support that.” But creators are less eager to sign on to a political campaign in 2024 than they were in 2020. On TikTok, for example, many creators who were relatively new to the industry four years ago and working to build their followings have become powerful multiplatform influencers running profitable media businesses that reach tens of millions of young people. Today, they say they expect more in return for their support.

In 2020, “Gen Z put Biden in office with our voices and with our platforms,” said Hassan Khadair, a content creator in Birmingham, Ala., with 6.3 million followers on TikTok, 2.8 million subscribers on YouTube, a podcast and a robust following across myriad other apps. This time around, Khadair said, “He has to earn that vote. We’re not just going to give it to him because we don’t want Trump to win. We did that once. We’re not doing it twice.” Gen-Z for Change Executive Director Elise Joshi, a content creator and climate activist, said she hosted Zoom calls with hundreds of other young people in 2020 outlining why they should vote for Biden. Now, she said, she and others her age have a host of reasons for feeling betrayed. Back then, Joshi said, she appreciated Biden’s climate policies and how he said he planned to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. Today, Joshi said, Biden is permitting record-breaking oil and gas extraction on public lands while “doubling down on the fossil fuel economy.” Joshi said she and others also are frustrated with Biden’s “mishandling” of the pandemic, which remains “a crisis and we can’t even get masks in health-care settings.” While “combating the pandemic was a focal point of Biden’s campaign in 2020,” she said, “now it doesn’t seem to be a top priority.” Finally, Joshi said many young people are outraged by the administration’s failure to negotiate an end to the Israeli military campaign in Gaza. “The group that rallied people around Biden in 2020 is the same group that built a tool sending over 100 million emails to the government urging a cease-fire,” she said. Joshi said she doesn’t mind being left off guest lists for events like the White House Christmas party for digital content creators. What angers her is the president’s failure to engage with Gen Z influencers’ substantive concerns, she said — though she acknowledged that the White House climate office recently contacted her directly regarding a pause in the approval of new liquefied natural gas projects. “I prefer having a meaty climate strategy conversation with them than to get an invite somewhere,” Joshi said. Alaina Wood, a Gen Z sustainability scientist and content creator, said she also has felt cut off from the Biden administration since becoming more critical of his policies. “As soon as I was like, I’m not going to praise you all the time, I’m not going to be a propaganda piece for you, they stopped talking to me,” she said. Wood and other creators said they are skeptical that Biden’s latest attempts to recruit influencers would make a material difference in Gen Z support for his reelection. “If the comment section of my videos are any indication,” she said, “a lot of people, especially young people, do not want to vote for Biden again.”

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The Biden campaign is trying to work its way into social media feeds. But it is struggling to win over the young, left-leaning influencers who control the conversation online.

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This site is geared towards Malaysians, but is not restricted to Malaysians or Malaysian topics. All are welcome!

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1)Be Nice

Just get along and respect each other and we'll be fine.

2)No Bigotry

Malaysia is a multiracial country and sometime we tend to rub shoulder with each other, sometime stuff getting heated up. Argument is fine, disagreement is fine, as long as it stay civil and no one get banned. Bigotry include but not exclusive to: Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Xenophobia, and so on.

3)No Porn

Do not post, share, or distribute any pornographic material, either here or posting to other instance using account made from here. NSFW discussion(in words only) is allowed, and should be marked as NSFW.

4)No Ads & Spam

Do not spam this Instance with irrelevant shitpost or ads. If your intention of creating an account or community is to flood this place or another instance with shitpost, rage bait, or content for the purpose of cyberbullying, then it break this rule, and will be banned without warning.

All the rule above also extend to the username, community name, banner, and avatar. Your action that breach above rule on another instance will count toward violation as well.

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